The Energy

The Energy
Many of my clients, students, and I will admit myself, are feeling the massive energy shifts of late. 
Do any of these feelings ring a bell for you?
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • More emotional than your norm
  • Unsure of the future
  • Fear seems to be normal, laced with a heavy dose of anxiety
  • Feelings of being manipulated by others
You are not alone if you feel any of this, or more. 
You may not even be aware of these sensations on the spiritual or emotional levels because the physical sensation is so strong. For example, my right shoulder is now temperamental. While it is not frozen, it isn't enjoyable. This annoyance is directly connected to the pressure I put on myself to help my family and others. I acknowledge that this is unrealistic and that I do not need to help each person. And yet, here we are, working with and loving on an annoyed shoulder. 
What's an angel goddess to do?
Take better care of herself. I've rediscovered our fascia system and do daily exercises to release the toxins woven in the fascia, which helps with mobility. It also brings up the mental, emotional, and spiritual outdated mindsets I've carried for years. Outdated ones like believing I have to take care of everyone. If you are new to the world of fascia, I strongly suggest you explore a bit. In a nutshell, your fascia system is a beautiful and intricate system connecting every body organ to another. Think of it as an internal web that links your big toe to your neck. It also holds the beliefs woven and embedded deep within you.  
I share this story in hopes you can glean how your physical ailments can be connected to outdated mindsets and perhaps trauma from your past that has never been deeply addressed. 
Another example is autoimmune diseases. Through client work, I've noticed a distinct pattern that thus far points to a deep-seated trauma that has never been completely addressed. Yes, it may have been acknowledged and, on the surface, healed, but this trauma goes deeper and has festered over time. Often when a flareup occurs is one of the few times a client stops tending to others and is forced to take care of themselves. Through deep acts of healing, forgiveness, and owning one's brilliance, it can loosen its grip, and a healthy mind, body, and soul can be the result. This is how important honoring self through Acts of Self Love is. Thank you, Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, for this gentle and powerful reminder. 
There are so many mind-body connections that once uncovered, the magic is allowed to happen. You can see how one event or thought can spur other actions and thoughts. The dots seem to glow so that they may be connected.
The energy now is prime for you to take an opportunity to heal the past so you may move forward with greater Grace and ease. To take the time for you to look deeper with compassion. To recognize and own that you are also perfectly imperfect, as is the rest of the human race. 
Remember, this is The Year of Healing, as dubbed by The Gang, and boy, they couldn't have labeled the energy of 2023 any better if they tried! The healing is happening deep, on the surface, and all points in between. It's up to you to ask for, permit, and receive the process. 
As we are now in the year's second half, take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself these questions:
  • How are you collaborating with others? If you have a medical team, are they working together on your behalf? 
  • Are you taking time out for yourself daily? Sit under a tree, and BE is one of the simplest daily rituals you can do. While you relish the energy of Gaia and the tree, give thanks and allow them to help detox your mind, body, and soul.
  • Notice your physical shadow. Deep shadow work opportunities are presenting themselves now, and you may expect more upheaval in your personal space and worldwide. This is a wondrous event and time, although it may not feel like it now. 
The result is likely beyond what you may envision as long as you do not fight the process. In other words, do not limit yourself and how you wish to live. The more you fight, ignore, blame, etc., the more difficult and heart-wrenching it may become, and life becomes more limiting.
Think of this moment as growing pains. Do you remember those? Your legs were aching because your bones were growing at a rapid pace. While they may have been uncomfortable as you developed as a child, the results were worth it! You were so proud to BE growing taller! This energy can be similar. It's a bit painful, but IF you allow the process and take care of yourself, it flows with greater ease, and the result will have you smiling in no time. However, expect a lot of discomforts if you push back, and the result of your desires may not be permitted to unfold and manifest in your world.
We are now headed into a new kind of energy. An energy offering peace and harmony. No, this is not me going all crunchy granola on you, but speaking the truth. We are headed into an era free of conspiracy theories, no matter how entertaining they may be. An era of collaboration, not dog-eat-dog. An era filled with peace, Love, and honoring others as you honor yourself. The concept will be embraced that all are following their chosen soul's path, so it is not your job to judge another but to perhaps celebrate where they are as best you can.
Perhaps my dreams of world peace since a child is beginning to take hold. 
As the energies continue to build, you will get to live by your innate principles and divine right under Grace. But this only applies if you are willing to do some deeper work. Change can't happen just by sitting still. The world is changing around you; it is up to you to say YES and step into the flow.
I was guided to pull a card from the Empowered Heart deck
 the New Endings card fell out. This could not be more accurate. Endings are upon you. How you live, view life, respect others, respect yourself, and embrace the energy of Love not as a concept but as a reality. Endings need not be difficult. Often, the most subtle of changes lead to greater impacts. 
What comes after an ending? A freshness, a newness, New Beginnings. Beginnings can be intimidating; moving, new jobs and new romance can all contribute to tingling in your solar plexus chakra. Take a breath, look beyond that moment of change, and envision your life after this shift. Feel the ease, the joy, and the contentment. 
Breathe that in. Breathe in the joy. Breathe in the ease. Breathe in the contentment. It's all wrapped up in Love, and isn't that worth making a few changes in your world?
New Endings and New Beginnings can be achieved easier through Grace. Grace can be defined by letting go and knowing you do ot have to do this journey alone. You are permitted to ask for support, guidance, and more. If you remember my last dog, Gabi, you will remember her name was an acronym; Grace Always Begins Inside. Grace begins with you. It always has, and it always will. 
It is up to you to pick up the baton and BE who you are destined to BE. 
It is up to you to take the steps to change. Each step may not be rock steady, but as long as you are committed to this change that you seek, the path becomes clearer and, with time, smoother and wider. There is no need to hack your way through. Commit to you.
Let me hear you shout that out - I commit to me!
Once you commit to yourself, don't BE controlled by your perceived limitations.
  • You DO have the time to watch less TV, for example.
  • You don't know if it will work or not unless you attempt it
  • Not everyone in your family has had or has not had it
  • Another's reality is not necessarily the truth; it is their reality.
DO BE guided by your soul. 
  • What do you wish to do instead? 
  • How do you wish to BE?
  • How could it be experienced? Brainstorm general steps to help you get there
  • Ask for help! From a trusted friend, mentor, teacher, or family member
This is your time Dearest. You are being invited to step into Grace.
Take a breath, place your hands over your heart, and simply say YES.
Yes, to you.
I celebrate you and wish you nothing but wondrous and loving people, things, and events in your life. 

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