What Coronavirus is Teaching Me - Part Seven

Archangel Haniel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

To say the last several weeks is not teaching anyone who cares to learn a lesson is an understatement. 

There are many common threads out there, but one that wishes to BE addressed this week is this:

When Things Go Back to Normal...

Do you really wish things to go back to normal?

Do you really wish to stop hearing nature in all her glory twittering, calling, cawing, who-whooing and more?

Do you really wish to hear the drone of planes constantly?

Do you really wish to be living a life harried?

I don't.

Nature IS Rejoicing

We live in a Washington DC suburb and fairly close to one of the airports. As par for the course, we used to hear the drone of planes daily, throughout the day, every day. 

'It's the price to pay for living where we live' is a common phrase. After all, we are blessed with nature literally out our back door and a river less than one mile away. However, since so many things are slowing down, the planes have as well and nature is truly rejoicing. 

As this very moment, I can hear a little dog barking, a variety of birds sharing their song and a little girl pushing her babydoll carriage down the street singing 'It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'.

It's blissful. 

While swans really haven't returned to Venice Italy; they've been swimming near Burano for decades, it's an encouraging scene. What is true are the clearer waters thanks to a greatly reduced or non-existent boat travel. As the boats don't travel, sediment is not churned up allowing one to see the life that has been present all along in spite of what we humans do. This is giving all of a nature a chance to catch their breath and reboot too. What a metaphor for us mere mortals; the ability to now see the life underneath the rushing of doing something in every waking moment. 

Maps are showing the pollution has been greatly reduced in any given area. Thanks to reduced travel on land, sea and air. Everyone can breathe easier. We can all begin to breathe easier. 


With so much calming happening, exhaling as we collectively release the tension that has been building for decades, why would I wish to see photos of smog ridden cities once more? Why do I wish to eat fruits and vegetables that taste akin to wet cardboard. Do you?

Maybe JUST MAYBE, we can all BE more aware of our impact on Gaia 'when things go back to normal' and BE more respectful to this beautiful planet that is desperately trying to support all of us.

Personal Touch

We are all holding on, at times it may feel like for dear life and unfortunately in some scenarios it is life and death. For that I am truly sorry. 

However, we have gotten creative to keep in touch. Thank the universe for technology!

Within my family we have hosted zoom birthday get togethers, a Seder gathering that surpassed all expectations as folks from Australia, Israel, California and more were able to join. Friends have weekly online game time with their adult children.

I've witnessed families by the river's edge as a father took his daughter on a kayak ride to allow her to play along the opposite shore as the family dog raced back and forth in eager anticipation of their return. 

Businesses are learning that they can perform, and at times, out perform by having employees work from home. Those employees have gained one to three hours back into their life, DAILY. Not to mention the monetary savings on gas, cleaning and lunch out. 

What about you? As you have lost that in-person touch, how have you found creative ways to stay close to those you love? Are you witnessing benefits of quarantining?

We humans are social by our very nature. While my heart truly aches for those in quarantine by themselves (I'd be having daily conversations in the mirror), others have gotten to know those in their immediate circle hopefully a bit better. We've ordered out since staying at home. Not daily, but typically once per week as a small gesture to keep some fabulous privately owned businesses in business and we are very blessed to be able to do this; we are aware that all don't have this option.

I've gotten to know our neighbors better, from a distance of course. There is a young couple next door with two adorable children and we've been chatting across the yards as we are both out enjoying nature more often. She's new to gardening and has reveled in her ninja trimming skills as she transforms the bushes and trees in their front yard under my tutelage. She's having a blast, using muscles not used in a while and guess what? LOVING IT!

I've gotten to know our mail carrier, Johnny. I've made him two face masks and his face lit up at the gift. He inquires about our family daily and I his. I've made a few dozen face masks for family and friends and now starting to make some for my students. 

I am participating in and hearing of more in depth conversations vs. the typical, 'what's for dinner?'

Life before was chaotic, hectic and one often prided themselves on how much was accomplished by DOing each and every day. Schedules jammed packed from activity to activity. Do you really desire to go back to that? 

While my children are very grown and we no longer have the after school activity gauntlet to run, maybe JUST MAYBE things can slow down 'when they go back to normal'. MAYBE just JUST MAYBE we can stop over scheduling ourselves into exhaustion.

