It's Magically Delicious!

It's Magically Delicious!
Throughout the month of March, each Wisdom Wednesday's edition will focus on the scorching topic of
We may touch upon the unwanted experiences in your world, but in my opinion, we focus on those too much as it is. Therefore, we will spend most of our energy manifesting what we desire. This focus in itself will help you to shift in a myriad of ways.
Every March, I feel the leprechauns a bit closer and often hear them tease:
It's Magically Delicious!
Of course, this is a throwback to the Lucky Charms commercials I would see as a child, but it's a way they get my attention, and we can all benefit from their wisdom. We could all step into the magic that one envisions at the end of the rainbow and embrace the beauty of life a bit more consciously.
❤️A life filled with a team of true friends and family who will BE with you until the end of time.
❤️A life filled with moments of magic
❤️A life where you are respected and taken seriously, no matter how quirky you are
❤️A life that supports you with your perfect home, car, and overflowing bank account.
❤️A life that reflects that sparkle within you
Don't you deserve a life like that?
Of course, you do.
So what is this manifesting, and why is it so frustrating to create and experience what you desire?
First, let's address what manifest means:
According to good ol' Webster, the word manifest can be defined as:
Display or show (a quality or feeling) by one's acts or appearance; demonstrate.
Let's just put this to rest; you desire and deserve a magical life.
This plays into The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction gurus has been jamming down your throats and minds for years that you get what you put out there.
Or in other words, you reap what you sow.
While there is some truth, it is not the only reason.
When you manifest anything, your attention has gone toward this energy.
💖"I've had a run-of-back luck." You will be looking for the next shoe to drop. The odds are it won't be a golden slipper.
💖"Why does this always happen to me?" This one can go both towards the savory as well as unsavory. Unfortunately, the phrase, why does this always happen to me? Is uttered in a whiny tone and therefore suggests the unsavory happenings of life.
That's the unsavory portion of this blog.
Manifesting is leaning into the energy that surrounds you.
Think about it. On those days when you felt off and didn't tend to your needs, did the day get better? Worse? Stay the same? Let me know.
Unless you actively pull back and focus on changing your energy, the day worsens, and by the day's end, even the most minor things become monumental. You finally threw yourself on your bed at night and prayed for a better tomorrow.
To be clear, we're not discussing war and saving humanity here. We are talking about your personal life and how you may be contributing to what you are experiencing.
Altering your mindset, words, and actions take time. Don't worry, we're going over all of these juicy points throughout this month, and I'll be sharing a great online course that you can enroll in now and enjoy the remainder of your life, like this very one, as a matter of fact: (and no it will not be put on sale towards the end of the month, it's already ridiculously low)
The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation -
Manifesting is energy. That's the bottom line.
To experience your desires, they must align with your belief system.
A truth shared by Haniel, Angel of Manifestation, in recent times to clients and students is this:
You have four levels of BEing:
Each of these levels must be on the same train and in the same car, so to speak, for it to appear in your life.
Let's say you wish to win the lottery.
Physically, you purchased the ticket; you took action - YAY you!
BUT do you mentally feel as though you deserve to win? Before you shout out YES, I DO, do you?
Are you emotionally ready for this significant upheaval in your life? While winning many millions of dollars sounds like a no-brainer, emotionally, are you prepared for that shift?
Lastly, is your spiritual side on board with this thinking? Or have you uttered the words Money is the root of all evil? And one you still spiritually believe deep down.
Sit with this line of thinking. It holds nuggets of wisdom that can open the doors for you in ways unperceived at this moment.
Here's your homework for this week:
Write down your desire the next time you want to manifest or experience something. Then ask your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual counterparts what they think about this future happening.
Don't argue with anything that is not to your liking. They are sharing a truth deep within you. If you find this truth uncomfortable, that's ok, for you are now allowing yourself to heal this part of you, empowering this level to step more into power to support you.
As an example, let's go back to the lottery scenario. Your spiritual side screams - NO - being spiritual is a vow of poverty; I'm doing Poppa's work and don't need this kind of income. Money IS the root of all evil.
You may have been in a monastery in a past life and took a vow of poverty then. That is not now. Sit with the vision that you have won. How will you empower others? Hopefully, that list is endless and quite personal, so you decide. The more you can sit assisting others while having ample for yourself will show your spiritual side that money can be helpful and empowering when used lovingly.
This process can take moments, hours, days, or longer. It depends on how deep this memory and thoughts are. It is worth revisiting every time you are ready to experience more magic.
Here's your big question, how much do you wish to disrupt your life? Yep, I did say disrupt. When you manifest for BIG things, life as you know it will shift and shift in massive ways.
Are you ready for that kind of shift?
Are you prepared for relationships to end possibly? Because some will.
Are you ready to invite new people into your world? Because they will.
Are you ready to sing from the rooftops and live your desired life?
These are questions that nobody can answer but you. If you get into difficulty, you can chat with Haniel or schedule a session with me.
It's your time, yes, like right now.
Sit with these questions posed throughout this musing. Stay tuned for next week's edition when we talk about words. They do have power! Sign up for The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation -
May you experience shifts that remind you of your sparkle until next week.
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