Mercury Is Doing Its Backward Dance

Mercury Is Doing Its Backward Dance - Angel Chatter

I've been reading and listening and so many of you are undergoing hiccups to say the least right now.

Thank you Mercury.

Before you chuckle, seriously THANK Mercury for this golden, and regular opportunity to catch your breath, reflect, and re-evaluate how you are showing up in your life. 

Go on, right now, repeat after me:

Thank you Mercury.

How Often Does this Happen?

Mercury does its retrograde dance three to four times a year. 

We get three or four long stretches of time to reflect, go within, and hone in on our desires.

What a gift!

Think about it. It's not a secret mercury is going to retrograde. This is not a Mac truck sideswiping you out of the blue. It only feels that way when you are ignoring the signs that are freely given to you on a daily basis.

It's planned.

You can put it in your calendar.

You are given ample notice and warning.

So why the complaining?

What others say

So many others love to commiserate on the retrograde; slower electronics, failed communications, and well you know, you've read them.

Let's switch it up and revel in the retrograde!

REVEL in the quiet and reflection time. 

Quiet and reflection are not over-rated. It is as necessary as self-love. Which as you hopefully own by now is imperative for not only your spiritual advancement, but your physical and mental faculties as well. 

NOW let's plant that seed that Mercury in retrograde IS indeed a gift. 

Go on, plant that seed and water it. 

Why argue with it? It happens anyway!

Plant it and water it. Nurture it and allow the quiet to filter in.

Allow moments of peace to become minutes. 

Allow your eyes to soften as you gaze at life. Notice the nuances, the joy, the love that is ever present. It is simply overlooked because one gets so busy 'living'.

Will You?

Will you permit yourself to switch your thinking process and now look at Mercury in Retrograde as the gift it really is? 

Will you permit yourself to go quiet?

Will you permit yourself to BE still?

I've learned a thing or two over my life and without a doubt, life goes much more smoothly when I relax into the flow. The moment I feel the urge to 'get it done' or 'have to prove something' or 'so many things to DO' I forget to BE and all goes south. 

Now? I sit here at our kitchen table, vs my office, listening to the fountain gurgle, the plane flying overhead, the electrician upstairs installing new lights. One may find the energy too much and be inconvenienced that they are not at their desk. I don't.

I'm reveling in the sunshine filtering in through the windows, the fountain gurgling, the butterfly flitting along - yes I DID just see one go by, the bees buzzing around the coleus plants, and the knowing we are loving on our new home and giving her some small, but much needed upgrades. 

I ask again, will you permit yourself to BE?

Will you permit yourself to live in gratitude and THANK Mercury for this gift.

Will you?


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