It’s All In The ‘Dude

It’s All In The ‘Dude
Attitude, that is.
Thanks to a Chatterer in our Facebook group -
I was instantly inspired to write about
Attitude and how we are gifted opportunities daily to shift our awareness.
Tossing out some life situations that you may have found yourself in:
💖Stuck in traffic, not just rolling traffic, but standstill nobody is going anywhere kind of traffic
💖People cut you off in a checkout line and pretend they don’t know better
💖Stubbing your toe
Each one of these is pretty insignificant in the scheme of things. Do you agree?
However, it can become a massive high-intensity moment if you become annoyed, angry, or resentful.
You may sigh heavily and frequently as you are stuck in traffic. You may even begin to rub your face and moan. Revisit that moment when you have done such things in your car. How did you feel? Did it help the situation, or did your annoyance barometer rise?
Attitude baby.
As folks lead a busy life, and it’s something for some bizarre reason to be boastful about, others may think they are more important than you and walk in front of you. Of course, this is not true - nobody is more important than you! You may mumble and utter how-dare phrases or politely inform them. OR you may gladly give up your spot of the moment and wish them well and smile your radiant smile. This is a boundary trigger, so each incident may differ. Just be aware.
Stubbing your toe, luckily, isn’t a daily occurrence, but it does happen! Typically these kinds of moments happen because you are not in the moment and looking at the world as you walk. The angels pulled you back in with a jarring stubbed toe experience. However, you may choose to jump up and down and yell. OR you may choose to acknowledge the moment of pain and lack of being present and give thanks.
It’s all in the ‘tude.
Just this morning, I was tested!
Yep, just this morning. Orders were being fulfilled from the weekend’s sales. (Thank you very much for purchasing) and one goddess ordered a Michael Medallion. The container was empty! I immediately fretted that we would disappoint the goddess, but nothing was to be done. I reached out to our jeweler in the hopes that one was just hanging around.
No such luck. However, I was told that if we wished to up the medallion inventory, we needed to order within 36 hours if we desired to receive them by year’s end. Inventory counting commenced. Out popped a Michael Medallion out of the Chamuel container!
Oh, the humor of those winged friends of mine.
Now I could have carried on and berated myself for lousy inventory counting (I do know how to count - promise!) or gone with the flow and prepared myself for the letter informing our customer we could refund, delay or substitute her order.
True, I did fret, but it was short-lived. It was out of my control.
It was there all along, unbeknownst to me! The series of events led to finding this wayward Michael and getting the order out very quickly.
It’s all in the ‘tude.
I could have fretted and stewed that I had let somebody down. I could have accepted I perhaps can't count and left it to the angels to handle accordingly.
They won.
In more recent times, if you spent time with family and friends over the holiday, you might have encountered moments of being triggered. How did you handle it? Wallow, scream, withdraw? Or did you center yourself and know everyone tries their best even if it doesn’t jive with you or your ways of Being.
It’s all in the ‘tude.
You are given opportunities daily to become more present and permit yourself to shift and BE true to yourself.
Every day.
Therefore, every day you are given moments to shift your attitude.
Not sure how?
The most accessible and profound tip, thanks to Haniel, The Angel of Manifestation, is breathing.
Place your hands over your heart and close your eyes.
💕Inhale for four slow counts
💕Hold for four slow counts
💕Exhale for four slow counts
Repeat as desired.
Naturally, if a situation doesn’t permit you to close your eyes, you can still breathe!
It’s that easy and that powerful.
Then you may mentally ask how you may shift your awareness to one of a higher vibing energy.
Please go on; try it now.
Sending you ease, sparkles, and great love,

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