Money and the energy we have wrapped up around it.

Money and the energy we have wrapped up around it.

As many of you know, a closed Facebook group, Angel Chatter, exists. Within this group, great conversations abound daily. Conversations of support, hugs, love, wing slapping are all part of the daily program.

Until yesterday. Yesterday, one of our Chatterers, announced that we NEVER chat about money! It's true we haven't. Until then. It brought forth such a lovely conversation that then prompted me to write a blog post in hopes of honoring and empowering another.

We all have various hangups surrounding the money 'issue'. How much is too much. We crave more, but often feel squeamish and somewhat guilty for having more so we dare not desire more. We begin to feel more unworthy. 

Me too. When we lived in Massachusetts, the money was flowing. We shared and shared freely and quite often anonymously. It wasn't about us, it was about helping out another. However, folks being folks began to nitpick and make snide comments about 'how lucky are you' but not really meaning it. This guilt then began to sink in and do its dirty work.

Money became tight.

It wasn't fun.

I've learned better and money is back to flowing in a more easy state, but not where it once was (still a conscious work in progress now!) So I chatted with Angel Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love, to get better insights. This is what she had to say on the matter:

So many humans have money hangups.

These hangups have often come about through familial upbringings as well as societal standards and labels.

Some of these hangups run so deep as they now feel natural and a true extension of self. These then lead to feelings of unworthiness and if left unchecked will have each soul settling for less than what is desired for fear of failure or worse yet - not being worthy enough to have what is desired.

This of course is utter nonsense. 

Each soul is worthy to live life on their terms.

Each soul is worthy to manifest their deepest and darkest dreams.

Each soul has been designed to succeed prior to arriving on Earth. However, it is through life than one can go off course especially where money is concerned.

Money is but a part of the entire package.

Will money alone bring happiness? NO.

Will money alone bring freedom? NO.

Will money alone connect you with your twin flame? NO.

Money is but a piece of the life puzzle. One piece.

Each piece, as it joins together with the other pieces creates the entire picture. 

The entire picture of course is the person.

What makes them happy?

What motivates them?

The large and smaller moments contribute to the day. Just as each puzzle piece contributes to the entire life.

Money is but one piece.

Money is meant to flow easily and joyfully in vast amounts to all. Why so much? Each person does not desire to live in a mansion. Each person's definition of happiness varies, therefore, what each person desires in the monetary arena will also vary. 

But each true response is perfect for that person, their mission, their life.

Remember that.

And please pass on one more thing:

Each and every soul is worthy to have all they desire. 


WOW. Thank you Chamuel. This once again confirms what I've often shared. It's time to get out of our own way and allow what we desire to flow forward. It can be that easy; IF we allow. 

I hope this sheds some light on money and its vast hold it has on all of us. 



  • Debbie

    This is funny I’m reading this because I’ve been discussing what a control money has on you as a spiritual being! Lack of hinders you from becoming your true self! I play publishers clearing house and a representative called me to confirm my entry number, than he proceeded to ask me “if you won would you like the million dollars spread out in payments or one lump sum?” I said one lump sum, than he asked what I would do with it, I said I would free everyone I love of financial burden so they can truley enjoy life, random acts of kindness, but a dream of mine that just came to me recently, open a holistic horse farm, for young teens no charge, to help them come out of the dark!? He was stumped and said " wow that’s the first time someone gave me that answer lol

  • Ruth Ann

    Thank you I am working on this one big time!

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