To Meat or Not to Meat...

To Meat or Not to Meat... - Angel Chatter

I'm often asked what I eat; veggiesaur or carnivore...

Honestly I prefer vegetarian, and went strict vegetarian for over two years, but my body revolted and let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed meat periodically. The two plus years of being vegetarian was in many ways a gentle detox of cleansing out my system of what it had held onto for years as toxic.

I grew up on meat; it was a stable in my household. Chicken especially. Growing up in Delaware chicken farming is one of the major sources of income for the area and being local, it was very inexpensive. Who knew over the years I eventually overdosed on it! It became a toxic substance. Now chicken is very, ahem, cleansing to my system shall we say? 

Also growing up on the Eastern Shore fish and shellfish were aplenty. It was a regular occasion when we received fish and crab caught by family friends. In fact, I spent many a day crabbing with my dad and enjoying the bounty later that evening! If you have never participated in a good ol' fashioned crab feast, please put it on your Bucket List. 

Shellfish is not enjoyed so much these days. You see our bodies change over time and how it responds to food changes accordingly. I'm sure you can think of one food that you ran from (mushrooms were my evil enemy and was known to pick out minuscule pieces from gravy), but now make dishes that require mushrooms as the featured ingredient. Likewise, foods I LOVED (tastykake pies anyone?) I now gag at the thought.

Think about it, haven't you changed? You've grown, your styles have changed, where you live has even most likely changed. Why wouldn't your diet also change to reflect who you are now? Just because you loved something as a child, doesn't mean it's still a favorite let alone good for you. 

The key is to LISTEN to your body. What works for one, doesn't work for another. As I mentioned, I prefer vegetarian, but lately I am slightly obsessed with salmon. My body has announced it needs what salmon offers and I comply. After a string of shows back to back, I'll crave a good piece of beef. Once eaten, I most likely will not have it again for a couple of months.

Not sure where to start? Keep a mental food diary. Pay strict attention to how your body feels after each time you eat. Does it feel energized? Does it feel lethargic or worse? Take note and begin to adjust your food accordingly. Does this make a doctor? Hardly, just use some common sense and your body will thank you.

From a spiritual perspective, I seriously doubt I will ever adhere to the mindset that you MUST abstain from any one food; chocolate Horrors! Seriously, can you imagine a world without chocolate?! Coffee. Now you are talking silly talk. Or meat. You must eat what is best for you. Yes, even a piece of chocolate now and then.


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