What Coronavirus is Teaching Me - Part Eight

Archangel Sandalphon's Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Here we are, yet again...

Honestly I was in a bit of a quandary on this week's topic, that is of course, until they nudged me awake and reminded me that TODAY, April 22 is Earth Day. 

Well there ya go.

Happy 50th Earth Day! 50? Yes, this is not a recent thing, but has been going on for fifty years! How coincidental that '50', when broken down, means a cycle has ended (0) and change is afoot (5)... How coincidental that we reach 50 during our global quarantine. 

Gaia has something to say about all this...

How Do I know Gaia is requesting this? 

Gaia is most certainly SCREAMING out for attention right now. 

How do I know this?

BEcause of you. Whether it was a student reaching out, a fly by query, a client or one of my many mentees, the LAND has come up in every single conversation. As all those that reached out are staying quietly at home, they have ample time to listen and are BEginning to do just that.

Each and every one had a different purpose and energy about it, but the bottom line was the clearing of the land not only from a karmic connection but empowering one as well. In other words, the land was to be honored, cleared, honored again thus allowing empowering energies to flow to those who resided there. 

Think about it, the land is ancient. No matter how young or old your home is, the land upon which it sits was there LONG before the building. Long before. 

As we have slowed our pace considerably, we have allowed ourselves to listen a bit more. Through this listening we are getting urges, pushes, inspirations of what we could do otherwise. 

This week we focus on the land, but first what has happened around the globe in recent weeks?

Humans Have Been Inactive; What's the Result?

Since we have all for the most part, been sent to our respective corners, magic has happened across the globe in spite of our acts.

The Himalayan Mountain ranges are visible for the first time in decades since we have been sent to our respective corners.

PM2 levels are greatly decreasing. What is PM2 mean? (don't worry, I had to look it up to be sure) PM2 is an air pollutant that reduces visibility and makes the air seem hazy, foggy, etc. when the levels are very high. While visibility is only one factor, it has also been shown to greatly affect humankind's health and breathing capabilities. Those of you who live in densely populated areas can attest to this.

Wildlife is entering cities as humankind 'hides'. They is freely roaming the national parks, as they are designed to do vs. running from the over zealous onslaught of photographers. 

This list goes on and on as do the photos of before vs. after as do the radar pictures showing the same, as do various reports no matter the locale.

Nature is rejoicing in our quarantine.

Ummmm? We've been very very bad. 

Obviously when quarantines are lifted, some things will go back to 'normal'; but hopefully not all. Track down these photos and see for yourself what we collectively have created. Allow them to inspire YOU to take action to never allow this to BEcome the 'before' photo again. 

Each one of us has an opportunity to make a difference. 

Each one of us.

What can YOU Do?

So many things!

Do you go for walks outdoors? Grab a paper or plastic bag (biodegradeable plastic bag hopefully) prior to leaving. A pair of disposable gloves won't hurt either. 


You are picking up trash! This is a practice I've had for quite a while. With each walk in the woods, I am lead to an area that needs a 'bit of sprucing up' By this they mean, human decluttering, aka trash pick up. My sister did this, on her own, near the river's edge where she lives last year and it sparked a town wide regular clean up day that ultimately resulted in several TONS of trash removed.

Yes, one person can make a huge difference. 

This act costs nothing, literally nothing, to perform and you leave this sacred spot better than you found it. Trust me on this, others will witness this very selfless act and BE inspired to do the same.

Isn't that an easy way to say THANK YOU for all this glorious ball does for all of humankind?

If you happen to have a heavy stash of crystals that you no longer play with, ask which one(s) wish to return to the Earth. You may Be surprised at the volunteers. As each one comes forward, give thanks for its service to you, gently clear its current energies and ask where it would now like to BE planted. While this is certainly not its true location, it shall be quite grateful at now BEing allowed to rest, recharge and give back to its Mother at the purest sense while it continues to serve us.

Really? I CAN do something?


