Shifts Happen

Shifts Happen - Angel Chatter

I recently received a comment to a recent blog post and while I am not quoting directly, her query was akin to:


My heart resides in 5D

But my mind is 3D

I so want to take up a sword and slay those monsters!

How do you reside in Love while standing up to a bully or bullies?


It is not an easy road, this Road of Love. 

It can BE lonely; I'll admit that.

However, and it is a BIG however, it is well worth it and that is one of the reasons I walk this earth. To help you stand taller in Love.

Bullies are just that, bullies. They come in all shapes and forms; female and male. They use many tactics:

  • Ignoring your existence
  • Belittling or downplaying what you share
  • Badgering you until you agree with their line of thinking
  • Ostracizing you until you fall in line
  • Gaslighting to the extent you begin to question your line of thinking

We won't even get into the physical bullying. 

One cannot argue with a bully. They have their way of thinking and only their way of thinking. They will not be swayed.

However, strike a pose darling goddess because you are now aware of these tactics and no longer tolerate them. 

Bravo you.

Shit Happens

Yep, I did just say that phrase. Shit does happen. We'll get deeper into this in a moment and The Magdalene has come up with a doozy of a message and let's just hope it goes viral. 

It's that good. 

Shit happens. These unsavory events happen often. Each one can:

  • Drag you down into the depths of your despair so you linger there.


  • BE the lesson they are designed to BE so you rise higher in Love and eventually reside completely in 5D.

The choice, as always, is up to you. 

Shit Happens when you permit life to pass you by. Shit Happens when another dictates your moves. Shit Happens when you are complacent. 

Shit happens when you are not living in the present moment. 

Does it matter what another thinks of you? Not one iota. Seriously, not one iota. The more emphasis you put on other's opinion of you, guess what? You scamper back to 3D and are second-guessing yourself all over the place. 

You may feel anger. Just don't be angry. Don't permit those 3D emotions to rule your life; like unworthiness, stupid, too fat, too thin, not smart enough, not good enough, unloveable, and so on. Feeling an emotion is brilliant. It helps you to process the 'shit' and move forward. 

It's okay to go to the depths of your despair. Just don't take up residency and move in your furniture. 

The more you embrace life and all its offerings, the more Shifts Happen.


ALL have a gift. Even you. It's another one of my reasons for walking the earth - I not only help you unveil your gifts, but own them. 

However, there can be those that think they are the best thing in the word since sliced bread. 

That's kind of 3D mentality. It is not boastful if true. Just yesterday a client told me I was not only her anchor and will be 'forever', but also the real deal. She sees me as the truth bringing catalyst that I am, while masquerading as your Mystical Mentor. I do not feel superior to anyone. 

Repeat, anyone. I may find it difficult to like or respect some based on their line of thinking, but I do not feel superior to anyone.

Neither should you. It is one of those rare shoulds.

Remember, all humans, you, me and everyone else walking this earth is perfectly imperfect.

Everything you create is perfectly imperfect.

Everything you do is perfectly imperfect.

Get the idea. Nobody is perfect, therefore nobody is superior over you. I often tell my students that I regularly learn from them. They come forward with new ideas, questions, and I learn from their queries. I learn from their expertise. I learn from their power. I learn from their vulernability. 

Nobody is superior over you. 


Especially those bullies. 

The Magdalene's Message


When you are not present,

Shit Happens.

When you are present,

Shifts Happen.


What a difference one letter can make darling child. We went from shit to shifts. 

Shifts happen daily.

However, it is up to you to accept these blessed shifts or gloss over them. 

It is up to you to step boldly in the light in the name of Love


Wallow in self pity because somebody is picking on you, ignoring you, not agreeing with you. 

Do not commence in a tit for tat scenario. This lowers your energy. Recognize those energies for what they are; an opportunity to remember your loving power. 

This may sound harsh coming from me, but darling child I tell the truth and quickly.

I will not gloss over what needs to be said. 

YOU have great power within you. 

When you stand in LOVE, you know the difference from the gaslighting from politicians, to leaders, to family, to friends. 

Let the bygones be just that - gone from your life. 

Let us link this heart of yours that yearns to always reside in LOVE 

with your mind. That brilliant mind of yours that doesn't wish to sit still to BE.

It is your time.

Will you say YES to you?

~ I AM The Magdalene

To Wrap This Up

The Magdalene alluded to a practice of linking your heart and mind together. This very significant practice and daily ritual is paramount to releasing you from the paradigms that you must do this or that in order to be liked, loved, respected. 

Remember, the mind wishes to control and protect you. Permit it to quiet. This empowers the heart to step forward more boldly and follow your dreams. 

You will continue to be presented with ideas, concepts, opportunities that may not totally align with your principles. It is okay to try them on for size, but always come back to your WHYS and what better suits you is destined to come forward. 

These are not tests, but an opportunity for you to better understand YOU. 

Can you now better embrace the shifts and stop saying shit happens?

I hope so.

Life is a magical journey. It always has been, it always will BE.

It is up to you. 

It's why I am here; to relay The Magdalene's messages to the world. I associate her energy as the epitome of Mom. She commands attention, teaches her children to BE not only loving, but powerful in their love. Consider this your most loving invite to join us in sacred community and meet monthly via zoom to connect and listen in to her words and answer your questions. 

You can read more about this offering here:

Respite With The Magdalene

This sacred of sacred communities that she has guided me to create exists for you. She desired a community to:

  • Make it more affordable, but more importantly ...
  • To have an opportunity to gather near you other souls who search for the truth and are ready to drop the old paradigms and BE 
  • We are gathering already people across the globe who yearn for her words of wisdom, love, humor and regular challenges to empower you. 

Consider this your Love Invite to join us. We begin on April 6, 2022 and will meet twice monthly. I lovingly look forward to your presence with us. 

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