The Art of Allowing

Archangel Haniel Mandala, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

Ya know, everybody wants something. You know you do, who doesn't? It's a natural human phenomena to desire more, better etc etc blah blah blah

It's human nature and as all who are reading this are human in the moment, just 'fess up... 

Now that I have your attention...

Justifiably so you desire better. Better quality of air, better water, nicer something or other. 

However, when is the last time you were proactive on those desires? It's one thing to fuss over it, complain about it, another dynamic completely to BE proactive upon it

BE honest with yourself, for if you can't be honest with YOU, how can you expect the rest of the Universe to play along?

Here are some examples:

  • One of my clients is very proactive on her dream job. She takes countless temporary jobs in her industry in hopes it lands her THE job. She never gives up and told me so this very day. 
  • Another client started out as a high school teacher. Still is actually. But the 'Woo' called her and she dove in. Dove in deep. She is now well versed and trained in over two healing modalities and just BEcame authorized under my trainings. She is taking her teaching to an entirely new level. 
  • Another started out as a custom drapery guru. Still is in that field for it helps to pay the bills handsomely, BUT she is very active in following her dreams of literally moving elsewhere while she builds her international healing business.

The list goes on, but can you say you are doing the same? Following your dreams in a proactive manner and at times at the expense of not sleeping well, etc.?

Balance IS the key

As I just mentioned, sleepless nights or under sleeping because you are so proactive is not advisable either. Why? When is the last time you did something sleep deprived? Think on that for a moment. Was it done easily? Was it accomplished and released with joy?

Most likely not. 

In fact, if you are like me, face rubbing ensued, the voice pitch rose higher (stress) and it was just plain awful. 

That is why BALANCE is a key in the Art of Allowing. When you are forcing something, anything, it is well FORCED. How can anything float towards you if you are sending off control freak vibes?

Obviously you can't.

Check your schedule. Are you sleeping well? Going to sleep and rising roughly the same time daily? Are you eating properly? Are you exercising not only your body, but mind and soul as well? 

When all are more in balance, one doesn't lead the others around. The true leaders lead via example. What kind of example are you setting if you are multi-tasking all over the place?

Trust me, nothing gets done well if one is multi-tasking; maybe the exception is ironing while watching TV... 

The Art of Asking

No I have not forgotten the theme of this week's blog post, but it was deemed to take you on a bit of journey to allow you to reflect and ponder about your life before proceeding.

One must allow events to happen that they desire, do they not? Of course so. So if one is multi-tasking, or one is not BEing proactive, what kind of sign does that send to The Angelics and The Universe at large?

Not one that is easily understandable, wouldn't you agree? Or if a sign is sent, it says it is really not that important to you after all.

Certainly it is in the mindset of Thy Will BE Done. Are you enhancing your gifts and allowing those gifts to BE nurtured, enhanced so they may blossom? Are you following your true dreams or ones that have been placed upon you so you can be profitable, safe and accepted by society? BE clear on what you are asking for Dear One, BE very clear it is your desire and not one of another's. 

What are you asking for? What keeps you awake sometimes at night in the excitement of it possibly unfolding? Do you find yourself doing something grudgingly because you would rather be doing something else? Of course the something else is the very thing that sets your heart on fire. 

THAT is your brilliance. THAT is the dream worth playing with, nurturing and BEing proactive. THAT is a true extension of you. If you aren't sure, we need to chat. You may also ask others in your inner circle how they view you and your gifts. Remember, it doesn't have to be woo-woo, you may be excellent in dog training. You may shine in the garden. You may glow in the company of small children. What juices you up?  

Only when you are clear on your brilliance, may you ask with greater clarity what it is that you desire. Feel free to add specifics, but do not get caught up in the specifics for as a human, we constantly limit what we can achieve. 

Now to the Allowing Portion

The Art of Allowing, as you have hopefully gleaned by now, isn't just asking, sitting back and allowing

It is multi steps. It does require assistance on your part. In comparison, those were and are the easy steps, for you are intimately involved in various aspects. 

NOW is the time to keep BEing proactive, but let go of the desired outcome. 

As I mentioned last week, things are changing rapidly in my personal and professional world. My dreams? Shifting as we speak, but many are steadfast; empowering and inspiring millions. How that will happen? Changed. What I'll do to bring in more balance? Changed. I am so stepping out of the way and allowing

I am BEing guided daily on my To Do Lists. Some days I'm all in. Then there are days, like this morning, I was told I need a bit more grounding, so a walk was in order, then a pedicure and then finally home for some homemade vegan butternut squash soup... Each act fulfilled a part of me so I no longer have that antsy feeling and am able to work with greater clarity and presence while here. 


How are you following the guidance of your personal Gang on a day to day basis? 

What Angel is at Play?

Without a doubt, Haniel. He is The Manifestor, but he keeps showing me one of his cards in the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck - Breathe. Remember, as you begin to push forward and realize your dreams, it is often akin to labor; two steps forward, one back. That's OK for it allows you time to marinade, catch your breath, redefine anything that may need redefining from you.

As a refresher, his symbol is reminiscent to the sacred geometry symbol, the vesica piscis:

Vesics Piscis             

When you look at his mandala, you will see within his symbol the union of Heaven on Earth: 

Archangel Haniel Mandala - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


This symbol offers great knowledge and within that knowledge is greater power. It offers the reminder that you are the cog in the universal wheel of your life; YOU. Nobody else can dictate and ultimately control you. You have thoughts, words and of course action/inaction. This pulls back to the beginning of this post; how are you contributing to your dreams manifesting? 

Relax into her/his mandala. Breathe. Relax. Allow Haniel to speak to you and remind you of what you are destined to BE here on Gaia in this life. Allow the information to filter through. Place your hands over your heart and continue breathing. The slower your breath, the deeper you will allow your psyche to dip. Go as deep as possible to unveil the answers you seek. 

Until next week, I wish you greatness, peace and the blossoming of your dreams coming true. 

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  • Joanne Lovett

    Yes too much devotion to goals of being the best nurse possible. Now guided by my body (sickly) and team light to rest.

    I find the most difficult thing is when in a group and I try my best but others fall short yet the overall outcome affects me.

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