The Magdalene’s Sigil

The Magdalene’s Sigil
We’re connected, The Magdalene and I, and hope you are beginning to understand a bit of the depth of our relationship. 
It’s powerful. 
I had the great blessing of visiting her basilica a few years back and purchased a reliquary of hers. (sidebar: a reliquary is a container for holy relics. The Magdalene's reliquaries were created from the fabrics that had encased her skull. The materials of red, white, and black had started to deteriorate over time.
As these fabrics were now blessed by her, one couldn’t throw them out, could they?
Shreds of the materials were made into necklaces and keychains for those who wished to purchase. Initially, I was obsessed with coming home with one of the reliquaries. After my breakdowns with her, my thinking had switched to maybe I don’t need it and let others get one
She had her way with me once more. 
I had walked past the gift shop several times and never noticed it. NEVER. I believe it was our last session together that the gift shop became illuminated and beckoned. 
I entered, and as expected, a small crowd surrounded the necklaces and keychains. 
I waited. 
One called. It has an artistic metal ruffling around the edges. ‘MM’ adorns the back. As I picked it up, my heart SANG! Tears began to flow softly this time, and I knew I had found my piece. 
The craziest thing? It was on sale! The only piece on sale! Seriously, who puts a reliquary on sale?!?
I wore it daily the rest of the trip and swear it frequently to this day. 
I desired to share this kind of energy with those who felt a kinship and alignment with her.
Knowing everyone could not travel to Baume, she entered. 
I doodled. While I channeled all those angel sigils years, this energy was different. It felt more personal. Enter the energy:
I have to get this right.
Ever felt that way about anything? 
The Magdalene scolded and chastised me for overthinking
Guilty as charged. 
Relax into the flow, she said. 
Automatic Writing entered. 
Everything has a beginning
And an End
Or does it?
Life is a circle, a cycle of happenings, learnings, adventures
That ultimately leads one to personal and soul growth
At the core of each of you is a diamond that sparkles, shines, and is 
Only you can allow your armor to be destroyed.
Only you.
As above, so below
The Divine Masculine and Feminine merge
To create another diamond
You are reminded of this cycle by the dot and line within this sigil
Both unite to remind all that there is genuinely no beginning or end of time. 
Time is but an illusion. 
The only energy that lasts and stands the test of time is
This is the first time she has shared a deeper meaning of her sigil. We hope you receive the energy and her message openly. 
Her sigil adorns her sacred aromatherapy and, of course, has been made into a necklace. You may not have a shrine, but you can have the next best thing. 
Stand in LOVE Dear Chatterer, Stand in LOVE,

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