The Supermoon Equinox of March, 2019

The Supermoon Equinox of March, 2019 - Angel Chatter

Are we in for a treat on March 20, 2019!

Yes, we have yet another full moon.

Yes, we have yet another SuperMoon

BUT wait there's more - it all happens on the Spring Equinox!

March SuperMoon News

As many of you know, astrology makes my hair hurt, but it plays in mightily for this scenario. 

But let's back a bit. What is a SuperMoon? Is the moon really closer to Earth? What makes it 'super'? Of course there is much more to it than this, but that's the basic definition of a supermoon.

A Supermoon is indeed when the moon is closer to earth in its elliptical orbit. This, on full moon (as it also happens during a new moon) can make it appear quite large in our sky offering great accolades of oohhhhs and ahhhs.

The last lunar fact as it affects you, for now, is that this is the last supermoon of 2019. The next series of supermoons will not occur until fall of 2020. I've mentioned this before, we are indeed in a super charged time (pun soooo intended) and it will, and is, affecting all more than one may care to admit in not only our personal, but global lives.

As this supermoon coincides with the spring equinox; it is indeed time to plant your seeds, nurture them and watch them blossom. For what does spring eternally represent?

A rebirthing.

Buckle Your Seatbelts and Hold On!

I find it fascinating that this moon is in Libra; the scale - alllll about balance. For just today, the Channeled Angel Message was indeed Centered - what is centered, but balance? 

Emotions, old ways of being that require sloughing off are amping up and can cause outbursts that are slightly unsavory. 


Remember to stay as centered as possible. Stay in the essence of Love.

This is prime time to remember your Whys. If you are unsure of what this means for you, there are a multitude of ways to discover your Whys:

  • Have a Session with a trusted coach who can hold space for you as you dig deep (I know of someone spectacular ;) )
  • Pretend you are three years old. For it is around that time it appears that the only word the child knows at that time is WHY. Keep asking yourself:
  • Why do I desire that/this? BE honest. If your answer is from the heart, it is the absolutely correct one for you and that is all that matters.
  • Why do I wish to BE this/that? 
  • WHY do I....?

And So on. When one discovers their why, embraces their why and owns their why, all BEgins to fall into place much faster, easier and with greater LOVE as the motivator vs. obligation being the motivator. 

This is What this SuperMoon is offering

While this last supermoon of 2019 is packing a punch energetically, it is a gift above all gifts in so many ways.

We are able to recognize the 'stuff' that is holding us back, hindering and more so we may now release it and BE. While this shift may make one feel a tad wobbly, it is designed to do just that; especially if you are still on the fence of what's next? As we wobble, we remember our center.

This supermoon is a push. A push out of your comfort zone. A push to reclaim your essence. A push to remember what gets you excited and offers tidbits of how to get there.

This supermoon, in Libra, is about balance. Finding your center. it offers a big ol' opportunity to BE. Think about it. What better way to reach for the stars, grab a hold, and bring it into your reality when you are grounded? 

To further deepen that think about it - how can you manifest something, anything, if it is always a dream? How can you live your life of desires if you spend glorious amounts of time envisioning it, but not being proactive in creating it?

Hmmm? Things to think about, eh?

This is what this supermoon can offer you.

What to do in this Supermoon...

There are the 'classics' and some not so 'classic':

  • Clear and charge your crystals this can help set the stage for you and how they serve you for the remainder of the year.
  • If you haven't yet, NOW is the time to write down what it is that you desire. Write like your life depended on it - for in many ways it does.
  • Spend time in Luna's energy Wednesday/Thursday to bask in the energy. 
  • Gather a group of like minded folks to join in, or spend blessed time alone
  • Give yourself permission to receive. Dream BIG, receive BIG.
  • Chat with Auriel, the Lunar Angel. She will help to illuminate the correct path for you; offer insights to the right teachers, coaches, connections that will gladly support you and cheer you on as you say YES. 
  • Say YES and mean it. Say YES to you and mean it. Say YES to life and mean it. 

it's time.

Archangel Auriel's Mandala

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  • Vicki Simpson

    As always, so spot on. Recently realized how many limiting beliefs I’m still holding on to…. definitely time for some releasing, clearing and cleansing.

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