On The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

Today is July 22 and amongst many beautiful events that have taken place over the centuries, it is also the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.

As you know, I've had a kinship with her of sorts for years and this has only been heightened since my trip to France. Why would I then be surprised that she woke me up last night with multiple messages?

Honestly, I'm not.

Phase One

I'm at my parent's home. Dad decided to have an argument with a water hose.

Water Hose -1

Dad - 0  However his consolation prize is a broken ankle. His surgery is on Tuesday and he will then become bionic; plates and screws are to be added to his human body. Due to a bevy of folks coming in, I'm snuggled in at my honorary aunt's house next door for sleep. It's rather lovely since I have the house to myself; This offers time to detox and more. This part of the story isn't a digression, really, but rather a setting of the stage of what's following:

Phase Two - Magdalene Enters

Many of you may also know that I've a few more oracle decks in me...I've known of a second almost since the first one birthed. I've played with the artwork (it helps inspire me). I've learned I operate in a creative way and often times will start/stop a project until it hits.

It has hit. It's only taken six+ years, but hit she has and with a bit of Magdalene magic, it will be debuting before year's end or shortly thereafter. 

Shortly before my departure to France she and I created her magical scent. It is magical. Many reported the powerful loving energy that exuded from it and one went so far to say she was transported to Jerusalem and walking her path while there. So stay tuned; her candle and other essential oil blend offerings will be out within weeks. 

Phase Three - Magdalene's Message

My Children
You are my children, for you are younger than me, no?
Just a silly bit of humor on this day of days.
My message, as all of my messages come from the point of
Love does and will conquer all
Love is the motivator for many
Love is the cure
Love IS
Love is Demur
Love is Powerful
Love is Soft
Love is Strong
Love is Feminine
Love is Masculine
Love is Light
Love is Dark
Love IS
Love Cures
Love Creates
Love Inspires
Love Heals 
Love IS
Love is Easy
Love is Joy
Love is Pure 
Love IS
Love IS UNconditional -
Never will you hear me put conditions on Love, for then it is no longer
Then love is a bargaining tool.
That is not Love, yes?
Love IS
Love is the union of ALL
Love is Balanced
Love is Heaven on Earth
Love IS
How will you go about your day in LOVE?
How do you operate your life in the name of LOVE?
Keep this in mind as you daydream on your desires.
What is your motivator?
Keep this in mind, not just today,
but every day
every single day for the rest of your life
Love IS

Phase Four - Integrating Magdalene's Message

How will I now go about my day and days ahead? Hopefully more inspired and Love focused. I AM creating a large offering of home-made TV dinners for my folks that will make meal preparation much easier as dad recuperates. Each meal, especially going forward, WILL be made with more love and more ease. It's not a race to fill the freezer, but to infuse each and everything made with great LOVE which of course is healing.

Will I work on her deck today? Most likely not as the family is stirring and it is time to close and enjoy the day...with them. Remember, it is not the amount of things you accomplish in one day, it is how you BE.


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