Michael Protection Ritual

Archangel Michael Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

As Mother Nature has her way in the past week and there is more on the way, Michael has appeared multiple times in a few short hours to offer protection for those in the path of the next storm.

If you are ready to BE of service for not only your loved ones but those in places unknown to you, read on.

Archangel Michael 101

Michael is the Angel of Protection. For this very reason, he is the first angel introduced to people. He is the patron saint of the police force in the United States. To further cement in his tremendous power, his color association is blue and yellow. What are the colors of the police in the United States? 

Blue and Yellow. 

Michael, or as I like to call him, Big Mike, oversees the solar plexus and throat chakras. The place of empowerment and communication. Those colors are also yellow and blue, respectively.

If not already, call on him before any spiritual work. Spiritual work can be defined as meditation, working and receiving energy treatments, working with the angelic realm, channeling, working with the energy of Devas, ETs, etc. This is imperative as there are charlatan energies in the universe and can infiltrate and offer actual bad advice for yourself and clients. By calling on Michael for protection, your may trust your intuitive hits.

Michael is known to carry a sword at all times. Depending on the sword's position, he is either ready for battle or at ease. His sword has two different interpretations; metal or blue flame. 


The metal version is designed for combat and protection. It is a powerful tool. 


The blue flame sword cuts through the bad energy already present. It cuts the energetic cord, lousy energy, dead energy, and so on. 

There is much more information to share regarding Big Mike, but for now, the last thing he wishes you to know is that his signature sign is heat. Again, this aligns with other known facts as his planetary alignment is the sun. If new to working with Big Mike, expect to get warm regularly, but remember that you may ask him to tone the heat down if too hot. 

The cardinal rule with him, as with all angels? Ask. Ask for his assistance. Never assume they know. Be as specific or general as the situation calls for, but ask!

Protection Ritual Groundwork

Take the information offered above.

  • Michael is here to protect.
  • His signature sign is heat.
  • You must ask. 

Being the polite person that I am, instead of asking or demanding his intercession, I offer up the energy of gratitude first and foremost. 

Starting with statements such as:

Michael, Thank you for...

We are using our current weather forecast as an example as we advance. We expect snow, quite a bit for this area, and topped off with ice. Ice, while pretty, can cause outages, damage to people and buildings. Outages can be deadly for many; animals, the elderly, sick. As so many are home and will undoubtedly be home during the storm, this is where we shall focus. 

  1. The ritual starts at our home; remembering loving self first is not selfish but imperative. 
  2. It then jumps to loved one's homes, specifically
  3. Covering electrical generators
  4. Power Plants

This ritual can be accomplished quickly, and if you are reading this, you are empowered to perform the ritual. It will not harm any and may protect millions. That, of course, depends on how many read this week's edition, so please share!

Protection Ritual

Follow the verbiage as close as possible, but do not stress if your words aren't exactly as those offered. Intention and sincerity are more important. 

  • Michael, thank you for shielding our home from snow and ice. Thank you for keeping us warm with full power and heat. 
  • Michael, thank you for protecting (insert your names here) and their loved ones and homes. 
  • Michael, thank you for protecting all generators supplying heat for those in the storm's path and restore those already disabled. 
  • Michael, thank you for protecting all power plants to serve all of their customers, allowing them to stay warm and safe. 
  • Michael, thank you for turning your heat up to keep all safe. 

As you say each portion, envision him and his legions blanketing with a solar blanket. You may feel his heat enter your body. He lets you know he has heard your request and is now implementing each in the order received. 

Feel free to include sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, etc. There will be many still on the roads tomorrow, do what you can to help keep them safe too.

The ritual will take approximately 15 minutes of your time. Are you willing to BE of service? 

Can I use this ritual at other times?


Some of you reading this may be asking, storm? What storm? Feel free to send in reinforcements to areas known to be in the storm's path. You may do the same for:

  • Hurricanes
  • Riots
  • Political/social unrest
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes
  • Thunderstorms
  • What other ideas have you created?

Be mindful; you cannot walk freely outside in a thunderstorm because you are now protected. You are being reminded to implement your due diligence. Just as you are being helped daily from the entire angelic realm to live your dream life, you must show up and BE proactive daily.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences with the shared ritual from Michael. 



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