The Balance of Mind, Body & Soul

As we shift into the NEW, we've been pummeled, chewed on and have been spit out for almost an entire year that seems like decades. 


Take a breather, grab a cuppa and let's plot for the coming year. The coming year that is BEing proclamated at The Year of Grace. 


First, let us imagine what you would like to have experienced, gained, etc. in one year. Yes, you are asking to jump ahead for this helps you to stay focused for the coming year, if things go awry as life chugs along. 

I've found myself prescribing to students as well as clients this exact exercise in recent times. It is that important, so please play along and heed their advice. BE sure to address:

  • The Mind
  • The Body
  • The Soul

It's one thing to go back to school in any fashion to expand the mind, but don't leave the body and soul lingering behind! It's just as unbalanced to meditate more and ignore the sacred vessel that allows you to experience life. It's just as unbalanced to exercise and eat properly, but do nothing to nature the mind and soul. Balance is the key.

The process is quite simple really. 

  1. Set aside YOU time. Make it a decent chunk of time; not a quick 15 minutes. The Gang (angels) strongly suggest a minimum of one hour.
  2. Grab a cuppa of your favorite beverage. After all, one does get thirsty in Imagination Land!
  3. Journal and Pen - no pencil. We are not crossing things out if the ego steps in to say 'how stupid' or 'overachieving' or 'greedy' anything may BE. 
  4. Music. Allow your soul to wander, to remember and to speak to you through your mighty pen. 
  5. You may use three pages; one for Body, one for Soul, and one for Mind. Why three pages? It may help keep you organized and balanced. 

For balance is the theme here. Remember all work and no play makes for exhaustion and dull people. Playtime fuels the soul and can expand the mind. 

Write as if you life depended on it. Write with ease. Write with LOVE towards self and others. Write with a concept of service BEing allowed to speak and speak freely. 

You know you are on the correct path if you have impromptu gratitude and truth tears. You know you are on the right path if you start smiling like the Chesire Cat. You know you are on the right path if you are involuntarily heavy sighing as you soul recognizes and see the truth as it is BEing written. 

Therefore, take your time with this list. Allow the soul to wander. Allow. For once again, the theme of Allow comes forward for it is imperative for you to allow what is desired to show itself and for you to allow, give permission, for you to go after it and receive.

Next Step After Imagination Exercise is Done?

After you have completed the Imagination Exercise, sit with it. Does it indeed feel balanced? Does it feel empowering and have you expanding your protective shell as you allow more of your brilliance to BE shared? Sharing more of you IS BEing vulnerable. Remember what I do; channel 'invisible energies' if that's not 'crazy talk' what is?  

Remember, sharing whom you are is not shoving it down another's throat metaphorically, but BEing and exuding it via LOVE. If you are not sure where you may fall, use this imagery. Does it feel a bit like a used car salesperson (apologies if you are a brilliant used car salesperson for I know this genre has a bad rap at times)  or are simply sharing and helping another? Don't be like me early on that knew she could help hundreds, thousands, millions and would be quick to tell you. This of course had many scampering in the opposite direction for it was too confrontational. I retreated and it took longer for me to re-emerge.

Now? I'm sought after. I'm trusted. Why? I share. I prompt when asked. Push clients and student's buttons as they are begging to BE pushed so they may grow. They all know I'm there for them, not my ego trip. I push so they may shine their light, drop the good girl persona and expectations and live life to the fullest. Shameless plug, if this is you, please reach and let's chat in a private session. 

As you gaze upon your Imagination List. What feels doable? What feels doable, but other things need to line up first? What feels more far-fetched? The instantly doable (like not eating a food group) can BE implemented now. The second scenario, akin to running a marathon, requires preparation; diet and exercise shifts. BEcoming  an author requires writing, massive amounts of editing, locating a publisher for self or traditional publishing, and publicizing your amazing book(s) once in print. Far fetched? Perhaps, but still very doable, but perhaps requiring longer and more detailed steps. 

Enter in Month by Month guidelines.

What could you do in January and every month to assist you in reaching your goals? Put those in ink as well; month by month. If you do desire to run a marathon, start with walking. Increase your pace until you notice you are running. Then begin to increase your mileage. Interval training; walk/run, run/walk. See? ALL doable, just takes a bit more commitment to YOU.

Enter Chamuel, Angel of Self Love

As just hinted, how committed to YOU are you? How much can you LOVE on yourself to allow you to make this kind of progress each and every day? How much will you allow yourself to excel, evolve and thrive?

How much?

If you feel the love lacking from within. Time to chat with Chamuel. It's easy, for I've witnessed countless times, for another to flippantly say they LOVE themselves and yet self sabotage reeks from their inactions to move forward as well as diversionary tactic actions. We all do this at various points. YOU are no different. Therefore, BE honest with yourself.

Chat with Chamuel and she will softly, gently and loving point out alterations you can implement in your daily life. 

Promise, but you must listen.


Chamuel Mandala, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria


The Year of Grace

As you now know, 2021 has been dubbed by them as The Year of Grace. This is also supported by The Magdalene. She is playing a larger role in my world and will soon be in yours as well. Who better to remind all how to walk courageously forward along our chosen path with great grace than her? 

For Grace is indeed a state of BEing. 

Allow Grace, above all else, to filter through as you play, imagine and of course LIVE. There is much in store for us all in the coming weeks, months and year ahead. 

The Magdalene will continue to join in and infuse each project going forward with her energy to BE passed onto you. 




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