Logical Vs. Illogical

Logical Vs. Illogical
Let’s talk a bit about manifestation this week or, as I like to say, experience. I say experience because so much energy has been placed on the word manifestation that it has become its own little pressure cooker. 
The pressure to perform, let go, be clear on your desires, set your intentions, trust, don’t worry, be happy!—well, it gets flippin’ confusing and overwhelming at times.
Wouldn’t you agree?
Take a breath.
What do you desire? Before you answer, it’s important to understand and own your desires energetically. In other words, your desires must align with your soul. 
For example~
You may question my sanity if I shared that I wanted to be the next best cobbler. Why? It’s not in alignment with my soul, other than the fact that I like nice shoes. 
It’s illogical for me to desire such a thing. 
I desire to inspire and empower you to live life as you want.
Now, that is logical! I’ve been sharing it for years, and it aligns with my soul. 
Therefore, before you set up your intentions or desires, ask yourself: is this a logical choice for me?
Permit yourself to let go of what you are supposed to have in order to be happy.
Let go of the preconceived notions of what you must do to be happy. 
Put aside the thoughts that drive you up the wall with all the naysaying.
If you find this process difficult, stop what you are doing right now. It’s time to dance and howl like a crazy person. 
Please go on, do it.
Dance until you feel a bit dizzy and light-headed and your throat chakra is wide open because you have been howling like a werewolf on a full moon.
I know you are intrigued with why, but I won’t tell you until you’ve done it. 
Did you do it?
NOW, brain dump down everything you desire. Just dump it out on paper. Don’t worry about how or why; just brain dump. 
How did that brain dump feel? 
Why did I suggest you do the crazy dance and howl thing?
The dancing and howling created chaos within your frequency to allow your soul to come through and remind you of what you desire to experience. 
It momentarily shut the ego up and allowed Love to come through. 
Read the list you just created. I bet it feels more logical and settled within you energetically, and you may smile as you settle into this shift as your energy frequency rises. 
It has now become logical, and your brain LOVES logic! 
Focus on one item on your list. Just one. Feel the feels. You may have heard this saying before, but feel as though this was already in your life because, energetically, it is. 
Keep feeling the feels until it feels illogical for it not to happen. 
Keep feeling the feels of your desires happening
It feels illogical for it not to happen.
A magical shift has just occurred, and your desires can now come forward with greater ease.
Repeat this process daily. Just feel the feels. Don’t worry about how you will experience your desire in real time; feel it as though it is already here. 
It’s a magical thing. 

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