It’s THAT Time Again

It’s THAT Time Again

Mercury is doing its ‘backward dance.’

Mercury Retrograde started on April 2, 2024, and goes through April 25, 2024. There are three days prior and past, which is called the Shadow Period. During the Shadow Period, the energies can still be poignant but not as intense during the three-week official retrograde.

Let’s start with the basics.

Mercury really isn’t going backward; it just appears that way to us. This is because its orbit is much tighter and smaller than Earth’s. In fact, Mercury’s orbit is 88 days vs. Earth’s 365 days. Therefore, three to four times a year, Earth seems to overtake Mercury, or Mercury goes backward.

Much like when you pass a car that is going slower than you. It’s purely an optical illusion.

So why all the huff and stuff when it enters retrograde? Because the energies have shifted especially now when you combine it with the solar eclipse that occurs on April 8. It’s best to be aware.

I’m sure you’ve read about the standard warnings:
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Slight shifts that can lead to depression
  • Don’t start a new big project
  • Double/TRIPLE check any documents you sign
  • Electronics can misfire, break, and go to sleep only to awaken when retrograde is over magically.

Instead of focusing on retrograde drama, look at it as the gift it is.

It is an ideal time to go within. Here are some of the tools I highly recommend that will help you maintain your sanity, deepen your divine connection, and BE one with the universe more easily.

— Meditation. If you are new to meditation, there are ample free ones on YouTube to guide you. As each of you reading differs from the countless others reading, find a voice that soothes your soul, encases you in a safe cocoon, and helps quiet your mind. If you are a more seasoned meditation aficionado, this is a calling to deepen your practice throughout your day while washing dishes, gardening, and walking. Making every or as many activities as you engage in as a meditative practice will calm your mind and empower you in your communications with everyone, from the cable repair folks to clients, customers, bosses, etc.

—Journaling. We have a rather fabulous online journal, The BE You Journal. In this journal, you are guided by journal prompts. This journal aims to engage your mind with your soul so you can walk life more confidently.

— Exercise. This is not the time to start high-intensity exercise but to investigate more gentle approaches: yoga, tai chi, QiGong, etc. The soft yet empowering movements also help to squelch the ego chattering so your soul can be recognized and honored. That right there is a perfect reason to start any of these practices.

—Practice Mindful Communication. It’s easy to jump in to argue, save another, or simply blurt out things that fall like a cement block. That’s the ego at its finest. Go back to basics; count to ten before you speak. Ask yourself if you are perhaps overly tired, which naturally makes you more sensitive. My sister and I discovered that our husbands magically become idiots when we are tired. Lesson learned: They are not; we are tired and past the wall of energy. Holding your tongue and asking yourself if this is the truth is best. Most likely, it is not. Sandalphon, The Angel of Grounding, is a great angel to chat with in these kinds of scenarios. He will help you BE more present and not enter a flight or fight scenario.

—Practice Acts of Self Love. Being a bit more tender and gentle on yourself during a retrograde is not only a wonderful way to recognize you and your needs but helps to refuel your energy in profound ways. There is a plethora of ways to do this; some are already mentioned earlier, but others can include:

  • Detox bath. A bath filled with natural Epsom salts and gentle bubbles eases the mind with aromas and detoxification. I always add a few drops from our Angel Ritual Droppers; to heighten the energy. Which ones? Usually, Zadkiel aids with transmutation and brings more awareness to any scenario that I am currently focusing on.
  • Forest Bathing. This is a leisurely walk in the woods, not the cement jungle. Nature is healing. Permit yourself to talk out loud to the trees, and I guarantee you will emerge lighter in energy and perhaps a bit tired as you have unloaded your woes. It is through this practice I met a White Buffalo Woman, Clive The Cyclops, and an enslaved woman, Hettie, along my journeys. Will you do the same? It's hard to tell, but one never knows!
  • Listen to your Circadian Rhythms. Listen to your body, mind, and soul and ask what it needs to be recognized, loved, and seen. It’s no secret that I prefer vegetarianism as my eating habit of choice; however, when I was recovering from the flu a few weeks back, my body did not just need but it demanded beef! Not any ol’ beef, big fat beef or lamb burgers. I ate more burgers in a two-week span than I did all of last year combined. Now? Back to basics and veggies as the first choice. Likewise, you may need to rest more during this time. Nobody cares if you go to bed at 1 am or 8 pm. Really, nobody is watching you that closely. Listen to what you need, and you’ll emerge as a much more centered and joyful person.
  • Look behind you. No looking back in a self-deprecating way. No woulda, shoulda, coulda. Retrograde is an ideal time to look within and reflect. Part of the reflection is naturally looking back. This is not to live in the past or to beat yourself up over things well past, but to reflect on the lesson and how much stronger you have become because of it all.

What are some of your favorite Acts of Self-Love? If you aren’t sure or looking for new ideas, chat with Chamuel, the Angel of Self-Love. She will be thrilled to suggest new ideas just for you.

Still having issues remembering your sparkle and magic? Reach out; I’m here to serve.


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