We are in Such Powerful Times

We are in Such Powerful Times

Wow, we are in such powerful times.

Just this week, the students of The BE You Program and I were chatting in our twice-monthly LIVE.

The topic of family disputes came up.

I shared something rather personal; a 40-year relationship that has ended. I won’t bore you with details, but suffice to say that if Love was there at any point, it could have been quickly resolved. It was decided without our consultations.

While it hurt, I am not surprised.

The students shared similar scenarios that involved:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Cousins
  • Family
  • Friends

You get the idea. Most of those present had a story to share.

I bet you do as well.

You are not alone.

On one level, this saddens me greatly. Why can’t all be honored for whom they are? Why do others attempt to control another to feel superior?

The Gang came forward with some assistance:

If a stranger or non-family member demonstrated these actions,Would you have stayed?

What makes it more seemingly tricky is the word family.
There is an innate tie woven into the fabric of family.Whether it be a biological connection.

Familia as in married into

Or those you consider family

A ‘family’ tie is more profound, stronger, and can be harder to break.

Or it is thought to be so.
Those ties can be broken.

These family members are present in your world for a specific purpose.

Many exist to support, nurture and Love you.

Others exist to teach.

The teachings can range as each soul varies.However, because it is a family member, each lesson can be more brutal to learn.You give them a longer leash metaphorically.

You look the other way.You forgive at the expense of forgetting who you are.

No more.We, The Angels, are present in your life to assist.

We are here to show you the lesson early so you may embrace it.

Sometimes it takes decades.

Sometimes it takes mere hours.

It depends on your willingness to BE true to yourself.
Your willingness to BE

Your desire to BE true to you

Your willingness to understand that all are undergoing life and its transformations.

You are willing to embrace the knowing that you do not have to go through their transformations with them.

Let us repeat this differently:

You are not responsible for living a life for another. To bend to their desires, fears, and traumas.

You are responsible for YOU.

You are destined to BE.

Okay, I found this transmission quite powerful.


As each lesson is revealed, you can thank the person energetically, or however, you desire, and lovingly move on.

It’s what we have done.It’s what clients are doing.

It’s what students have done.

It’s never, or rarely a straight line, these lessons. They whirl, curl, dance, and sometimes, it’s not dancing gracefully.

It may feel like a good ol’ clod stomping country dance vs. the finest pas des deux.

Often it is not obvious you are being gaslighted, deceived, or controlled in some fashion. A web is delicately woven that can leave you confused and ultimately thinking you are the perpetrator.

You’re not. If you think you are, you are not. Just like if you think you are an imposter, you are not.
Those who wield the unsavory energy are the perpetrator and imposter.

What To Do?
If you are in a situation of this nature, I’m sorry.

Second, consider eradicating yourself from it all, especially if your life is in danger.

Not always easy, but it gets easier with some tools:

  • Clear your energetic space. I use only our Zadkiel candle (sorry, currently sold out) to clear the energy. Sage fluffs up energy and is not harvested ethically. Ditto with Palo Santo.
  • Cut your energetic cords.
  • Forgive. Using the sacred tool of Ho’oponpono, you can take your power back.

Remember, YOU deserve to BE seen and heard.

Therefore, you deserve to live as desired—a life filled with joy, support, silliness, integrity, and LOVE.
If you desire more personal assistance, I’m here to help. I will hold sacred space for you. I will offer tools for you. I will BE there for you.

Sending much Love,


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