The ick is having the last hurrah

We are in the tail end of 2017 and the Ick, aka Lower Energies, are attempting to have their last hurrah in keeping you in the middle of a funk, confused, drained basically dis-empowered.

They are doing their utmost to thwart you in your dreams. Feelings of unworthiness are rampant. Many have gotten the flu... of course it's a 'real' thing... but it drags you down lower, much lower. It can you pull into the true depths of your despair until you see no light of day.

Get the idea?

I won't continue down that imagery for you DO deserve better. You are prevailing. You are conquering your fears, one at a time. You are to bring out those figurative or literal champagne glasses and celebrate YOU.

One question... will you let the ick prevail or the light?

Remember, 2018 is the Year of Love. How can the ick win in such power?


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