The Full Sturgeon Moon and How to Make It Work for You

The Full Sturgeon Moon and How to Make It Work for You
Even though the full moon was yesterday, August 1, 2023, we are still steeped in her luminescent energy. So there is ample time to work with this energy. The climax of her energy was on August 1, but it was still quite powerful until August 3. This is typical of most lunar events; three days prior lead up to the climax, and three days pass as the energy wanes. 
August's full moon is called the Sturgeon Moon because it is often the season's first harvest and when the sturgeon are plentiful. In pagan traditions, the Sturgeon Moon coincides with Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-nas-ah), the official harvest festival, thus beginning the storing of food for the long winter months ahead. 
Even in modern times, you can harness this energy to your benefit.
Now is the time to harvest your dreams! In layperson's terms, let's manifest!
You must clear some clutter before you can manifest and invite the new in. You are literally and energetically making space. This is why clutter clearing is so important in creating your desired life. It is the process of letting go of what is not serving you, mind, body, and soul. 
Let go of what you think you are supposed to be doing to BE successful, liked, Loved, and so on. 
Remember, conformity is so very overrated. Why is that? When you conform, you leave a bit of your beautiful essence behind, and if this practice continues, you may wake up one day wondering how you got here and on the miserable side of life. 
Once again, you are invited to BE the sparkle you are and do so unabashedly. Never apologize for expressing your true essence. 
In other words, BE you. 
Gather to you now your community. A community that supports you. A community that encourages you to spread your wings. A community that may even push some tender buttons as you grow. Hopefully, you are already in our sacred community on Facebook, Angel Chatter - , and are active. If not, please join us and participate. If you are already a member, re-introduce yourself and let others know of your dreams so you can BE cheered on!

However, can your community grow and you receive the support you deserve unless you share? You are safe in our community. We do not allow political talk of any kind. We encourage empowering messages, discussions of angels and other divine guides, and YOU BEing YOU. 
Come join us here
It's time to plant the seeds for your desired future. It's why we are focused on Manifesting 
this week. How can you more easily manifest, or as I like to share, experience your desired life and lifestyle? As humans, we LOVE to make things complicated! We even have sayings such as anything worth having you must work hard to get.
Balderdash. Allow ease into your life, and that includes the manifesting arena.
What could you do differently? Remember, there are none, if any, shoulds in your world. There are always ample opportunities for things you could be doing. After all, you have free will and can decide what you do and when you do it. 
I'm just a conduit to present a plethora of ideas and hopefully inspirations for you. 
It can be challenging to break your routines; I get that. But a new world can open up to you when your habits shift or break. You are given moments, spans of time to shift your awareness and grasp and hold onto what is your divine right. 
However, breaking a routine takes time. Scientific studies have shown that creating new habits takes a minimum of 18 days and upwards of 254 days. 
This is not shared to discourage you but to help you understand that this is a day-at-a-time scenario. Today you focus on, say, eating more healthily. You repeat that tomorrow. If you stick to the day at a time mantra and adhere to it, you are eating more healthily and craving those kinds of foods before you know it!
However, looking at the end of 254 days, it can feel daunting, for it's almost an entire year, and it could be very easy not to start or give up after a few days. Think of it more as a marathon, not a sprint. 
Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
The more deeply ingrained a routine or belief is, the longer it will take to shift your thoughts. It doesn't matter if you focus on money, Love, health, happiness, or how to get your next best job; it can take time.
I offered this example to a friend this morning if your nightly routine has just one cookie each night before bed and you desire to stop this. However, this ritual has been a part of your life for over thirty years. How long do you think it would take to break the habit and be comfortable with it?
Give yourself the luxury of time and the energy to go with the flow. 
Because when you shift your routine and embrace your essence, 
  • You will no longer need to ask if your perfect romantic partner will arrive
  • You will no longer need to ask another if a diet program is right for you.
  • You simply know the next best steps for you and step forward willingly. 
You know when another is speaking the truth because your soul lights up. 
This all falls under Uriel's Angel of Safety, a wing of expertise. Uriel oversees your root chakra, the place of safety and security. Remember, this is not in the form of protection, for that is Michael's area of expertise, but feeling safe to BE you and express your essence. You don't care what others think enough to change your beliefs because you are comfortable with yourself.
Your current mindsets are engrained within you. Perhaps you grew up with a particular saying that your elders uttered regularly. Maybe it was something you developed through your own life experiences. Some of these mindsets were created to protect you. Some simply became engrained and contributed to you now staying small and hidden.
This is why releasing outdated mindsets can be scary. At one point, they perhaps did protect you. Your ego has bought into the 'truth' that it is protecting you. Meanwhile, you have grown and evolved tremendously and likely no longer need that kind of protection. 
Here are some reminders:
  • You are Safe to BE you
  • You are Safe to Heal
  • You are Safe to Love
  • You are Safe to BE Loved 
  • You are Safe to Be recognized for your gifts
  • You are Safe
Take advantage of this moment, harness the beauty and Love of this full moon, and relax into nothingness. 
Relax into letting go. I promise you will be caught and lifted higher than you can imagine.
Relax into your power. 
Permit yourself to BE. Go lay in the hammock, dig your toes into the earth and just feel the Love the universe is offering you now. 
This month is going to BE powerful, but it can be easy. 
Just allow and BE you. 
If you need assistance in getting 'there,' reach out. You have many options before you. 
Until then, sending you great Love,
© Roman Overk |

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