We can start by planning how often we run errands. By simply organizing our schedules a bit better, we cut down on pollution. This has the added benefit of having more time at home to do what we desire.  

We can car pool or take public transportation. Not always convenient for you do work within the confines of another's schedule, but isn't having cleaner air for great grandchildren incentive enough?

We can WALK. Yes I said walk. There are two grocery stores within walking distance to our home. I will be purchasing one of those 'old lady grocery carts' that I can lug back and forth when I go to those stores or the shoe repair place or the drug store or the.... I'm rather good at orchestrating errand running, but I can do better, by walking. Grant it I won't all the time, but every time I do, it's a wee bit less pollution that I am contributing. 

We can obviously use canvas bags; ALL THE TIME. It's rather easy and much more economical. Until quarantine, we would have plastic bags that I then used to empty the cat 'bathroom'. Since we are not shopping, those bags have disappeared. I then ordered biodegradable bags, yes biodegradable poop bags. After all, isn't poop a very biodegradable product (as is the litter)? Why would I sabotage what it can do with a bag that will remain for decades?

We Can Plant!

Since quarantine and folks BEing unsure of food supplies, etc. More and more folks are going back in time to create their personal Victory Garden. This practice, if unaware, came about during WWI when food supplies were indeed diminished and one was not allowed to hoard thanks to food rationing. People went back to basics and grew food from veggies and fruits and many raising chickens for the treasured eggs. 

This 'fad' is coming back with a vengeance. We too shall start one. Ours will be more temporary as to not upset the HOA 'Gods' and given that our yard has quite a bit of shade, it can be a trial and error to find the perfect spot. But TRY we shall! We've already repurposed some pots on our deck, slotted for gorgeous flowers and morphed them into tomato and herb pots instead; still gorgeous, but now also useable.

Now sure how and where to start? There are a bevy of wonderful seed companies to start sowing your seeds now if you feel like a trip to the nursery is a bit scary. Plus the seeds are so inexpensive compared to even the smallest of plants. Follow the sun! Herbs and veggies LOVE sun and do require quite a bit to produce a good, consist harvest. By pampering these tender plants daily you take time out to regroup, ground and BE. Think of it as your daily grounding exercise, for it is. 

The result? You get to consume high energy, high vibrational food that is picked from the garden that day still tasting of fresh rains and sunshine and not of chemicals. Oh what it shall do for your physical BEing!

What happens if your crop is truly abundant? Share with family and friends for starters. Don't know your neighbors? Think it's time you do. Plus laughter is bound to ensue and we've been known to have DOZENS of jars of yumminess well into the winter months that my husband has canned; jams, pickled beets, peppers, tomato sauce and more. 

Honor What You Already Have

As a very avid gardener, I am in constant communication with the plants. They tell me when a trim is required to only allow in more sunshine, but when it's time to trim away the branches that no longer support life thus allowing more energy to surge upwards. This will give you greener and a fuller foliage plant not to mention a plant that is deliriously HAPPY! 

Rid of the weeds. This is a metaphor I use often. As we weed our literal gardens, allow your mind to soften also clearing you of unwanted thought processes, ingrained actions and more. It is a win win on all fronts. 

Divide plants and share. I am known to give to neighbors, my mom, sister and daughters what is desiring to not only be divided but shared and shared with LOVE... I now have a 50 (there's that number again) year old Christmas cactus in our home, an Iris that is well over 20 and another that is ageless. All because somebody shared.

What Angel to Chat with During Earth Week?

Roots down, (pun intended and just making sure you are still reading) it is Sandalphon. He oversees the Earthstar Chakra. He will not only help you in the ongoing adventure of BEing, but to ground in reality.

Sandalphon also helps with Earth cleansing and prompts humankind into action to do the same. 

Archangel Sandalphon Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Focus and meditate with his mandala. See how Sandalphon inspires you into action and offers a variety of ways that you too can improve your relationship with Gaia, starting TODAY. 

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