The Divine Feminine is Rising, what does that mean for the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Feminine is Rising, what does that mean for the Divine Masculine? - Angel Chatter

As the Divine Feminine energies continue to rise, some are beginning to wonder if the Divine Masculine is being obliterated.

This blog is coming from a very interesting dialogue we had going in our sacred space on Facebook. If you care to join us, click away! It started with a rather simple enough question which was if there are angels and archangels and they are obviously doing 'light work' why is there still evil, lower energies and demons? 

The answer may be simple, but can go deep. The answer? Balance. As above, so below, light/dark, on/off, up/down, feminine/masculine and well you get the idea. As soon as I mentioned the feminine/masculine relationship, the dialogue turned on a dime and took off.

The Divine Feminine IS Rising...what does that mean?

The Divine Feminine, for the most part, has been ignored. She has been so neglected she has become tarnished. However, NOW she rises and honestly I don't believe that goddess will ever be put completely back in the bottle again.

When did the Divine Feminine start to rise? Who knows if there was a specific event or time. One can say it was when women got the vote. Some could say that it was when women started working outside the home in earnest (at a lower pay of course). Some could say it started when... 

Does it really matter when it started? The fact is SHE is rising and rising gloriously to partner with the Divine Masculine. This is not a scenario where one is better than the other. Never has been, never will BE. I'm sure may beg to differ, but at the core it is about BALANCE.

BALANCE? Yep. Balance. This is how this blog post started to remind one of the nuances of balance. Things that exist in your day to day life; on/off, up/down, yin/yang, hot/cold, good/bad, etc. This balance is necessary for the very existence of life. One appreciates the warmth of a fire on a cold day; just as one appreciates a cold drink on a hot day. 

Haven't you ever been on a see saw, either as child or in recent times? If one is bigger than the other, there is imbalance. If there is only one, the other sits idly and wonders when the fun will begin. Balance. 

Balance and its Nuances

When one is more in balance, they are in the essence of BEing. For while they are in balance, they live from their center, the heart. So often yang energy is associated with fire, ego, aggression, receiving and more. The yin is associated with gentleness, intuitive, giving and more. If ALL are receiving (yang) who is doing the giving? If ALL are giving (yin) who is receiving?


This goes to the good vs. evil thoughts. While some pine for life filled with lollipops and unicorns, many would fail to offer gratitude for such a life because one often becomes complacent. Complacency is a funny critter. It lulls one into excepting that things are they way they should be no matter the situation. So many stay in a 'bad' relationship, job etc for 'The Devil you know is better than the devil you don't.' Fear of change. Fear of BEing courageous. Fear of BEing yourself, quirks and all. If one is complacent for too long, lethargy enters and one literally becomes exhausted. 

Why do they become exhausted? Believe it or not, it takes work to be miserable aka complacent! It takes work to be anything but yourself! Were you born miserable? Of course not. Were you born angry? Of course not!

Life, of course, happens. There can be unsavory moments, events that can leave one whirling or wallowing. I'll not dispute that. However, if one wallows for too long, it can begin to feel better to stay there vs. BEing once more. 

This is where the Divine Feminine comes in. Through the powerful yin energy this essence exudes, one CAN begin to honor who they are, their gifts and how to BE once again. Will this happen overnight? Of course not; one didn't hit the bottom of the well overnight now did they?

It is the Balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. With the union of both one values each aspect as presented for what it may be.

Sooo... how does this fair for the Divine Masculine if all this stuff is about I AM Woman hear me roar?

As stated above, it's exhausting to do it all a certain way or by one's self. It is about balance; a partnership in this case so both may lead and both may take moments to rejuvenate. 

To bring in balance, things often, I hesitate to say must, implode. In order for calm to enter, chaos jumps in to break it up. During this upheaval, the phoenix rises from the ashes, joined.

It is the union, the sacred geometry symbol, the Vesica Piscis:

 It is this union of all. Look closely at this image. The circles are intertwined. They are not separate. One is not larger than the other. One is not bolder than the other. 

They are balanced. 

Each one supports the other, while maintaining their independence, their quirks, their power, their essence. It is not about one over-powering another (that's been done for centuries and the times are changing). It's time to drop the mantles that have been put upon ALL; male must provide for family, female must tend hearth, male must be aggressive, female must be submissive. 


It's time for balance. 

What Angel do I call upon for this Balance to enter?

Initially I would have suggested Haniel, The Angel of Manifestation for his sigil is reminiscent of the vesica picis and it is the union of Heave and Earth:

However, after chatting with The Angelics, The Gang, Sandalphon and Metatron stepped forward. The Dynamic Duo as I call them. For together they represent balance. As Sandalphon is connected to the Earthstar Chakra and his twin to the Soulstar Chakra, they meld in your center - the heart. 

As above, so below joining forces through Love. 

Who am I to argue with that logic? 


  Archangel Metatron's Mandala                       Archangel Sandalphon's Mandala

I am asked often, what candle I'm burning and why. Today ought to come as no surprise, Mary Magdalene. Why? Simply because for me, she represents a true phoenix rising from the ashes and emerging as the Divine Feminine. Want your own? Click away

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