What Coronavirus is Teaching me - Part Fourteen

Archangel Zadkiel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

I could have played it safe this week and thought long and hard about it. I could have written about the Lunar Eclipse happening this week and it may still come into play, but not as the main topic.

The world has gone mad. Or has it? Has what has been brewing for centuries now able to rear its head and the world will finally notice and activate change?

As the horrific death, no murder, of Mr. George Floyd has turned the world and the majority of occupants of this ball on its end, I found myself asking. What was it about Mr. Floyd's death that spurred more anger than the countless others that came before him. While a magnificent BEing, was he any more magnificent than all the others? Of course not. However, I have one word:


Bear with me in these musings for I too am still processing how I also need to change.

If you remember waaay back when I started this weekly missive of ramblings, musings, observations and hopefully actionable plans for us all to partake in, I shared part of a mentee's session with me.

Allow me to refresh your memory. 

Mentee Session

Obviously her name and all pertinent details are sacred and unknown to you and shall remain so. However, what I can share and have shared is this:

She had emailed a diagram that a friend of hers had channeled and asked me to decipher, translate it if you will. There was indeed much going on, but what drew me in was it was an eight pointed star. 

Four of the points were void of any illustrative work in or surrounding them. 

Two of the points had illustrations within the actual point.

The last two points had illustrations within and surrounding the points.

After asking for clarification from The Angelics, this is what they shared:

The first four points represent 50% of humanity who walks, operates and lives in fear. Basically, living in a third dimension reality (3D). They take things for granted, blame others for their misfortunes or perceived mis-fortunes. They are quick to judge and blame. They rarely walk in the energy of Love, real love, not what they claim is love. For their love is quite conditional.

The second set of points represents 25% of humanity who still walk primarily in the 3 Dimension, but have BEgun to ask over recent years 'What If?'

What if there is more intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

What if there are other possible solutions?

What if I am the cog that is the center of my world; therefore I need to start taking responsibility for the things I don't like?

What if Angels, Ascended Masters and more exist to help not only me, but humanity at large?

What if?

The last group of points, the ones with the illustrations in and out, represent 25% of humanity who are awake and live more in the 5th Dimension (5D). This dimension is truly one of LOVE, Unity, a Collectiveness. They do walk in the 3D only in the sense to assist others to raise their vibration, but that is the only reason they enter the 3D.


Okay Then.

My Fervent Prayer and Hope

Ever since knowing this and quickly following being grounded as the rest of the world was also 'grounded', aka thrown in quarantine, was that by the time this, meaning the isolation and quarantining, was over, at least 50% would BE awakened with another 25% wondering, What If and lastly the last 25% would still be living with blinders on and the rest of the world is responsible for their problems. 

So BE it. But this is a shift I personally could live with. Therefore I am now BEing informed that that shift is indeed underway! 


We can thank, profoundly thank, Mr. Floyd for his selfless act of Love to smack the human race awake. 

Thank you Dear Sir. Thank you for your service throughout your life and beyond. 

Seriously Thank you. 

I am in tears, once again at the humbleness of delivering this message and I do hope you receive it in that frame of mind. 

Now What?

Now you stay in the energy of Love.

If you are called to walk in peaceful union, do so.

If you are called to stay home and hold space, do so. 

Obviously the looting and carnage are not acts of Love. Do not let others convince you otherwise. It is very much a third dimension act; one of anger and fear. 

This is not to say you cannot be angry! Of course be angry! I AM angry, horrified, saddened down-trodden and much more. I cannot believe such an act was committed. Hoping you most likely have thought the same, so now what?


I'm burning Zadkiel's candle and doing very long forest baths daily. The energy that the trees offer helps to bring me closer to center. Zadkiel is immediately transmuting all that we are going through in our home. We are keeping Zadkiel quite busy in our processing, but this is offering clearer thinking on our end. 

You can donate time and money to worthy causes. Causes that we have researched and can recommend:

  • Joyce Preschool - emergency fund for families who had to evacuate their homes near Lake Street last week, and who are now coming back to a devastated neighborhood with no grocery stores within walking distance. 
  • Minnesota Healing Justice Network - We provide a supportive professional community and mutual aid network for wellness and healing justice practitioners who also identify as IBPOC (indigenous, black, or people of color).
  • Northside business support - support businesses on Minneapolis’s Northside that have been impacted by recent demonstrations.
  • Unicorn Riot - A decentralized media organization that has been live-streaming uprisings 
  • Funding for Mr. Floyd's children and their ongoing education: https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd

There are many other worthy causes, but in the vein of not overwhelming you, we've offered these few. If you are intrigued or called to donate, I hope this list helps you find the organization that speaks to you and your heart or puts you in the direction to find the one that resonates the most with you.

What Angel to Call Upon NOW?

I have hinted at this above, and without a doubt it is Zadkiel.

Archangel Zadkiel Mandala/Christine Alexandria, Angel Chatter


Archangel Zadkiel oversees the crown chakra and works in tandem with St. Germain implementing the powers of the Violet Flame. If unaware of the Violet Flame; think of a flame that is violet in color. There is your visual. 

All the Violet Flame does, ALL is does (so in other words, it does not multi-task) is transmute. Transmute is taking all the crap, kaka, meh in the world, your world and put it back to its original state of purity.

It's better than sage. In fact, I do NOT sage any more. That is a story I've shared many times, so won't bore you again at this moment with it. It is THE candle I burn and have been burning daily since Mr. Floyd's murder. While we have both spiraled down, as has most of humanity, it has helped more than I can say in keep us centered and our home our sacred space. 

Zadkiel also helps with past life recall and its karmic healing. Something we can all benefit from at this moment. 

Gaze upon his channeled mandala above and allow what needs to surface, to surface. Allow what desires to be healed, healed. Allow the pain to gurgle up to BE loved. Remember, ALL Lives Do Matter, but not until Black Lives are Honored as Equal.


PS IF I have unknowingly mis-represented anything or anyone, please educate me. I am listening with an open heart.

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  • Maria

    Thank you so much for this! Well said! Brought me back instantly to understanding the life sacrificed by Mr Floyd! Brave soul that he was and is-
    Do we not make agreements with each other in spirit prior to coming to this earth?

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