We ARE Resilient, Resourceful and Remarkable

While most, if not all of us, have had those off moments, perhaps days of feeling the doom and gloom of it all; we come back stronger, more clear minded and focused. We may still eat that mind numbing comfort food, but are better understanding its ramifications on the other end. Many are craving fresher fruits and vegetables that can truly BE enjoyed.

Local farm CSA (Community Support Agriculture) organizations are thriving. Can you imagine getting fresh in season produced delivered or at the very least a contact-less pick up? We can and are. Take my word on this, produce fresh from the vine tastes like candy and chocolate is seriously not even desired. Look into your local markets. This particular site seems to participant in large areas:

If not in your area, hopefully it will whet your appetite to look for one near you.

We too are getting a rewiring of sorts and remembering the essence of BEing. For so many of us are realizing that there is no medal for being a multi-tasking warrior.

We are Resourceful

Many are changing the way they operate through life; how it's addressed on a day to day basis. What is really important vs. not necessary. Did you know you can make your own matzo bread and tortillas? True! I was rather shocked to find out  they don't come from a box or bag.

Insert smirk.

We ARE Resilient

We are spending greater amounts of time alone whether we desire to do so or not. Certainly copious amounts of TV have been watched, but the allure of that too begins to wane as we realize it is not fulfilling our soul. Stories abound from clients, students, media and yours truly as we better embrace harmony, ease, balance. We better understand those concepts from the blessed space of the heart. 

We BEgin to dig a bit deeper and realize how deep we truly are. We realize that we DO desire more out of life than what we have allowed ourselves to experience. We BEgin to remember what makes us tick and WHY.


We ARE Remarkable.

Each and every one of us is as unique as a flower. Each one of us carries within us gifts, traits, scents, desires, humor, intelligence and more that uniquely defines us as well US. 

This adventure of covid-19, as long as we remain healthy and financially viable, is an inconvenience. Yes, I said an inconvenience. We are BEing inconvenienced to stay put. We are BEing inconvenienced to BE resourceful. We are BEing reminded of our innate beauty, our proverbial warts, our desires, our worthiness and more. 

What Happens Next?

Who knows what will happen next. However the longer we are quarantine, the better chance our lessons can BEcome permanent. The lessons of BEing gentler, calmer and more loving towards ALL. 

IN essence, we are all living the lessons in the Art of Allowing. Remember, the angels dubbed 2020 The Year of Allowing. They never said it was going to BE a bed of roses.

In fact, the less we fight against this stream and allow, the deeper the lessons resonate and the better we all shall come out the other side of this.

As always, it comes down to each individual. Each one of us. How are you acting and reacting on a day to day basis? Are you fighting a good fight? Are you making good time, but going no where? Are you allowing yourself to BE guided to NEW unchartered vistas and paths? 

What Angel to Chat With This Week

Haniel, Angel of Manifestation, immediately comes forward to share many tidbits of wisdom.

The first is to take breath. Literally stop right now and inhale for four slow counts. 

Now hold it for four counts.

Exhale LOUDLY for four slow counts. 

Repeat as necessary. 

By allowing yourself to breathe more consciously each and every day, throughout each and every day, you are nourishing your body more than you have in a very long time. 

As you BEging to incorporate this new found habit grab a new journal. I'm sure you have a few empty ones hanging around your sacred space. 

Dedicate one to your dreams, your desires. In other words, how do you wish to emerge from quarantine? Start at that point and build from that. In other words, what do you wish to manifest in your life?

Wallowing is not allowed during this journal entry. BEing empowered, healthy, strong, courageous and more is! How do you wish your life to change? 

Start this practice today. 

Write in your journal daily. The more you write, the more ingrained it BEcomes and your life maybe JUST MAYBE will morph more into ALLOWING than ever before. 

The choice is, as always, yours to make, or not. 

There has been a great increase of mentee clients since quarantine has BEgun and I do have three openings at present, for more than six mentee clients begins to BE too much. You deserve focus, actionable steps and ongoing support and I'm here for you during your program. 

Until next week, will you allow yourself to BE?

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    Thank you this wonderful insight as well as the weekly encouragement throughout this quarantine.

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