Is it a 'Sign'?

Is it a 'Sign'? - Angel Chatter

So often in our metaphysical world we ask for, look for and query if IT is a sign.

Here's your answer:

YES, if it got your attention, it most likely is a sign. The key is, once again, permit yourself to BE in the present moment and allow yourself to receive.

Let's Fill In The Blanks

Is everything a sign? 

In essence, yes and no. 

As example, is it a sign every time Linus, our cat, decides to, ahem, give me back his food? I certainly hope not! However, one could say it is a sign his diet is off-kilter and perhaps eating too fast. But a sign from The Gang and beyond?


Is it a sign when one finds a feather? This is a case of always in my world. One could argue that if they live near the shore or a place where birds congregate, is it fair to say every feather is a sign? 

Yes, when it is you that finds that beautiful feather. Who knows how many others have walked by it and didn't notice. Perhaps they did notice, but reacted with 'oh it's just a feather.' According to The Gang, that feather was waiting for you.

Sit with the feather. Give thanks for the gift from the heavens. I've had students share stories of arriving at a location to find feathers on their windshield! Certainly these feathers would have not gone unnoticed while driving, but appeared as soon as the car was parked. Others have shared stories of feathers floating down in front of their face.

What about you? 

What signs have been given that perhaps you overlooked?

What signs did you perhaps devalue because 'everyone' sees this?

Pay attention, pay attention.

There are signs offered daily. Some are noticed and received. Many more are overlooked.

Story Time

Many of you have shared you love reading about my personal experiences.

Thank you. Time to grab a cuppa, it's a long-ish story.

This edition of Story Time happened this past weekend, January 23, 2022.

I was out for a walk in the woods near our home to ground, reset on all levels and to just BE. BE away from the TV, the never-ending to do list, and to revel in the energy of the woods and all they offer.

These trails were designed to be bike trails which have them weaving, turning and seemingly going all over the place. From start to finish they create close to six miles of trails. This is important to note because if one is sensitive or empathic like me, it lends itself to relaxing more into the flow of the path and not plunge forth full steam ahead as one often can while walking. 

You have an opportunity to meander, ponder, and 'get lost'. You have ample moments to stop, drink in the beauty and listen.

The trail has ten different entrance locations and I've yet to traverse the trail in its entirety, but have walked a good portion of it and am now beginning to get familiar with landmarks, etc. 

On this particular day they, The Gang, had me embark at Entrance #10, a new one for me. 

GREAT! New treks to explore and BE. I ultimately didn't walk far as far as mileage goes; maybe two miles total. However, in that span of time an energy entered and I began channeling.


The words spoken were not English. She had me utter the words verbally; it was important to hear them, not just think them in my head. Speak I did. Luckily there were no other persons near me for I would have felt quite conspicuous! 

They sounded Native American. 

It happened five or six times, keep in mind I walked about two miles. Given that it was unexpected or provoked, it did indeed take me by surprise. Please note that I never felt threatened on any level. Each time the words came forth, the words uttered altered minutely. I began to pay attention; however there was a similarity to it; the cadence, and yes the words I began to recognize. Recognize not by definition but by sound. 

I asked the students of The BE You Program for their input. If anyone spoke or understood what was being said. Nobody literally understood, but they did share some of their intuitive insights and thoughts. They included:

  • Native American
  • A blessing
  • A welcoming to this land
  • We honor you
  • White Buffalo Woman
  • Feminine in nature

Some students mentioned specific tribes. I researched. Apparently this area was a gathering place not only for the founding fathers, but also for tribes across the country. 

Here's where signs come into play to discover who 'it' was.

  • A dog we were considering to adopt is named, Lakota
  • An Instagram account popped on my feed, Lakota
  • Lakota is one of the tribes that would come to this area

Guess what? White Buffalo Woman is Lakota.

You just can't make this up. 

All pointed to her arriving in my life. Each one could have easily gone unnoticed or unconnected, until yesterday. She's been part of my council for years, on and off, but never thought to directly communicate with her. 

Do I now channel her? Not sure, but certainly the lines of communication are opening.

Do YOU wish to Channel?

Let's put this to rest.

Nobody can teach you or anyone to channel. However, I can and do teach the specifics of energies and how to trust yourself; and therefore trust the messages you can receive from The Gang and beyond. 

Because of the deep work we do in The BE You Program and the work with 15 angels, your gifts become enhanced and perhaps you too can unleash a gift to BE a channel. Will I ever make a proclamation that I can teach you do to this? 


It's really up to you and your desires and commitment to yourself.

However, by following the signs, every single student has enhanced their intuitive gifts. They listen more intently to the energies and council of those around them AND perhaps to pass on this information to others. 

I do teach you how to hone this gift, unrealized or not, and to learn more about the angelic realm so you become more confident when listening. I am comfortable in channeling them, The Magdalene, and who knows how this will grow, because I've learned to trust in the process and I know whom to call upon for protection and more.

You can too. 

What Are Other Signs?

Music is most definitely a sign. Have you ever heard a song just when you needed its comfort the most? I'm sure you have. This calls to mind an experience my sister had years ago. 

She was at the dentist and not happy to be there. Over the intercom the song Singing In The Rain was playing. It is one of her favorite songs because it makes her happy and relaxed. She did indeed do just that; relax and the appointment proceeded without a hitch. Keep in mind she has never heard the song over the airwaves prior or since. It played just when she needed a bit of comfort.

Numbers  Of course numbers play into as signs! How often do you perhaps see 11:11 on your clock or other such number confirmation? This becomes more poignant when you repeatedly see the same number(s) in a short amount of time. A fabulous site for reference is Sacred Scribes. 

Feathers We've already addressed these above, so I won't go into their significance again. 

What about YOU? What has appeared in your life that you took as a sign?

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