Mary Magdalene Speaks

Mary Magdalene Necklace - Angel Chatter

It has BEcome an annual tradition that I share a message from Mary Magdalene on Her Feast Day, July 22. 

This year is no different. Going forward in this post are Her words, unless noted otherwise.

My Thoughts on the State of the Divine Feminine

While you may not realize it, The Divine Feminine is here to stay and Her energy is rising and rising rapidly. 

The Divine Feminine is gentle. However, never mistake gentleness for weakness my friend. The Divine Feminine is not only gentle, she is strong, unyielding in her mission to BE equal with the Divine Masculine. 

That is what I we shall talk about. Balance, equality and raising the vibration for ALL.

Through Love.

It is time. 

It is time ALL realize it is not about the survival of the fittest. It is about the Survival of Love. 

Love is what heals ALL. Love is what motivates ALL. Instead of looking for material gain to fill the void within, look within at your wounded inner child. LOVE on that child. Help that child understand that what they experienced is not their fault. Each one of those events; however, pulled them further from their core, Love. Each one of those events the ego took a stronger hold and permeated deeper than you may understand. 

It is time to Love on that child, Heal that child and bring forth the hurts as they contribute to the complete package known as YOU. 

What is Love?

All spend their lives searching for Love; the right partner, filling the void, the soul mate, twin flame and more.

You must start within. No other person can fill the void that you long for except you. Certainly they fill many aspects of life, but you must start with you. The more you honor your needs, your gifts, your power, you BEgin to realize that you are indeed powerful. The more you BEgin to allow, the better your life BEcomes. 

Love is an energy, a force. Love never says you need to change in order to BE loved more. That is not how Love works. However:

  • Love is Acceptance.
  • Love is Joy.
  • Love is Boundless.
  • Love is Freeing.
  • Love is Complete.
  • Love is Beautiful.
  • Love is Pure.
  • Love is Perfection. 

Look within you. Look around you. How have you surrounded yourself with Love?

Love is Balance

Mary Magdalene Necklace - Angel Chatter

This balance is is evident within my sigil above. Meditate upon this sigil for it represents the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine. There is no BEginning or Ending. Each is supported by the other and without one, both would not exist. My sigil not only represents the Alpha and Omega, As Above, So Below, but to remind all who gaze upon it, wear it etc. that both of these divine qualities reside within them

The ruby was chosen to bring forth the energy of safety to this union. Reminding you that you are indeed safe to BE you in this union and at all times. 

Love is Balance. Rarely is it a true 50-50 scenario. One will carry the other through sickness, depression, fatigue and allows the other to carry them when rerquired. THIS is the Balance, rarely a 50-50, but balance all the same. 

You are this balance within. Fierce/Gentle, Giving/Taking, Warrior/Peace Maker, Leader/Follower and so on. You are never just one trait. You were birthed from Love and Love you remain. As long as Love births every aspect within your life, you are balanced. 

Sit with me:

 Mary Magdalene, Saint Maximin, La Sainte Baume 

Yes, this is me, or part of me located in Saint Maximin, La Sainte Baume France. Quiet your mind as you settle within your heart. Feel my Love radiate to you and you alone. Connect deep with me and as you conclude your meditation, take that Peace and Love forward into your life. 

Now and forever more, I AM the one you call Magdalene.



  • Heather Maria

    “Love is Boundless” is my favorite one, I used to say that all the time.
    So much truth here, I would expect nothing less :)
    Thank you for sharing

  • Retha Bogard

    Loved this Chris, totally resonated with Magdalenes words. Profound she is!! As you are Angel Goddess!!! 💜💚🎆

  • Maria

    Beautiful ❤️Thank you 💕

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