Special Edition: Navigating Mercury Retrograde & Super Blue Moon ūüĆí‚ú®

Special Edition: Navigating Mercury Retrograde & Super Blue Moon ūüĆí‚ú®

Here we are again; Mercury is doing its 'backward dance' or, as we mere mortals call it, The Dreaded Mercury in Retrograde.


Many of you felt its impact before the shift on August 23, with feelings of exhaustion, confusion, and a total lack of energy.



Take a breath.

Instead of the usual fear that is laced around this event that happens multiple times a year, let's shift your preparation around the devious and dreaded Mercury in Retrograde.


Instead of looking at and embracing these three weeks as something to dread and desiring to hide under the blankets, how about switching it energetically to a moment that allows you to catch your breath and realign your actions with your desires?


First, let's offer some due diligence advice; historically and energetically; it's not an ideal time to sign contracts and start big projects. if you have no control over either of these matters, just BE sure to read the fine print.


All. Of. The. Fine. Print


Here's why: Mercury has a way of creating miscommunication opportunities. This retrograde is in Virgo's zodiac sign, the ultimate perfectionist. Therefore, concepts of perfectionism can be a challenge. Just cover the bases and read the entire document. You can relax later.


Because communication doesn't have to BE a challenge.


Take these three weeks to take your time in all forms of communication. Jotting something off and expecting it to 'land well' probably isn't the best idea now, so write a rough draft, walk away, and return to make it even better. You can brain dump in the rough draft and edit to your heart's delight later. You and the recipient will revel in the thoughtfulness and ease.


Allow a buffer of time to complete projects. Pad your clock as you travel, allowing for mishaps. The same holds for your desired outcomes. You've heard the phrase, It's all in the journey, now is an excellent time to embrace that mindset.


If something, opportunity, etc., seems to pass you by, it's OKAY. No matter what your ego told you, it wasn't meant for you, Life is cyclic, and what is meant for you will undoubtedly loop back and make its presence better known so you don't miss any opportunity! When it loops back around, you will be in a better place energetically to receive what you desire, making the results even juicier.


It's akin to not desiring to make the same mistake over and over and over again. You learn along the way. You can stop now if you are pining over the Shoulda Coulda Woulda scenarios.


Give yourself the concept of luxury and forgiveness, and go with the flow a bit more. Remember, when something is forced, it is underappreciated, and the energy around it is very strained. By relaxing into the gift of Mercury Retrograding, you have ample time to reset and remember.


This is not to say you go all flower, child and just let things BE. Oh no! It's wise to do some precursory things:

  • Back up your electronics.
  • Make sure your batteries are always charges for those electronics devices.
  • If unclear of another's communication, politely ask them to clarify.
  • Take your time reading documents, especially legal ones. Let's not create a possible angst-ridden or volatile situation because you got lazy in the reading portion of signing.


Is this overkill? Hardly, Every activity mentioned above could be part of your routine, now just during retrograde.


As I sit I our kitchen with wind chimes offering their song, The Gang came forward and wished to share:


All is not as it seems at this moment.


Most of what you take as a truth is, in fact, an illusion.


The illusion that separated your from Source.

It does not have what you call a 'Source'

Higher Power



Your Alter Ego

Higher Self



When you align from your heart with the 'Source'.

All begins to fall into place for you.


You are bothered less by another's actions or inactions.


You trust in your path and the path of those around you.


You relax into the flow of life and begin to enjoy it immensely.


Running from activity to activity in the hopes of 


Being recognized

Exhausting yourself in the process and diminishing your health


Relax into the moment of Now

Relax into your power


There is no need to rush our and tell the world who you are and what you are here to do


Yes, lean in and allow others who walked before you teach and mentor you

There is no need to reinvent the wheel

Take what resonates and leave the rest


BE true to you

BE committed to your dreams

BE of service

BE kind

Be generous



If you followed these simple rules,

You will quickly note that is does not matter if there is a planet in retrograde or not.

You are aware and are living in this moment.


We are complete.


I love LOVE this channeled message from them and hope you do too.


Tonight also heralds in the energy of Luna via Auriel, The Lunar Angels. August 30 marks not just a blue moon but a super blue moon. A blue moon is when two full moons are in one calendar month. A supermoon is when the moon is the closest to Earth, approximately 223,000+ miles close.


Imagine, tonight, August 29, 2023 is SUPER BLUE MOON. How cool is this?! Talk about a wondrous opportunity to reset.


Even during the doldrums and fear-based retrograde, you are invited to explore possibilities for your future, no matter how illogical they may appear.


NOW is a golden moment to GO BIG.


Grab your journal and write about your ideal life.

Go on; I'll wait while you grab your journal.


Have you got the journal and writing tool?


Let's go.

  • Set the tone. Light a candle, a brand new candle. If you haven't one handy, grab. one here. Be sure to delicate your candle to a single purpose. We guide you through this with each candle on a designated card.
  • Place your hands over your heart.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply for a minimum of one minute. This helps to quiet the mind and open your heart.
  • Title your journal page with¬†My Soul-Filled Dream Life.
  • Then begin writing


  • Write about anything and everything
    • Sounds
    • Aromas
    • People
    • Activities
    • Words
    • Scenery
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry


By including as much as possible, your soul expands, and energetically you begin to shift. You shift into the endless possibilities that await you. Remember, the how doesn't matter.


Feel the feels

Smell the smells

Breathe it all in.


If you wish more guidance in creating and experiencing your dream life, CLICK HERE.


So you see, now is not the time to run and hide until Mercury is direct. Now is the time to relax and become clearer in our desires. Take the advantage of this downtime.


Your soul will thank you.

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