The Day I Met A Cyclops

The Day I Met A Cyclops - Angel Chatter

It's true, I've now added to my arsenal a cyclops.

It was a VIP client weekend and as typical, magic happened for her and in her words, 'It was EPIC'. 

For example,

  • A long lost relative showed himself and offered in-depth details (the state he was raised and where life took him); she was able to confirm these two  details.
  • We saw unicorns grazing in the meadow.
  • A few dragons followed us along a magical woodland trail for protection and I spied a few dragonets cavorting amongst the trees.
  • We entered a time warp that allowed us to s-t-r-e-t-c-h time to experience all of the above and a vortex and a portal.

As if that wasn't enough a cyclops entered the equation.

Yes, a cyclops!

Enter Stage Left - A Cyclops

While you may know of Cyclops from your cartoon watching days; a cartoonish one-eyed character carrying a club that was ready to bash in the head of another, all the while looking rather unkempt and unwashed.

Not much could be further from the truth.

In fact, the only truth in the first part was the one eye. 

They are NOT monsters.

They are, based on my experience, a bit of research, and information offered by some loving Chatterers who are well versed in mythology, a rather divine being ready to serve for those who seek the truth. 

I was allowed to ride their shoulder and see far beyond not only in this dimension, but through the veil. 

Clyde, as he will be further known, is gentle and extremely patient. 

However, much to my chagrin he does not dance with humor much. That may soften in time as they, like many magical beings have been given a bad wrap over the centuries and as a result are quite cautious and literal with words. 

His voice is rather rusty because it has not been used for many a year. Who would bother listening to a cyclops of all things!

I do, am, and will for the foreseeable future. 


The above image is similar to how Cylde showed himself. 

  • Elegant
  • Peaceful
  • Contemplative
  • Very approachable

Go ahead and research cyclops images. Over 90% are very unflattering to say the least. This is just another example of how something Divine was downplayed, belittled through stories all in the thought to diminish not only them, but others who followed the light. Think of The Magdalene; lies ran amuck for centuries and we are just beginning to understand her true power. 

Clyde, and others like him, are no different.

How Does My Encounter Affect You?

Think of all the times you perhaps were sold a bad bill of goods about another. 

It is happening now in modern society and has been happening since ego entered the equation. 

It's called jealousy, ignorance (as in not knowing), competition, etc. 

Clyde, and others like him, now challenge you.

Get to know your fellow human a bit better before making judgment. Rise above to see the truth; not what social media, 'news' tells you to believe. BEcome broad minded and permit yourself to break down those old paradigms and feel the release within you as the egoic pain leaves the physical body. 

It's an adventure worth experiencing. If you don't, they promise you will continue to stay more alive in the 3d dimension. The dimension filled with fear, judgment, hatred, jealousy, etc. In other words, very ego centric. 

You are hereby challenged to listen and read more openly. 

Sit with their request. Sit with it deep within your heart and permit yourself to BE open to the possibilities.

Whether you understand it or not, you are now being offered a gift to look beyond the known and enter the unknown with magical eyes and love in your heart. 

I look forward to reading about your experiences. 



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