It's a Magical Day!

It's a Magical Day! - Angel Chatter

Today, February 2, 2022 is a day of magic.

Why I hear you ponder.

Lemme tell you.

It is a Day of:

  • Balance
  • High Priestess
  • Divine Feminine
  • Faith 
  • Compassion, especially towards self

Take all of the above-mentioned attributes, bundle them up and put a big beautiful bow on top and you have a Day for YOU. 

A day that can BE filled with wonder as you tap into your Divine Feminine. 

This energy has been building. I've shared all throughout the global lockdown to appreciate the quiet and take advantage of the time to reflect so you can emerge as your true beautiful self.  We've done the political dance upheaval. We've done the social injustice upheaval. We've done the conspiracy theory upheaval. Pretty much every area of our lives were rattled over the past two years. Ah, TWO appears yet again.

Once again, it's time for a story.

Story Time With Christine

Bear with me as I share a bit of physical hiccups in my life at the moment. It does all wrap up nicely and shares the power of The Divine Feminine.

You may recall my frozen shoulder adventure about four years ago. That shoulder was rock solid and not in the least bit interested in thawing. It took months of therapy, chiropractic help, massages (oh darn), muscle activation, fascia release to get it to budge and heal about 85%.

I'm still at 85%. Which of course bothers me. 

My jaw is tight on one side. The dentist and current chiropractor have noticed. 

My hip is elevated and tight, on one side.

My eye began to twitch, on one side. Luckily that has already dissipated. 

What side? The left, of course.

The left is the Divine Feminine side. The side of giving. My left side is screaming for a reprieve and attention. 

Luckily my new chiropractor is a beautiful young goddess full of ideas and definitely gets the spiritual side of life as she is an up and coming Reiki Master. 

As an empath and clear channel, I've taken on a bit more than I can chew apparently. I lovingly gave power to others and forgot about myself at times. Me as the leader, forgot to practice what I preach.

Love self first and foremost. 

The Next Steps

The obvious next step is to STOP the madness, right? 

As typical, easier said than done, at times.

I've already implemented new business tactics to quit working between 2-4 every day. Obviously this is not set in stone, nothing goods comes out of setting things in stone because then you are immobile and cannot flow with the harmony of the universe. Some days I leave my office earlier, some later. Overall, I'm out the door and doing other things from 3pm on, like a magical woodland walk. 

You crave peace, balance and more, but what do you do to invite those energies in and maintain them? 

Seriously, what do you do? Please share below this post. You will inspire another to think beyond what they know and hopefully take back a bit more of their power.

Remember, if you don't take care of you, nobody else can either. While tools, reminders, suggestions may be offered by countless others, unless you desire and own the desire of balance and peace from within, it simply won't happen. 

Today's Magical Offering

February 2, 2022, as mentioned, offers magical insights. Mercury in Retrograde, is officially ending on February 3, so we start the shadow dance. You are offered, to sit in solitude and reflect on your why's.

Venus is now retrograde. Venus is the planet of Love, therefore, once again you are being given a gift to sit and recall what you love, but more importantly what you LOVE about yourself. 

The Year of the Tiger is now here. Specifically the Water Tiger. How are you allowing yourself to go with the flow? Will you permit yourself to stop pushing and trying? How about permitting yourself to BE every single day? 

Coinciding with Chinese New Year was Imbolc and St. Brigid's Day.

This is the day half way between the winter and spring equinox. It is time to look forward and heart on what you desire to blossom for you. Spring is the time of resurgence, growth, and New Beginnings. Ironically Punxsutawney Phil said we have six more weeks of winter here in the northern hemisphere. That's ok, you now officially have 'six weeks' to think of how you wish to BE seen, heard, loved on, respected, honored, etc. in the world.

It's not always easy to remember, understand and own your truest desires, especially if have been metaphorically swamped with life's duties.

Let me help you.  

It's what I do. I help you relax in a shield of protection, thanks to Big Mike. I help you remember your dreams, and then? Together, you, I, and our spiritual teams outline how to live your dreamy life. 

THAT Is The Magic BEing Offered to YOU Now

It's the power of The Gang. It's the power of The Magdalene. It's the power of my 38+ guides combined with yours that can have you humming a tune, skipping along and loving life like never before.

Now THAT is magical. 

Are you ready to take that leap? Reach out and let's chat.  In the meantime, I have a plethora of exclusive products that exist to help you take your power back. A wide range of sacred aromatherapy, jewelry, oracle cards and of course books. Take your pick, they are all quite powerful. 

Until next time, enjoy the balance of The Divine Feminine merging with The Divine Masculine. Enjoy the peace from within and feel it gurgling forth. 


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