The Best Act of Self Love

The Best Act of Self Love
Dearest ~
As we continue our journey of Self Love for the month, let’s talk a bit about pampering.
Pampering is taking time out of your day and soaking in a lovely tub filled with bubbles for aroma, salt for detox, a smattering of shea butter for moisturizing, and a candle or two.
Well, that’s my ultimate way to pamper myself, and I will BE doing just that after this post is written.
What is your way of pampering yourself?
When was the last time you took the time out for yourself?
Here’s the thing, Dearest, if you don’t take the time out for yourself, not many will suggest you do. You then will become drained, cranky, and overall not a very happy person.
Here’s a reminder:
You are an empath or, at the very least, a highly sensitive person. You tend to absorb the energies around you. You sense when a friend is in need without them saying a word. You don’t know how you know these things, but you do.
As a highly sensitive person, you need regular recharging. That recharging comes in the form of pampering.
As lovely as manicures and pedicures may be, in our modern society, they have become more of a maintenance activity vs. an act in which you relax. If you are a regular in the mani/pedi world, look around you. How many are watching their phone vs. checking out just to BE? Not many.
With the right therapist, massages can work wonders. You can’t look at your phone. Here’s the challenge, especially if you are a Chatty Cathy like me. Permit yourself to shut up and receive the service. You are paying handsomely for this service. Not one thing in that contract says you must entertain them while they massage your body.
Not one.
Seriously, there’s nothing anywhere that says you must chat. So, hush-hush, little one, allow the energies to flow and let someone else take care of you.
Let’s flow into more empowering acts of Self Love.
Saying No.
It can be challenging to say no, especially to a loved one. Or to one that you hold in high esteem. It’s sadly true that I’ve spent a lot of money on those I trusted to help me to the next level, but did I trust them, or was I feeling obligated because they seemed to have the answer? Or was I giving my power ultimately away, so I didn't have to do the work?
Perhaps a bit of all three, but hoping you can relate.
Expensive lessons they were. You may have just jumped to me and thought of when I suggested you take this course or consider having a session or mentoring package with me. Rest assured, I don’t do this with everyone, and if The Gang, the angels, prompt me, I have learned to pass along those messages and empower you to make your own decision. I won’t harangue you, ever.
Saying No is empowering. It’s liberating. It frees your time, which frees you in the process. It releases you, so your energy flows with greater ease, allowing your soul to speak louder. This, of course, is provided you haven’t filled up the time with a mindless task.
Saying NO often means you have thought it through.
HOWEVER, don’t rush that ‘no.' There are times when saying no is a knee-jerk reaction. Sometimes the very thing you are saying no to could be the exact thing from which you would benefit.
Take a breath.
Think about it.
The world will keep going.
If you miss the sale, the window, etc., it wasn’t meant to BE. If it were, you would have taken advantage of it, with ample prodding by your guides and The Gang.
However, once you think/heart upon it, you can feel your soul becoming a bit giddy, and you can see the possibilities emerging once you say YES.
Saying YES to yourself is pretty expansive.
Saying YES to yourself is liberating in a completely different way.
When you say YES to something, a new class, mentor, job, car, or relationship, your soul lights up when it is in alignment.
You can feel the shift of possibilities streaming in. You think your soul grows in unexpected ways.
It’s a beautiful thing.
Saying YES also means you never give up. You never give up on that dream of the medical device that can save lives. You never give up on that dream to write that book. You never give up on that dream to BE true to you.
You may try on a different hat, so to speak, throughout your journey, and that’s the fun part. You try it and realize it isn’t meant for you after all, so you can now cross it off your list.
But perhaps that hat was jazzy and fun, and you learned a thing or two. Therefore, it wasn’t wasted time but time spent loving yourself in the land of exploration.
You deserve to say NO.
You deserve to say YES.
You deserve to BE pampered physically.
All the topics we covered today can fall into the box of pampering.
Why? You are taking care of yourself.
How will you pamper yourself today and this week? I’d love to cheer you on!
Sending you waves of Love,
Hoping this inspired you to take action and say YES to you! Share what you are going to do next! Out of ideas? Oh, I've so many, and I bet a few could assist YOU. Reach out and I'll BE happy to share. No strings attached.

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