Mercury IS Retrograde

Mercury IS Retrograde
Here we are, yet again scrambling while Mercury does its backward dance. 
It isn’t moving backward, but instead, it’s yet another illusion. Mercury’s orbit is much smaller than Earth’s; therefore, when it ‘laps’ around Earth, it appears to be going backward. 
However, this event, which happens multiple times every year, causes many to run for the hills and hide under a blanket. 
No need Dear Chatterer, no need. Below is a general list of Dos and Don’ts for you to consider for this and every retrograde.
  • Back up all electronic devices. Retrograde is well known for wreaking havoc in the electronic world. Best be forearmed.
  • READ all legal documents that must be signed. No glancing/glazing through. Read the fine print; this avoids misunderstandings in the future.
  • Take your time. The stopping and smelling of roses practice can BE applied to every day of your life, especially now.
  • Remember to chuckle when things go awry because they most likely will.
  • Keep Smiling.
  • Think before speaking or writing a response. Does it make sense? Are you lashing out? Are you contributing to the ‘problem’ or offering a hand/wing to uplift?
  • Allow a big-time buffer while traveling and expect delays.
  • Double-check appointment times and reservations.
  • Rush into any contract signing, no matter how tempting
  • Start a BIG new project, if possible.
  • Buy new electronics, appliances, etc.
  • Make any quick decisions or impulse purchases.
  • Ignore your truth, which of course, is LOVE.
You will note the Do List is much longer than the Don’t List. This is purposeful. Mercury is never about limiting your life but taking advantage of this quirky time to enjoy the ride of life more.
More may directly affect your mental well-being, depending upon your astrological sign. However, the above list lovingly brings a roadmap to gently navigate the next few weeks while Mercury does its backward dance. 
With great love,

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