Is 'it' over yet?

Is 'it' over yet? - Angel Chatter

This Mercury in Retrograde combined with the other energies; Lion's Gate, the Perseids and more have kicked some serious butt for so many of you. If I'm honest, and don't know how to lie well (well except during the holidays when I BEcome Mrs. Claus, but that is indeed a digression) it's kicked my butt too. 

What is this Energy doing to us?

This combined energy, in a nutshell, has ripped off a few layers that needed sloughing. Just as much as a good loofa will do for your skin, this energy combo did for you. 


Think about it, if you hit a struggling moment recently, you have now walked through or at the very least are processing on how to get through it. You were given resources whether it be a book a person or group that helped you to embrace the solutions. Helped you to recognize the solutions for what they are. Reminded you that you are not alone and there are indeed many in your life that adore you for who you are and it is time that more knew of you.

This energy combination brought it up. 


Simply because it was time to stop owning this energy, this illusion of illness, lack, non-recognition, non-support, etc. 

It IS time to stand taller and BE more proud of who you are and what you are here to do and more importantly here to BE. 

Now What?

Before you take off running and BE, remember, Mercury is still retrograding. Please do not sign any legal documents if possible. At best, post date them if you are positive about this new adventure. 

Take the remaining two days, Mercury does go direct on August 18, and reflect. Reflect on your next most probably steps. There is typically a bit of residual goofiness floating around, so best wait to do anything new until Monday when all BEcomes clear again. As an example we head for Chicago in a bit, a 14 hour drive door to door. I have a pad of paper set to go so we may begin to finalize a host of projects from bridal shower for our daughter, videos, 2019 retreats, and more. 

However, today started the shift in the clearing arena. I awoke to over a dozen messages on Facebook (a rare thing in my world), many of which noted the shift or at the very least chatted about something that reflected this shift into brighter times. It appears this clearing is not BEing very secretive - for which I am extremely grateful.

Such as learning the lesson and BEing better able to stand more comfortably in their power whether it be through boundaries, a new paradigm shift that was brought to their attention, a reminder, etc. 


As The Gang is drumming in, the Shift is here. How will you move forward? What things really don't need your attention any more? Make a list of things you love to do for they help you to BE. You well know I LOVE inspiring and helping others. It is now time to work smarter, not harder regarding Angel Chatter. What this means long term is less shows and more group events. What this means is perhaps increasing our Private Weekend offerings. What this means is a new oracle deck. What this means is saying YES and moving forward, one step at a time. 

How will you say YES to you and your dreams, inspirations and aspirations?

On the day that Aretha Franklin skips to the other side, she reminds us how do we prayer for ourselves? Are you not worthy of a prayer? Are you not worthy to share your gifts, no matter how small or large you perceive them?

I think so as does The Gang.

Start with the essence of gratitude and love towards self. That is really the best gift to give to self. 




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