Just Breathe

Just Breathe
As we waltz into 2023, The Year of Healing, just breathe.
All healing starts with slowing the breath to allow the healing energies to flow through. It has been proven that breathing more slowly eases the stress you carry in your shoulders, back, and head and throughout your entire essence. Breathing not only relaxes the mind but opens the gates so the whole soul may move into one of flow and ease.
Just breathe.
Easier said than done, correct?
First, let’s explore the various ways you are currently breathing.
Shallow Breathing
Do you find yourself sighing or yawning throughout your day? If you are, this is a sign that you aren’t necessarily tired but are taking shallow breaths, and your body is hungry for more oxygen. During shallow breathing, you are using the upper quadrants of the lungs and not supplying your body with its basic needs.
Rapid Breathing
Or, as you are probably more familiar with, hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is known to increase headaches, dizziness, and, believe it or not, lack of concentration.
In essence, you are breathing so rapidly that your body can’t use the oxygen you are taking in. You begin to inhale more than you exhale. This causes the dizziness many experiences.
Once again, we are back to balance, Dearest Chatterer.
The balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
What to do?
Just breathe.
Thanks to Haniel, Angel of Manifestation, for reminding me, and now you, of the power of breath and how to present it to you so your life can be more ease-filled.
Let’s start by closing your mouth and breathing only through your nose. If your inhalations feel strained, ask your sacred vessel:
✨What is imbalanced?
✨What is this imbalance trying to tell you?
✨Where, perhaps, is the root of this imbalance?
Your body is a miracle and is in constant motion to tend to your needs as it protects you. Ask what you could do differently to shift to a slower pace. Think slow and steady.
Don’t forget the pause. I have shared the word hold for many years. Let’s embrace pause now. The word hold may be too constraining for you, too complicated. But pause? It signifies relaxation.
As you inhale, feel the oxygen expanding in your tummy. Imagine a balloon. A balloon doesn’t just expand in a lop-sided manner. It expands fully in all directions. Therefore, the energetic balloon inside you will expand towards your back, your front, and both sides, expanding your rib cage.
Allow your body to exhale. Feel your balloon deflating as your ribs come closer together and your tummy constricts.
Let’s Test this Out.
Grab your phone. I did just say to grab your phone! Now open the timer feature. Set it for one minute; it's just 60 seconds. Sit comfortably or lie down before you hit the start button.
As soon as you hit start, close your eyes. Breathe normally but keep the technique shared above in mind.
Count your breaths. Remember, slow and steady. You are deeply breathing while expanding your rib cage and tummy. Your shoulders will drop, and your mind will still.
Relax into the flow, the cycle of your breathing pattern—no need to look at the clock. The timer is doing its thing.
The bell chimes. What is your breath count?
Ideally, your resting breath rate will be anywhere from 8-19 breaths per minute. The closer you are to low double digits (10-13), the better. You are offering your body to pause and absorb the much-needed oxygen to support you.
How do you feel? Did you feel stressed because your breath count is high? That’s ok; it’s just a starting point. Do you feel proud as a peacock because it was low? Remember, it's not a competition.
Each of you reading this may facilitate regularly, depending on your life experiences.
However, by practicing this ritual daily, your breath will slow, and you can begin enjoying life more fully and consistently.
What if my breath is ridiculously high?
If your breath count is higher than you would like, don’t fret. It may take time to train your unconscious to slow down.
Let’s say your breath was 24, and you desire it to be 15.
Don’t force it to lower. That adds more stress to your world. Permit yourself to reduce it by one digit per week.
Just one digit per week. It’s not a race. It’s a process. It takes time for a new ritual to become a habit.
Science says it can take 90 repetitions of performing a new act for it to become as natural as breathing, excuse the pun.
It’s the same methodology used in creating The BEing You Journal - https://www.angelchatter.com/products/the-be-you-journal.
I LOVE ease and typically run from something that will make a long-term commitment on my part to change; I bet you feel the same.
It’s why every class offered through the academy was designed to be powerful but can be done within a three-month timeframe. https://angelchatteracademy.newzenler.com/
To shift your awareness, mind, and breath takes time. Imagine that you begin to breathe more easily in three months, and life becomes more joy-filled.
It’s just three months.
But it is so worth it.
The doors are open for you right now.
Enjoy breathing. Enjoy the ease of breathing and knowing you are supplying your entire essence with its most vital nutrient. Enjoy giving you more of what you need.
Sending you great love,

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