The Art of Space Clearing

Zadkiel Candle, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

As requested, I'm am sharing my sacred ritual of clearing our home... there will be some things I do not share as it is a higher ritual resonance and honestly not everyone is qualified to perform them. Those that would be persistent in performing could actually end up harming themselves, others and create more havoc. I do have your best interests at heart and energy protection is always the key.

Step One in The Art of Sacred Space Clearing

What is your intention?

  • Overall perk up? - You're good to go proceed
  • Clearing out lower energies - in this case, think stagnant energies to allow all those who reside and visit your space to BE? - You're good to go
  • Know you have earthbound (ghosts) or more? Unless qualified, please don't attempt to do a major clearing. This really isn't for the inexperienced and could ultimately make the energies more volatile. Please reach out to me for either a recommendation or schedule a session.

Part Two of Intention:

You've decided to clear your sacred space, but what is the end result that you wish to experience after the cleansing? 

This is important as well. Do you wish:

  • Clarity
  • Harmony
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Joy
  • ????

Why is this important in Sacred Space Clearing? Why wouldn't it be? If you are just clearing for the sake of clearing, that's all fine and dandy, but you could  get much better results by simple thinking it through as to your whys.

Why do you wish to clear? Friends and family are doing it and it looks cool? Okaaay. Think of a better reason. YOUR reason. That's the only one that really matters.

Step Two in the Art of Sacred Space Clearing

You have two candles:

  • Zadkiel - Angel of Sacred Space and Transmutation. This is one I use instead of sage. As you may remember, I never use sage to clear our home. Never. We lived in a gorgeous place years ago, not terribly old and every time I cleared, using sage, it got worse. True story. 
  • Angel of your choice 

If you desire better health, you would light up Raphael, Angel of Healing

If you desire harmony, you would light up Shamael, Angel of Harmony

If you desire more joy, you would light of Jophiel, Angel of Joy-filled Power

If you desire protection, you would light up Michael, Angel of Protection

And so on. 

I freely admit I can be rather lazy and IF I can do two things at the same time and do them well, I'm all for it. This is one of those rare scenarios where I can and so can you. To recap; two candles - Zadkiel to perform the clearing and the angel of your choice.

Step Three in the Art of Sacred Space Clearing

Call on three angels; Archangel Michael, Zadkiel and your angel of choice.

You call on Michael, as in all sacred ceremonies, to build up a protective barrier around you and all who may be involved in the Sacred Clearing Ritual. You thank he and his legions for BEing present not only in your home, but the yard and beyond. 

You call on Zadkiel and thank him and his legions to transmute any and all lower energies as you walk through your home. 

You call on your angel of choice thanking them and their legions to place themselves in your home with their directive energies; healing, joy, harmony, self love, etc. 

Step Four in the Art of Sacred Space Clearing

Light your Zadkiel Candle and Intention Candle. 

Start in your uppermost level. Preferably the attic. If your attic is only accessible via an access panel, you obviously don't need to go up there, but you can certainly lift the panel to clear the area.

Feel free to use your own words. Words such as:

Thank YOU for clearing this space of any and all lower energies.

Thank you for reminding that only Love may reside here.

Thank you.


As always, gratitude is so often the key to implement permanent changes and manifestations.

  • Place your lit Intention Candle as close as you can in the center of the room you are working in. As you clear the energies with Zadkiel, the intention angel is immediately filling with pristine, focused and conscious energies.
  • Hold the lit Zadkiel Candle. You may use a feather, your hand, etc. to help direct the energies upward to the ceiling, lower to baseboards, etc. 
  • You are 'unwinding' energies. Therefore, work in a counter-clockwise motion. 
  • Start in the far left corner of the floor you are on whether it be the attic, second, first, basement.
  • In each room, start in the far left corner upon entering the room.
  • Work in a counter clockwise motion.
  • Linger where you allow yourself to linger (there is NO award for completing this task in record time).
  • Remember to open closet doors, drawers, cabinetry. These are great areas for lower energies to linger as they are often overlooked. 
  • Proceed to the next room, in a counter clockwise direction. 
  • Repeat.
  • Proceed to the next floor down and repeat.

This process, once set up, could last upwards of 60 minutes or longer depending on the size of your home and how dense the energies currently residing there are. Allow for ample time to enjoy the process and revel in the end result. 


Zadkiel Candle, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

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    Thank you for this detailed ritual. It’s very helpful.

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