Oh so tired of hiding!

Oh so tired of hiding! - Angel Chatter

Aren’t you tired of hiding?

Aren't you tired of hiding? I know I am. I've known for years the direction I am suppose to go; inspiring millions and taking steps forward in order to complete this lofty mission. 

I'll be honest, it CAN be overwhelming at times!

However, I have learned that small steps make for lasting results. 

It's the comfort of taking one step, perhaps just a bit out of reach and then doing it that is incredibly uplifting as well as empowering. 

Each step forward takes us into the light more so we can eradicate the darkness in which we lived for far too long in fear of shining whom we are. 

It's your time too. Repeat after me:

NO more hiding!

In a maddening, rushed world, small steps forward make mighty victories.

Read that again,

In a maddening, rushed world, small steps forward make mighty victories.

Why now?

In a world seemingly crazed and gone half mad, we've had ample leaders before us take monstrous leaps forward to uplift humanity. Progress such as:

  • Running Water
  • Electricity
  • Telephones
  • Computers
  • Smart phones

These kinds of progress made our life much easier, but then it got crazed. So many of us became 'one' with our mobile devices. Try to go a day without yours and see how often you reach for it out of habit. Just try. 

Now is the time for peace, love and grace to enter. However, it must, must start within. If you don't feel peace, love, and grace from within, nobody will help you get there. You must BE compliant and BE willing to go where you've not gone for a long time. 

Now is the time to say YES to you. True, I've uttered this statement before and will keep uttering it until more, if not all of you own it. 

Now is the time to take one small step forward to create your personal mighty victory. 


What can you do?

ALL of us are multi-faceted. ALL. As you well know, I channel the angelic realm along with Mary Magdalene, other ascended masters and well you get the idea. However, did you also know:

  • I had a small baking catering business.
  • I am an AVID gardener and would have been a FABULOUS landscape architect.
  • I talk to animals.
  • I talk to plants.
  • I collect crystals like there is a shortage.
  • I create beauty within our home, and others, making it sacred space.
  • I love to create family treasures with a needle. 
  • I studied ballet with a master for over 11 years.
  • I love entertaining and pampering others.

Each one of these facets creates the whole. Each one plays a part of what I do as my business, but all are not part of the business plan. 

Some things are destined to be hobbies. Some things are destined to propel us to fulfill our soul's mission. My soul's mission is to inspire and empower you. 

So what can you do? Say yes. Say YES to your dreams. Say YES to taking small, but gigantic steps forward. 

Say YES to you. 

NOW we go forward

The BE You Program differs from any other angel program offered across the world. Bold statement, I know, but read on.

I know there are many angel programs, but they tend to gloss over all areas of life. These kinds of programs feel indulgent and fun, yet when it’s over, we still are not standing in our truth, and the ‘woo’ is still a separate cool thing to enjoy but can’t be shared with the rest of the world.

You end up still hiding.


The BE You Program is not a band-aid program to gloss over areas of your life. 


The BE You Program offers in-depth information that is spaced over time. It takes all aspects of your BEing; mind, body, and soul and weaves them together with angelic wisdom, humor and love. 

So often when one goes the ‘Woo Route’ it can be difficult to integrate it in the here and now. One can become ungrounded. It IS lovely chatting with angels, but it is not lovely hiding it or not knowing how to incorporate it in your day-to-day living.

The BE You Program is about YOU.

It’s about you transforming and walking your talk.

It’s about you blossoming and unfurling your truths.

It’s about you being so comfortable in your skin, no matter where your journey takes you, that you own your power. 

Wouldn’t life BE lovely to BE able to incorporate your ‘woo’ side with your human side and not have to shut off one or the other depending on the situation? 

Wouldn’t it BE lovely to simply BE YOU All. The. Time?

A recent student who, within a year, became authorized under me and is now opening up a brand new career as a medium and angel intuitive. She’s already bringing in money that is going towards fabulous vacations for her entire family. But more importantly, she is no longer hiding and is quickly integrating her woo and human side.

This is powerful stuff. 


Wouldn’t you LOVE to have this kind of life?

You can. Just say YES.

The BE You Program is based on my yearnings to empower you. Yes YOU. I got tired and so very weary of the quick fix weekend programs that simply aren’t deep enough to make much or any of the information and tools to last. 

This program was birthed to make angels a very real part of your life and not something to be ashamed of. 

If you are tired of hiding and keeping your woo separate from the human and so tired of buying into the quick fix mentality, we’re here to help. 

PM me if tired of the quick fixes and are ready to integrate angels into your daily living experience. 



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