Time to Embrace Hygge


Such a funny little word, unless of course you are Danish and there, this word is embraced and actively sought after to incorporate into your life.

What is Hygge?

Loosely translated, hygge means coziness, contentment, and an overall feeling of BEing present with life. 

Let's start with how do you pronounce hygge? 

Repeat after me:


Not so hard, is it?

It's about creating a cozy environment so you relax and allow yourself to BE.

As we shift 

As we begin to shift into cooler weather in our part of the world with longer nights we naturally turn more to candles. 

Candles are high on the light to create hygge in your sacred space. The soft luminescent glow that stretches into dark recesses while gently filling your space with the perfect aroma. 

Of course the Angel Chatter Candles help to create hygge and much more. 


Of course. They are infused with the energy of an angel or goddess. Now we are talking empowered hygge. Imagine your space feeling not only cozy, but sacred as the energy of The Magdalene or Michael enter. 

Imagine the gentle power of pure essential oils uplifting the soul. 

Imagine your space illuminated with a sacred candle as you cuddle under your favorite blanket reading an engrossing book with a cup of your favorite hot beverage within an arm's reach.

It's sublime.

That is the power of hygge combined with the angels and goddesses. 

Other Hygge Tactics

What makes you feel cozy? 

If not sure, because often it can be difficult to acknowledge what makes you happy, I'll ask this:

What makes you agitated in your own supposed sacred space? 

Now I'm sure you may have a longer list. Instead of focusing on the ick energy, switch it around and ask:

How may I make it more hygge and therefore sacred?

You may find clutter clearing is in order. If unsure where to start, may I suggest: 

The Break Up With Clutter Program

It's the zen feeling we all crave and one of the most profound and empowering acts we can do is de-cluttering the stuff

Give it a try. Getting rid of clutter is really more liberating and empowering than you may understand. 


I want to hear from you

How will you commit to yourself and begin creating hygge in your space? 

Really I wish to know. Share publicly so others may be inspired by your thoughts, trends, and actions.






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