September, 2019 - Micro Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th!

Archangel Auriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Oh is Auriel and therefore Luna quite active of late! This week is yet another magical moon event that hasn't happened in over Nineteen Years! The last time there was a full moon on Friday the 13th was October 13, 2000 and the next one will not happen until August 13, 2049! So yes, this is rather a rare event in anyone's book.

This particular Full Moon is also this year's Harvest Moon. Now before you say, isn't the Harvest Moon suppose to BE in October? It often is, but what dictates a Harvest Moon is this: The full moon closest to the Fall Equinox. Since the Fall Equinox falls on September 23, 2019; there ya go. 

One more notable tidbit; this Full Harvest Moon is also a Micro Moon.

Therefore, we have a Micro Harvest Moon ON Friday the 13th!

Whew! So much Lunar activity happening!

What to Do~

Sitting quietly, I was shown a variety of things, people, events that are currently in my life. As always, it's about BEing, right?

BEing empowered
BEing centered
BEing Love and Loved
BEing prosperous
BEing healthy
BEing happy
BEing respected
BEing heard

This moon event is no different than any other opportunity we are presented with. Just this past week I had reached out to a photographer for new photos for the website. Just photos. We quickly got rolled into a complete branding package (several more dollars) and a name change! Yes a name change.

We delved. We considered. We hearted. 

Bottom line?

NO name change and no surprise, did not choose that team. Why? Simply didn't sync up. This is shared to hopefully inspire you; what doesn't sync up for you? 

On the eve of this decision of non-decision, I reached out to another. Guess what? Less money, for a year's worth of photos, more insights and we synced! Guess who we're going with? 


Is the first one bad? Absolutely not, but not for me. In this scenario, that is all that matters. 

As it does for you. What matters to you? What really matters to you? Please heart on this question.

A small, quick and in the scheme of things, insignificant scenario, of getting rid of what doesn't serve you. Make a list of what matters to you. The list of course can be as long as you desire, but this list comes from the heart, not what you think ought to BE on there. If you find your fingers or pen dragging, you are forcing this to BE on the list. Relax and start anew. Once this list is complete, hold it to your heart and ask, 'Is it complete?' When you get a definitive YES, place the list down on your desk/table. 

What is missing from that list that is currently in your life? Those things, people, events, etc. This is yet another list - a list of meh. BE honest with this list as you were with the first. For whatever is on this list may be high on the list of what is holding you back. What you have allowed (yes allowed) to sabotage your dream life. 

Let's Switch Now to Harvest

Remember, this is the Harvest Moon and as such, unless you are a farmer and in that case - THANK YOU. My question for you is - what are you harvesting? Does it sync up with you? If not, look at your metaphorical garden and see the seeds you have sown that are now thriving. 

It may be a 'harvest' of undesirable. Remember, there is rarely ever just one answer to a problem. There are always a multitude of ways to get to the same result. Healing? Of course there is medication. There is also Eastern Philosophies; acupuncture, herbs, reflexology, etc. There is therapy; physical as well as emotional. There is the essence of BEing open to more possibilities for remember, as intelligent as you are, you simply don't know everything. 

Allow yourself to BE honest with yourself. This can be a tough chat, but I'm here to hold space for you in the confines of a private reading if desired. BEing honest with one's self of why something isn't working in your favor can be tough. Why? Taking responsibility; for you are the common cog in the equation. 

Think about your metaphorical garden. What is growing? Yes, this is a repeat question, but one that bears merit to make sure you have read it. BE honest with yourself, for the moment you are, the more easily you BEgin to listen to other's sage advice of what could be done, accomplished, achieved, experienced in your favor.

This moon event is really desiring all to dig deep and answer some tough questions to gain clarity that then allows all to move forward with greater confidence. 

The Goddess

The Divine Feminine is rising and she will never BE submerged again. The Moon is universally associated as feminine energy while the sun is masculine. Both create balance and that is truly the name of the game; Balance. 

As She rises, she is formidable, make no mistake about this. 

As you read this post, what goddess comes forth to you? Isis? Kwan Yin? Mary Magdalene? Mother Mary? Lakshmi? Bridgette? Kali? Aphrodite? Or? Your answer is the correct answer for she comes forth to BE with you. She comes forth to educate you, integrate with your energy and aspire you to BE. 

As she comes forth to meld with your energy, you have the power to ask as many questions as you desire. How will she assist you in ascending along your spiritual path? Why her? What is it about her energy that is needed by you at this moment? Literally pull up a cuppa and have a conversation with her. 

It may well be one of the most intimate conversations you have had in a long time. 

Embrace the feminine. Allow it to meld with you. Allow it to meld with the masculine. 

What Angel to Chat with and Why During this Micro Harvest Moon

If you thought Auriel, you are correct! I did just that as I prepared the writing of this blog and here is what she wished to share:


This month, I may be small in appearance, and will begin to diminish my glow until next month.


Never mistake small for weak

It within the smallest details that greatness occurs

For now appreciate the smallness within you;

your cells, your hair follicles, your veins

Each minute cell contributes to the beauty and the strength known as you. 

Each cell. 

For now, focus on the minute arenas of your life that require diminishing. 

 Remember, the most luscious gardens have to pull the weeds in order for what desires to blossom

To Blossom.

Look within

Look Around

What can easily go? Start there to fortify and then acknowledge the larger that requires excavating. Ask and I shall share a plan to do just that; excavate.

Let us work together, shall we?

Archangel Auriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter



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