Super Worm Moon and Her Magical Prowess

Archangel Auriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

On March 9, 2020 we have our first SuperMoon of the year with the second following next month on April 7. Buckle those seatbelts!

What is a SuperMoon?

The moon does not has a true circular orbit. Rather its orbit is more oval, oblong in its pattern.

When a moon is the farthest away from Gaia, it is called apogee. When it is the closest to Gaia, it is called perigee. A perigee location always has impacts on us mere mortals, but more so when Luna is full, which she will be 100% on March 9 while BEing 100% in perigee. When Luna is perigee and full, she is 'Super' as she appears and is actually closer to Gaia than any other time of her orbit.

Ditto for April, but more on that event as we get closer. 

Why is Luna called the Worm Moon in March?

Luna is called the Worm Moon in March for that is typically the time when worms BEgin to emerge, birds flock back to your locale for part of their diet, worms, are now also available. Seeds Begin to germinate, sprout and spring is fast approaching. I personally also know this for a bounty of flower catalogues has descended upon our home; it's like Christmas for me. 

One starts getting excited to BE able to spend copious amounts of time outdoors and cabin fever can BEgin to BEcome a distant memory. 

Worm Moon and Mercury and its effects on You

Let us not forget that Mercury is still dancing in retrograde and will do so until March 10, the very next day. Please keep in mind that the affects of such an event can be felt three days prior and up to three days hence. Meaning we have the potential to feel this powerful moon's energy from March 6 through March 12.

I've been rather harpy on this particular Mercury. It's a primo time to go within for it is the first of 2020, The Year of Allowing, and of course, the decade. Think/HEART on something before you act. For each event that triggers you is actually something within that requires addressing thus healing and those that triggered it? Well, thank them for bringing it to your attention and move on to your healing so you may grow stronger and more comfortable with your gifts. 

Expect more of the same the BEginning of next week, with the exception of heightened sensitivities thanks to Luna. As you may well know, the full moon can create higher tides, crazier weather patterns and the lunatics come out in full force. In other words, everyone, repeat everyone gets a bit more sensitive and my darling you are not immuned. 

No matter how savy you are. 

What Can YOU Do to Navigate Worm Moon and Mercury?

One word. Journal.

Pull out that blessed journal, or start one, and journal like your life depends on it. Why? It kinda does. Journal about your dreams. Journal about your woes - not to complain but to address. Journal about YOU. 

Allow yourself to dig DEEP. Allow yourself to dream. Where would you rather live if where you currently live is not to your liking. How would you live? How does your typical day enfold? It's not overtly easy work, but it's sooo worthwhile. You get to remember, you get to get teary-eyed, you get to smile. 

It's why I do what I do; inspiring, teaching and empowering others. It makes me smile. I light up when another lights up. I get giddy when another succeeds in BEing true to themselves. If I didn't do this, meh. Don't have a meh life. You deserve better, MUCH better. 

Allow Auriel and Luna and a bit of Mercury to assist you. Obviously I'm here to assist, if needed. 

Archangel Auriel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Focus on Auriel's Mandala above, light her candle, spritz her sacred oils and allow the ego to relax its reins over you. Allow Auriel to gently guide you back to your balance, your center, to YOU. 


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  • Teri

    So many things explained within this blog. Thank you so much for helping me BE prepared for the upcoming “stuff”. There has been caca trying to invade my space and thus far I have been able to keep it out of my house…not work…too many open portals for that BUT…I am protecting myself and my loved ones.

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