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Have you ever wondered what messages there are for you in nature? You are presented with them all the time, it's just a matter of looking, receiving and sitting with the message that is there - just for you.

This Month's Nature Message

We had a private client earlier this month and as par for the course we took a walk, a very magical walk in the woods. 

As typical that weekend, like all other client weekends, I held space for our client while they were with us; the entire weekend; sessions, meals, sacred ceremonies and walks. Unfortunately so much so I personally often miss some signs as I am there for them.

Not this time! This message was meant for both of us and as you will read, it is quite profound. Hope you take the message deep within you as well.

On that day, we walked the main trail, headed into the woods and eventually landed by the river's edge where we reveled in the beauty there for close to one hour. We saw great blue heron, cormorants, and loons all while touched by gentle breezes and trees whispering. Satiated with peace, joy and centeredness, we started to venture home.

We rambled and chatted away as we trekked the .5 mile to the parking lot area. Juuust as we were approaching the exit, a flickering caught our attention.

Something was flickering over the rock to our right. As we approached, this is what we saw:


A fawn!

This isn't just any fawn, but a newborn! If you look closely, you will see the tail is still damp. Momma wasn't to BE seen, but knew she was close by cleaning herself and foraging for food. 

We stood in awe for over ten minutes and pretended she wasn't there as other humans walked right on by - yes they did not see this miracle.

Our gain, their misfortune.

The Message Fawn Brings

As we then ventured the rest of the way home, our mouths wouldn't stop wagging! (pun intended). The client was full of questions - what did it mean, will she be A-OK and so on. 

Rest assured I went back the next day after dropping our client at the airport. The fawn was no longer there; and there was no sign of any struggle. All was right with the world. 

Back to the message she brings. Our client that weekend is ready. She is ready to embark on a lifelong dream of running her own business based on a family recipe. She knows, as do many of you, that this is THE Breakthrough Year. Either you say YES unequivocally or stop talking about 'it'.

As I pondered the gift fawn gave us both, this is what came to mind:

  • She was safe. We are safe from all predators, copycats and those wishing us harm.
  • She was a newborn. We are newborns in the sense we are birthing a new way of BEginning that not only affects us as individuals, but those around us through the ripple affect and yes directly and yet she
  • Trusts. Look at her eyes. There is not a glimmer of concern within her. Curiosity absolutely, but no fear. She was snuggled amongst the rocks and trusted that momma was coming back and trust she was returning with food. We can trust. It is obviously up to us to do so and know all of our needs are BEing met. However as humans, we desire it yesterday. Don't pretend you don't, yesterday is perfect for having dreams manifest. Trust is an issue for most humans as various levels. If we didn't we would BE living life as desired; however many trust that it will 'never' happen. 
  • Gentleness. A dawn's energy is one of Love; also a totem representation of Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. What better way to end this walk than with a reminder to Love one's self more?!

Not too shabby from a newborn fawn who uttered not a sound. 

What Angel to Chat With and Why

Without a doubt, Archangel Thuriel comes to mind, The Angel of Animals. 

Thuriel oversees the entire animal kingdom, the real, the mythical, the reptilian, the aviary, the mammals and so on. There are many angels under Thuriel that specialize, but for now, Thuriel it is. 

Thuriel helps one to connect with nature's critters and helps us mere mortals see these miracles and the message they bring with them. It is in the moments of BEing we give witness to these miracles of nature. We can stand in awe of their beauty as well as the message that comes with them. If you have been with me for a bit, you see the blessings I'm shown on a regular basis; baby fox (there's that theme again), snakes, birds etc. when I share via Instagram.

By chatting with Thuriel more often, you will gleen messages not only from nature, but from any beloved furbabies in your life whether they be yours, family or friends.  His energy is sublimely gentle and always there. Just ask and as with any other angel, the answer is provided. You just need to BE in order to hear.

Archangel Thuriel Mandala - Angel Chatter

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