The Visitation

On December 12, 2019 something magical happened. It was the night of the last full moon for the year and decade and a ritual was performed on the deck to release the usual culprits and a bit of literal howling commenced. 

As the ritual was completed, I looked up into the trees to gaze upon Luna. To my surprise...

We had lights. 

While having lights may not sound all that magical to you, it was! These lights were in the tree in our backyard. Before you ask, no these were not Christmas lights of any human making.

You see, these lights changed location nightly and while mostly a beautiful green/blue coloring, some were red. 

I monitored the tree closely during the day. There was nothing on them; no nest, no mutated growth, etc. 

I asked social media, the brilliant Chatterers in our Facebook Group as well as family members when they began to arrive for Christmas... YES the lights continued for over two weeks. I asked those that are highly respected in the ghost arena as well as ETS... not one had an answer and quickly dropped the conversation for they had no clue. I was left to ponder and research on my own.


The most common and logical answer offered were that were bioluminescent mushrooms often called Foxfire or Faery Lights.

While it was the most logical, these particular lights broke the logical and created their own set of rules

How's that you may ask... Lemme tell you... 

While it was on the warmer side during the day for December in our locale, it was hitting the low 20's (fahrenheit) nightly for over a week. All plants in the garden had gone dormant for the winter. In other words, we had multiple hard freezes in quick succession that put an end to all things growing. The lights continued to blaze nightly.

Also, for there is an also, the lights would not appear within the first hour of darkness. The sun was setting approximately 4:50PM EST, give or take depending on the day. The lights would not appear until after 8PM EST nightly. According to research, the lights are known to appear within the first hour of darkness. One night, I got lucky and saw them beginning to do their glow emergence dance. 

Also part three, after much research, it is the general consensus that Foxfire grows on dead trees. Ironically, this tree is incredibly healthy, as are the other two who eventually had some visitors, but the near dead ones in the yard? Not one light. Yes, they were also checked nightly and zilch.

Also, part four. Red lights are never mentioned in any of the research performed during this adventure. Only blue, green and sometimes yellow lights are emitted via Foxfire. Red is never mentioned... We had red lights. Not every night, but 2-3 times a week. 


christine Alexandria, faery lights


As you can see via the photo above, the lights are in random locations throughout the tree and a definite red glow in the upper right quadrant.


This photo there are no red lights, but a few of the blue/green ones were captured.

Each photo was taken in nightly successions. You can see for yourself the locations changed as well as the coloring. I know the quality is not the best, never claimed to be a professional photographer, but with a tad of patience, you will see how they shifted night by night and the various colors. Promise.

As time went on, Auntie, the evergreen to the left of this tree, had a few visitors as well. Never more than three. Each time all were the blue/green coloring. 

One more tree had it blessed as well. This was the only tree that the location stayed steady on a nightly basis and was always blue/green. It is approximately 20' from the tree you see in these photos.

Based on our non-scientific research and photos, what say you?

So WHAT were these lights?

These lights offered comfort to those who saw them. Each person who witnessed them in person stopped in awe. Each person caught their breath and stared. The magic dripped down upon everyone and all were comforted. 

These lights offered, in their very subtle beauty, hope. Hope of what is to come. Hope in times that appear extremely unsettled. Hope for personal future that magic can be had, if one looks beyond the typical. 

Many of the Chatterers from Facebook offered up their version; Faeries, Ascended Masters, Visitors from beyond as well as loved ones come to party for the holiday that could not join in physical form.

I do concur with all of the above. 

Each night, as mentioned, the lights changed location. No every location, but many. As mentioned a few stayed either in the same location or close to it. These were my personal guides; Ariel - guardian angel, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, personal guides and many of the goddesses; Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite and Kwan Yin who are very settled in my world currently. 

The others? Loved ones; grandparents, aunts and uncles passed from all sides of the family, not just my direct relations. 


2020 Welcomes In...

We left shortly after Christmas for the warmer climates and beauty of Jamaica. We were gone for one week and upon our return I quickly scampered out back to see. 

What I saw was.... nothing.... not one light in any tree.

Our visitors have departed. We have been home for three days now and not one light has appeared. They have been thanked for their appearance and today's meditation will be with their energies for inspiration is always desired as well as clarity. 

Hoping in this Year of Allowing, you Allow the Magic to unfold and say YES to you; now and every day going forward for the world does need your brilliance.

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