Lunar Eclipse Energy, November 2021

Lunar Eclipse Energy, November 2021 - Angel Chatter

Get ready Chatterers!

Things are shaking up in our and your world, as we speak. 

There is a partial lunar eclipse this coming Friday, November 19, 2021. It is the longest viewing eclipse in, excuse the pun, many a moon.

You may view this astronomical event for up to two hours, depending where in the world you live. While that in itself is rather spectacular, keep reading to learn a bit more how it may affect you personally.

What does the Eclipse portend for you? 

BE prepared for possible abrupt endings as things may become 'eclipsed' out of your life. In general, eclipse energy is not a time to create magic. Certainly, magic does indeed happen, but more in the arena of ending vs. beginning. 

Remember, things must disappear in order for new to enter. Think of it as energetic de-cluttering vs. physical de-cluttering. The disappearance creates a vacuum and a void that begs to BE filled. It does fill, and it's up to you to decide how to fill it. 

But first..

De-cluttering once again rears and it is prime time to do so on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

If you chose to not de-clutter and hold onto things or relationships or mindsets or ... (you get the idea) you may be in for a rude awakening in the coming days and months ahead. 

BE prepared. If something is not serving you and you are holding onto it for dear life in fear of what may happen in its absence, it is preparing to leave. You may as well let it go with ample doses of LOVE and awareness vs. being blind-sided.

Wouldn't you agree?

Wouldn't you rather let go of something, anything, with an awareness vs. the rug being pulled out from under you?

Me too. 

Why let go?

When you consciously or unconsciously are rid of something, your course is righted. 

What is in your blood spiritually can come to the surface and shine.

Which is perfect for this eclipse, because the eclipse creates what is also called  the blood moon.

This is not a prophecy of bloody times to come, but reading what Auriel, The Lunar Angel, wishes to share:

Dearest ~

What is in your blood that continue to excite and drive your actions?

What is in your blood that has seemingly prevented your desires to coming into fruition?

These excesses and un-serving energies can present itself in a myriad of ways:

Mindsets such as 'it' is unobtainable, which is untrue

A belief you must be busy to the point of exhaustion in order to BE worthy of your desires because you can now prove you have worked hard for them. Also untrue.

Foods that while tasty, can and often do derail your energy in the mind, body, and soul.

During this eclipse, let us work together to see what is not serving you. So what does serve you gets the fuel it needs so it may shine.

Allow the process to unfold with joy, ease, and of course Love

Dearest One, 

I invite you to actively detox your physical being commencing now

By doing so, you will rise higher and see the larger picture in all areas of your life.

As always, the decision is indeed yours to take action, or not.

What Will You Decide?

All of us, me included, can make decisions daily; to do nothing so we may rest and rejuvenate or to work ourselves silly and eat non-energizing foods in the process. 

Don't tell anyone, but coffee is not as alluring as it once was. It's shocking me as well! Am I saying coffee is not good for you? Hardly. It appears I'm naturally pulling away from my dependence on it; the one cup I have daily is rarely finished these days. Of course there is the exception of the once weekly primo cup of cappuccino purchased at our local haunt. 

Another conscious decision of mine in recent months has been the revisiting of journaling and quiet time. I take time daily to journal. I take time daily to sit outside and typically go for a walk in the woods. Both of these acts stretch time for me which offers enough mental fuel to accomplish what I desire (and oftentimes beyond) with ample time left at the end of the day to BE.

It has fueled me so much that went out of my comfort zone and initiated a popup Facebook group to introduce over 100 people to me, my work, and The BE You Program. The group has been a FABULOUS experience.

(PS - you have until Friday, November 19, 2021 to snag the pdfs and perhaps get in on the amazing bonuses - so come join in HERE or HERE

What Are Your Thoughts?

I've just shared three very different ways to embrace what runs through your blood spiritually and what doesn't. Has this given you permission or courage to look within yourself as well? 

I hope so. 

The world needs your brilliance and sparkle zone, no matter what it is. 

YOU are needed, very needed, right now. Not the version you think we need, but the real you. 

It's time and thanks to the blood moon this Friday, you are BEing given a beautiful opportunity. 

So I ask, will you say YES to you?

Want More?

Come join us in The BE You Program.  This is unlike any other course you may have taken or investigated. 

Seriously. It's powerful in its LOVE, support, spirituality, information, and it all gets tied up in beautiful wings because it comes directly from the angels. 

Until next time, place your hands over your heart and remember what runs through your blood. 

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