Signs - Are you Paying Attention?

Signs - Are you Paying Attention? - Angel Chatter

As you may know, we were on a much needed vacation last month to my old stomping grounds, The Eastern Shore of Delaware. Its pristine beaches, walking distance from the home we rented, were balm for four weary souls. 

During that time, my brother in law's tomb unveiling was scheduled. It has been one year since he left this plane and yet he continues to inspire us all to BE more true, altruistic, and trust in humanity at large. 

The day after the unveiling, I was getting us settled in for our spot in the sand for the day. 

I looked around and spied a feather. While finding a feather on the beach is not particularly noteworthy, as my eldest shared, what was noteworthy was what was underneath the feather.

A flower.

The two intersected and were calming waiting for us to discover them. 

On the beach.

When is the last time you discovered a flower on the beach? 

It has since dried up and no longer beautiful to most eyes, but to mine? 

It's breathtaking.

The Meaning of the Flower and the Feather

Of course I shared with my family. 

It was my brother in law's way of saying:


I was there yesterday watching.

I send ALL of you such LOVE.

Together we will soar and make changes one feather at a time.


There was a bit more he shared with me, but that is personal. Suffice it to say, I know more than ever he IS on my spiritual board of directors as my legal counsel.

How does this sign connect to you?

This sign given to us, does pertain to you directly and in the abstract.

Think about it.

A perfectly innocuous feather and flower were lying on the beach. Who knows, others could have passed right by them and not given them a second thought or glance. 

Including you. 

How often have you been harried in your day that a sign was missed? This is not a judgment, but a call to permit yourself to BE more conscious each and every day. 

Each day.

Every day.

All day long. 

Will you catch all the signs given? Most likely not; we are human after all; perfectly imperfect.

However, if you set the intention to receive more signs, you will do just that; get and receive more of them. 

Who knows from whom and what they will mean.

But magic happens in the moment of BEing.

It's in those moments of BEing you remember.

You remember what it is like to BE happy.

You remember your worth.

You remember your dreams.

You remember YOU. 

All this and more courtesy of a feather and a flower.


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