The top things to know and embrace regarding the Lion's Gate of 2018

You may have been reading or hearing a lot the Lion's Gate. I'm here to help make some sense of this rather large energy surge that is now literally upon us and how it may affect you.

What is this thing called the Lion's Gate?

The Lion's Gate happens every year on August 8. August BEing the eighth month and the Lion's Gate happens on the eighth day of the eighth month. Every year. So what makes this year any more important or special than past ones? Read on. 

Since the Lion's Gate always happens on 8/8, there must be something to the number '8'...right? Right. Think about the number '8'. The number is balanced. The top and bottom is the same. Balance. 

As in Heaven on Earth.
As in Feminine and Masculine.
As in BEing
As in living from your Heart Center


Look Skyward and BEyond on the Lion's Gate

On August 8, the stars indeed align. Sirius appears to BE the closest it has been in 364 days and is targeted to BE the brightest star that specific night. Hopefully you will have a chance to witness its beauty.

What you will not physically witness is that at this moment in time, Sirius is in true alignment with the Pyramid of Giza. The Giza Pyramid is considered to be the largest pyramid in the world and a site of a great healing vortex. Why is that?

A pyramid is known to create harmony; it allows the wave patterns to BE in sync and continuous. Everything within that space is naturally brought to a state of homeostatis. A sense of BEing is true and the healing that can take place within a pyramid is known to be fast, furious and permanent on all levels. 

Since a pyramid is already in a state of balance, when it is activated by Sirius, magic happens. The Balance of pyramid is magnified literally by the heavens.

Even the River Nile marks this event by rising, indicating vast abundance and prosperity for all. The River Nile is the largest and longest river in the world and runs alongside the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Nile is thought to represent our subconscious.

So think of it this way, your subconscious is now BEing magnified. What you have been hiding, perhaps even from yourself is now BEing illuminated. 

It is time to step out!

How does the Lion's Gate affect you personally?

As with all celestial events, it depends on you. How much are you willing to step aside and get out of your own way and step into your own divinity?

Certainly with a powerhouse event of this nature, is it any wonder that your own energy levels will be hit not to mention your personal power center; your solar plexus chakra?

You may be pushed beyond your limits as it were. Are those limits humanly conceived or are they truly your limits? Sit with that question; are you BEing pushed to step out more and BE more aware of your boundaries?

Remember, it is about balance. Hold onto the EIGHT significance... balance, balance, balance.

In other words, living from the HEART aka LOVE. 

You may be confident in LOVE; that is not BEing egotistical. 
You may be powerful in LOVE; that is not BEing domineering.
You may simply BE LOVE. 


How to Plan for the Lion's Gate


Sit with your journal and pen in hand. 

What are your dreams.

What do you wish your future to hold?

In other words, how do you wish to BE?

Allow plenty of time for this exercise. This is not an exercise to gloss over and do in a rush or piecemealed. It is meant to BE savored. You are meant to linger during this exercise. Dwell on your desires, feel them expand and blossom. Are you not worth savoring? Are your dreams not worth focusing on and dwelling in for a longer period of time vs. over a quick cup of tea? 

What to Expect After the Lion's Gate

Once again, life will certainly continue and for some, it will continue without a hiccup. For others, expect things to go a bit more topsy turvy in the short term. Don't allow yourself to hold onto things that really aren't serving you. Don't be afraid to say NO! Don't BE afraid to shout YES!

Say YES to you, your life, your dreams...YOU.

Channeled Message Regarding the Lion's Gate

Dearest ~

 It is time

Time for you to BE

It is time for you to embrace the light known as you 

It is time to shine that light so others may find theirs

It is not a time to be stingy, but it is a time to BE clearer on your boundaries and expectations. It is time to share; share your resources, share your love, share your gifts. 

Step within and ask how you are meant to BE

How you are meant to LIVE

How you are meant to LOVE

It is time, greatness is upon you and your dreams

All you must do is say YES

YES to you.


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