Vision Board Time!

Vision Board Time! - Angel Chatter

Happy New Year!

Our minds naturally set to forward motion at this time of year and perhaps sprinkled with reflections of the past. 

You wish to create a better life for self and those around you. You wish to experience life more to fullest.

You wish.

But in all honestly you are a bit unsure of how to proceed to help you create your dreamy life.

Enter a Vision Board.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a poster-size board that you fill with images, phrases, words, etc of how you wish your life to BE experienced.

Poster size board? YES please! No small box thinking for you! Don't you wish your life to BE full, expansive and filled with yumminess?

Of course you do. Poster size board it is then.

The very first time I created a vision board was during Soul Coach training with Denise Linn years ago. Here I was in a room of many people and I now had to create a vision board and no clue how to do so; and I seemed to be the only person who was utterly clueless in this arena. Rut-roh. 

The sadder part? I wasn't even sure what I wanted in life.

After contemplating many areas; wealth, health, romance, you know the usual culprits, The Gang was standing by and shaking the heads and wings the entire time. When I stopped whining long enough, they spoke up and suggested a deep dive to remember what I wanted in my life. What was in alignment with my soul contract.

TA DA I created my vision more of a soul reminder board. What did I want? What emerged certainly surprised me. 

The morale of this portion of the story; you don't have to know exactly what you want. You can  create a board to explore your desires. You can also create a board with a specific theme of your choice; home, romance, health, business, travel, etc. 

It's your board, your life. Create what you desire or permit yourself to remember. 

What do YOU need to Create Your Vision Board?

You don't need much to create your vision board. Truly. But here's your list:

  • First and foremost; an open mind and heart
  • Poster size board
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick, rubber cement
  • Two to Three magazines that call to you. You don't need an automotive magazine if getting a new car is not on your list!
  • TIME I LOVE creating my board in one sitting, not pieced together over several days as 'time allowed' Give yourself the gift of time. YOU are that important.

Other Tools that are nice to have around

  • I always enjoy music playing in the background. 
  • Metatron's Candle blazing away; he helps to keep me on track with my soul's desires.
  • Beverage of choice

That's it! See? VERY easy to obtain all your tools.

Sidebar: some create a vision board using only online graphics, etc. To BE honest these don't resonate with me. I like the tangible paper in hand and glued to a board. For me, it is part of the process. For, the online version feels like I'm cheating somehow. You do you, as the saying goes, and create how you wish.

How to Create Your Vision Board

No surprise, hopefully to you, that I always call on The Gang for inspiration, protection and guidance. 

Since the magazines have already been gathered, your intention is somewhat set.

  1. Go through each magazine no less than three times. With each pass through, your energy shifts and something new may catch your attention. 
  2. As you flit through each magazine page, allow your mind to soften and heart take over.
  3. Without thinking why rip out each page that calls to you; whether it BE a phrase or image. Just rip it out. There are times that not all make it to the board; sometimes you just needed that little tweak to shift your energy and then you are good to go. 
  4. Once all magazine inspirations have depleted, it's time to cut! Cut out each image, phrase or word so it is appealing to you. Place in another pile.
  5. Once all is cut, begin arranging on your board. When I created my first board, I learned there were five areas that spoke to me the loudest; goddess collaboration and empowerment of women through spiritual guidance, travel, romance, and business.  The fifth was me personally; who I was at the core and how I wished to show up in the world. This section was placed in the center of the board and touched all the other areas.
  6. PLAY with the placement! BE creative! Does each image reflect exactly what you desire? Perhaps. Or...on my first board, there was an image of a luxurious, over the top fluffy bedroom. I did not want our bedroom to look like this, but LOVED how it felt; sacred, romantic, personal; the opposite of a combination room of bedroom/office (desk shoved in the corner), bedroom/exercise (clothes dropped on treadmill). In other words, it doesn't have to BE exact, but how it makes you feel.
  7. Bring on the glue! Pretty sure this portion is self explanatory.
  8. VIOLA! Your board is now complete and ready to BE activated!

What comes after Vision Board Completion?

It's one thing to make a board and be proud of your art. It's another thing altogether to activate it and make it a part of your life.

Enter Askfirmations

If you are unfamiliar with Askfirmations, you are in for a treat! Want to know more about them? Click HERE

If already familiar, use the following Askfirmation:

Why is it so easy to live the life of my dreams?

Remember, you ask, The Gang and Universe responds and shows you how and why. Just be open to receive their guidance. It's helped me get where I am today and are going. Yep, they are that powerful.

Take a Photo of your Vision Board

Take that photo - seriously, did you take it yet?

Make it your screen saver for your computer!

Make it one of your screens on your phone.

Print it out and tape it to your dashboard - especially powerful if you drive a lot. 

Where else can you place it so you see it regularly?

Every time you gaze upon it, use your Askfirmations!

That's it.

Seriously, that's all there is to creating your  Vision Board! 

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I support you and look forward to cheering you on with your life vision!

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