Loving Courageously

Today, yes, today, October 12, my husband and I celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary!
All those naysayers who thought we wouldn’t make it? 
Here’s the Bronx cheer just for you ;) 
We are not boasting about our marital success but reveling in the beauty of it all. 
Lean in because whether you are married or in a committed relationship, this week’s musing will shed some light for you. 
It’s Called Loving Courageously
Let's rephrase that to:
Loving Courageously
Without speaking the words, we both decided it was essential to live outside the other. We explore new hobbies; making sushi, glass blowing, container gardening, crystals, etc., and bring that excitement and energy to the table. 
  • We honor each other. We honor the ups, downs, and in-betweens that life can toss our way. We honor the energy of any given day and the mindset where the other currently is dancing. Do they need more nurturing or ‘cave time,’ or can we lovingly harass them?
  • We respect the other’s viewpoints, even if we don’t necessarily agree. It took my husband quite a while to wrap his very analytical brain around the fact that his wife sees energies and chats with non-physical beings!
  • We metaphorically give the other a very long leash to explore life to BE true to ourselves. For example, we both have gone on solo international trips and returned all the better for it. 
NONE of this would be applicable or accurate if we individually didn’t:
Love and honor ourselves FIRST
Because we take out regular time to BE ourselves, meditate, exercise, travel, and visit friends and family, we keep a more transparent line of what is important to us as an individual. This mindset brings greater clarity to us as a couple. 
The same is true for you, not only in the romantic arena but in social relationships and your career relationships. 
Why is that? When tending to you, you remember your whys with greater ease and are not distracted by those shiny moments. 
This lesson falls under the jurisdiction of Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love. 
I’ve been preaching, sharing, and most likely badgering all of you to tend to your needs first for years. 
It’s imperative not only for your physical well-being but for your spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. 
Each of you reading this has four layers; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Often, when one of the first three is off-kilter and ignored, it can result in a physical illness. A basic example is stress. If left unchecked, meaning if you do not incorporate a different lifestyle to lower your stress, the result could be an ulcer, high blood pressure, headaches, etc. To say you live a life filled with discomfort is not a far stretch, is it? 
How do you think you are living life if the stress is only managed via prescription meds, pain relievers, etc.? Often it is a band-aid fix, and life gets muddled. 
Take it energetically. What do you think you are contributing to any relationship with which you are involved? What are you teaching by your actions or inactions? 
Are you doing life
are you BEing true to yourself? 
Self Care. It is not for the frivolous. It is for the serious soul who is filled with opulence and desires to live a full life. 
Like you.
Another angel comes to play this week, Uriel, The Angel of Safety. 
Uriel’s mantra is:
You Are Safe to BE You
Not anybody else, simply glorious, magnificent YOU. 
Haven’t you ever admired someone, celebrity or not, and begun to emulate them? 
Of course, you have, as have I. 
After a while, how did you feel? More like yourself or less than?
It’s lovely to BE inspired by another, but never so much so that you begin to mimic what they do and how they present themselves. You will lose yourself in the tumbleweeds quicker than you may realize.
BE you. 
If you continue this kind of life, which is inauthentic to YOU, what kinds of relationships do you think you are attracting?
If you guessed inauthentic, you are correct. Ones that may be fun at the moment but not lasting. You may find donning a specific persona because that is expected, much like an actor for a show. Of course, you are free to do this, but long term? You will end up being rather miserable, frustrated, and confused about how you got there. 
It takes courage to BE true to yourself. To speak up for yourself, to set boundaries, and adhere to them. 
It takes courage to say no.
It takes even more courage to say YES
But oh, when you do, compromise is no longer an option. Your desires are crystal clear and become not only obtainable, but you begin to experience them in real-time. 
This is why we are here collectively:
To Learn
To Love
To BE 
This is an area that I LOVE to assist students, customers, and clients alike. 
So many programs and products have been born for this very reason. 
Products include our sacred jewelry and aromatherapy, books, and oracle cards. 
Programs include the growing offering of Itty Bitty Courses or the quintessential The BE You Program
Services such as individual reading, mentoring, and the coveted VIG Weekend.
It all starts with a YES uttered from your soul, marinading in your physical being, and flies out your mouth for the world, and, most importantly, you to hear.
It’s time for YOU to soar. 
Please say YES.
Sending you much LOVE,

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