New BEginnings, or is it New Endings?

Archangel Metatron Mandala. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

As we continue to traverse, navigate and wonder during this global upheaval, we are still BEing given a gift of time. 

Yes, A Gift of Time. 

Let start off with a question this week:

Are you, yes YOU, deliriously happy with your current life?

If you answered yes, no need to continue and I invite you back for next week's blog edition. 

If you answered 'No' I'm not deliriously happy with my life...

If you indeed are disgruntled, unhappy, frustrated or more with your current life, you have that beautiful gift of time to reinvent the wheel so to speak. 

This wheel reinvention takes a bit of time, digging deep and certainly focus. 

Think about it, when is the last time you truly spent time with yourself and focused on YOU and YOUR dreams? When is the last time you gave yourself permission to take time out of your day to dawdle, dream and journal?

When is the last time you actively took steps forward to shift your mindsets that could and can alter reality?

If you haven't done any of the above activities for yourself, we need to chat. Seriously, we need to chat. Recently I find I am practically  bribing my mentees to do very simple yet empowering tasks. Why? Because it is now all focused on them to release, embrace and own. It's difficult; no wait, rephrase - it CAN be difficult to focus on you for it feels selfish. 

We ALL have a bevy of tools at our disposal to keep us distracted. TV comes to mind first. I'm the first to admit it's a very rare night we aren't watching TV at night. We both are working, in various shapes and forms throughout the entire day from 7(ish) until 5 or beyond. Yes we both work that hard in cultivating and implementing the dreams we are hatching into reality.

All day, at least five days a week. Now I don't plan to keep this momentum up, nor know I safely can without severe burnout, exhaustion along with a nice stay in the hospital, but there is an end game in sight and just like my new toy, Ring Fit Adventure, I am running towards it and blasting away at the roadblocks. 


Another is that magic device called your phone. Have you checked how much time you spend on it daily? Check your screen time usage; it might just shock you how much time has been whittled away. 

Go on, go check now. 

Surprised? I was. I immediately, IMMEDIATELY, deleted the large time sucking apps that detracted from living my life. I suggest you do so as well if you wish movement forward.

For New to BEgin, Something MUST End

Think about it, a bookshelf can hold only so many books. Even if you stack in creative ways and shove them in there, there is only so much space. If you wish to keep adding books and not another bookshelf, some books must now be let go to enhance another's life. 

Everything in life is the same; closets, cabinets, etc. This is of course applies to the tangible things you can literally hold, wear, use. 

What of the non-tangible? Ahhhh, here we go deep into mindset territory. 

We all have limiting beliefs thanks to ego who has listened with its scaly little arms wide open to embrace any and all self deprecating beliefs that can keep you in check and prevent you from living life as desired and deserved. 

Have you ever heard, said, listened to, or believed any of the following?


There is only so much to go around

Nobody in my family has gone past....(fill in the blank)

They are greedy for making so much!

Who did they have to sleep with to get ahead?

I always head to the sales rack first; it's all I can afford, maybe

I can make over $100,000? Might as well say one million. Not possible.



Well you get the idea. Any of those sound familiar?

What are others you have listened to enough that it has become engrained?

The First Step in Releasing Unwanted Mindsets

The first step in releasing mindsets is simply BE aware of them. Seriously, how can you release something if you are clueless it exists?

By acknowledging its existence in your life, it BEgins to have less power over you. You are now aware, or at the very least have an inkling of awareness, that this thought has limited your very growth.

You can then admit it has had power over you.

Don't worry, this is not a judgment call, it is what it is. However, if you decide to do nothing about it at this stage, then we need to chat for it will continue to hold power over you and hold you back.


Second Step in Releasing Unwanted Mindsets

The second step in releasing these vile mindsets is admitting and now digging deep. You don't necessarily have to know the origins of this, but it is helpful. Once you understand the dynamics of it, and how it has affected you, you can BEgin to move forward with a bigger spring in your step.

I often use the Hawaiian healing technique, Ho'oponopono to address and heal it all through LOVE.

Remember, LOVE is quite powerful. It's not just about fluff, box of chocolates and kisses. It IS POWER. There is much more to it than this, but if you get this far, you are well on your way. 

Third Step in Releasing Unwanted Mindsets

The third step in releasing unwanted mindsets is taking ownership. 

Yep, ownership. Once you acknowledge that that one does exist in your intimate world and you are working on releasing it, it is rather an interesting sidebar learning how this mindset has affected all arenas of your life.

Often it shows up as: 

  • Procrastination tactics
  • Avoidance - seems to big or marvelous to even go after
  • Sabotaging tactics so you DO fail and can safely scuttle back to comfort zone. This one is rather tricky to nail down for it does scuttle about

Annnnd so on.

If you still aren't sure, ask yourself this:

Have you ever wanted something soooo desperately that you dream about? It can wake you up at night. You almost salivate at its possibility for it really gets you excited. 

You have been thinking and dreaming of 'it' for months, perhaps years.

And now? Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

BE honest, what have you really done to help its existence in your life? How have you been proactive?

Hint, complaining and whining does not help. True story. 

We must be proactive, daily in creating our dream life. Of course some days we're tired so any energy put towards our dreams will be limited, but put forward we shall even on those days. Why? It simply keeps the momentum going so on those higher charged days you haven't lost steam and can pick up right where you left off. 

What Angel to Chat with Allowing the Endings AND BEginnings?

Once again we turn to Metatron.


Metatron oversees your, our, Soul Star Chakra. This chakra is approximately six inches above your head. It it there to assist in keeping you align with your soul's mission life to life. 

Metatron oversees this chakra as one of his duties to humankind. Did you know he also assists Michael in empowering all spiritual souls? Truth! Together they assist the indigos, crystal and rainbow souls to live life as they are destined to BE living it. 

As Metatron assists in keeping you aligned with your soul's mission, would it not stand to reason that he can therefore, also assist in illuminating and ridding of unwanted 'fluff' in your world? 

He can and does. 

He will work in conjunction with Zadkiel to transmute. He will work in conjunction with Chamuel so you LOVE yourself more. He will work winged harmony with Raphael to implement healing on all levels. He will work with every single member of the Winged Gang to help you live YOUR life, not a life of another. 

 Archangel Metatron Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

You may focus on his channeled mandala during a meditation with goals in mind. Ask that he illuminate better paths for you and more to help you achieve all that you desire.

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