It’s a Once in a 221 Year Event

It’s a Once in a 221 Year Event



No matter where you live in the world, you can partake of the 221 year event energetically.


What am I talking about?


The cicadas!


A bit of a backstory:


Cicadas appear to have one of two life cycles; 13 or 17 years. Most of their life is spent underground and they only emerge once at the 13 or 17 year marker to confuse their predators and keep their species going. In other words, it's mating season.


The cool factoid is that once in every 221 years both of these life cycles converge and they come out together. As a reference, the last time they came out to play together Thomas Jefferson was president of the United States.


We're talking over 100,000 cicadas per acre  they emerge together.


100,000 per acre.


This magical event only happened in North America; specifically the United States. With West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, and Illinois as the prime states. Of course, there can be some cicadas found and heard in other states, but not to the degree of these locales.


How does this affect you...


Energy is energy, right?




Therefore, no matter where you live, you can tap into the magical energy of the cicada so you can embrace your transformation and step more into the harmonious energies being offered to us all throughout the year 2024.


You can energetically still take advantage if this magical time and trust me, you're going to want to.




Cicadas represent personal change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation.


A bit more about cicadas; they are only about 2' in length, but if you have been blessed to hear them, you know their song is quite loud and at times, relentless.


After all, they are singing their song of Love.


They are ceaseless in this quest and LOVE sharing their gifts. Remember, it is mating season and they singing for the sake of LOVE. When LOVE hits in that romantic sort of way, the decibel of their song has been equated to that of lawn mower!


They can BE that loud and joyous in LOVE.


What a message for this Year of Harmony.


Why is that I hear you ask...


You will only live in harmony, when you are harmonious with yourself, your gifts, and what you are here to do.


Basically, you love you and understand your whys.

  • Why are you desire to change the world.
  • Why you wish to have a certain kind of romantic partner
  • Why you desire a new home, job, career.

Sitting on the sidelines wishing for a new life to just happen upon you is no longer an option. In fact, I bet you can feel the energetic wheels spinning, you can feel yourself revving up ready to blaze forth. But right now you are not going very far, if anywhere because you don't understand your whys and are afraid to step into trust and faith.


NOW is the time to start taking action, even if the cicadas do not emerge until the warmer months of summer. Take advantage of this advanced knowing and start planning for that time so you can sing from the highest mountain top and experience the life you deserve; one filled with magic and of course, Love.


Now is the time to clear your throat chakra and begin to share.

  • Share your dreams
  • Share your story
  • Share your gifts


Are you being called to be vulnerable? You better believe it. It's OK, we've got you. It's frustrating to say the least to always be watching the parade go by and not being part of it all, isn't it?


I know it is.


No more, take my hand and become the leader of your life.


It's your time.




The Year of Harmony is her, like right now. I'm not waiting another minute of wishing for things to happen. I'm taking so much action behind the scenes it's making my family's head spin.


I've hired a mentor.

I'm instilling new personal and spiritual practices to BE at my optimal best, not only for myself, but for you.


Clearing clutter is ongoing; this includes outdated practice, mindsets, and products/programs I've offered in the past. Clearing out is imperative because it makes way for the new to enter.


It's your turn.


It's your time.


I'm here to help in any way I can.


For now, order your 2024 ROADMAPThis offer goes away permanently January 26, 2024. See? Getting rid of things to make way for the new to enter.


While I am still channeling the roadmaps, it's blowing my mind and clients. To witness the story of their year unfolding in twelve lovely message just brings tears to my eyes and joy to the heart. I love LOVE being the conduit to relay the messages, ritual, and askfirmation for each and every client for the entire year.


But your have to take the first step.




Say YES to you.


Let's do beautiful thing called life and make it your dream life.



















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