What coronavirus is teaching me - Part Sixteen

Archangel Shamael Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Here we are, yet again, still prattling on about covid and everything that has been illuminated since its breakout.

Is civil unrest a new thing?

Of course not. It's been around for centuries. If you think it's new, I'm sorry, you've been living under a rock that is very deeply embedded. 

Covid is forcing all, or at the very least has offered an opportunity to go within. 

Deep within.

What does within have to do with the outside?

In a nutshell.


Our beliefs, mindsets, etc. start within. If that is the case, and it is, why would't it affect how one acts, reacts, teaches, etc.?

As uncomfortable as it has been for months now world-wide, we are here to learn, grow and expand from this universal lesson. 

It's a rare person that begs for big life upheaval so they may change, but haven't we all pined for World Peace, Harmony, Universal Love, Affluence, Less/no pollution and so on?

Haven't you desired at least one of those to happen or occur in your life?

I know I have. I remember living at 'the old house' (this was given this name even though it was brand new when we moved in, for my dad built 'the new house' as a testament to his love for mom when arthritis began making steps difficult at a very young age.) Anyhow.... I would sit amongst the privets in the side yard in an opening I had created and dream of world peace. 

Who does this at the age of 10? Me, that's who. 

However I learned not too long later that that mindset was indeed unusual for most were interested in brownies, merit badges, good grades and being picked for whatever sports team the gym teacher drummed up that week. 

Since the age of ten, or younger, I knew. 

How All of This Pertains to the NOW

The world is in upheaval. There is no doubt about it. I read a NYTimes article  sthis past week that shared what humanity does in the next five to ten years will decide on its survival.

Let that sink in. We've five to ten years to get our act together to save not only animals, the earth, but ourselves and future family. 

It starts within. It starts by taking personal responsibility for actions as well as inactions. It starts by listening and educating one's self.

It starts with some simple mindset shifts of acknowledging that YOU do have something to offer, no matter how big or small. There is not a thing wrong with BEing the nucleus that holds your family together, quietly and lovingly. There is nothing wrong with BEing on the international platform that shares inspirational and empowering messages that helps to lift others up. There is nothing wrong BEing everything and anything in BEtween, as long as you are following the sage wisdom of your loving soul.

While we may have pined, or mumbled at the very least to have world peace, harmony, no pollution, what have you personally done to put any of this into action? This isn't a beat up on you moment, but to acknowledge that you and I could have done and must do a whole lot more to assist. 

But first we go within.

Allow the inner peace to BEgin

I've a few mentees in recent times that let's just say their personal lives were in big upheaval and their sacred space, their home, reflected that. 

Ironically they have decided to go the natural route. They are cleaning up their yards, they are weeding, literally, the gardens. They are planting and nurturing what is there. They are finding great peace in these moments, that they have taken that momentum and energy inside and are now excited about clearing out the clutter and stagnant energy within their homes. 

Zadkiel candle lit, change is happening and they are experiencing more personal peace than they have in a long time; amidst a global pandemic and civil unrest. Because they are experiencing more peace, their personal relationships are more harmonious. BEcause their relationships are more harmonious, the ripple affect continues as they communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

They are now listening and implementing change.

Is Perfection the Goal?

Hardly. We, all humankind, are perfectly imperfect. We are flawed and yet we are diamonds. Think about it, as breathtaking as a diamond may be, it is a rare one indeed that has not one flaw. 

Think about that. With all the diamonds in the world, in your jewelry box, on your hand, how many of them are truly perfect? Do you honor their brilliance any less because of their imperfections?

Of course not. 

Once we get truly get over this Perfection Trip, life BEcomes much, much easier. The flaws no longer are the things that dictate what one can and cannot do based on those imperfections. We learn to work with them for they do make up the entire beautiful package known as you. Those imperfections are now honored, revered and loved. 

Through these acts of Self Love, you knew I'd get around to that eventually didn't you, one BEgins to LOVE the outer world just as much. We LOVE it so much that Gaia is once again honored and each human BEgins to do their part to help her breathe better; one BEgins to recycle in earnest, one is determined to lessen the carbon footprint by not creating trash, one picks up trash as they walk outdoors (I often have a bag for such moments), one drives a more fuel economy car, one can wear natural fibers, one can eat healthier, whole foods and so on. 

One BEgins to honor another human, no matter their skin color. If/when one witnesses oppression, they step in to lift up as best they can; through respect and love, not belittling for that's not very uplifting is it?

If we are to uplift the planet and all its occupants, wouldn't it stand to reason that it does start within and extend outwardly? Wouldn't it stand to reason we do so with Love, Harmony, Peace, Respect and more?

Of course it does.

Now What?

Meditate. Pray whatever you feel most comfortable calling it, for it is the same thing. You are sending a lifeline out to the universe for answers. 

As always, start by calling in Big Mike, aka Archangel Michael, for the extra protective energies to surround you as you allow yourself to BE vulnerable to get those coveted answers. 

Shamael, Angel of Harmony, is indeed on call. Shamael can provide you with an endless variety of ways to BE. He/She can and will remind you the life is harmonious. Remember even the most beautiful music rises and falls. 

By chatting with Shamael more regularly, the vise surrounding you begins to loosen and eventually fall away. You BEcome more open to more possibilities, for remember as a perfectly imperfect BEing, you cannot possibly know all that there is to know. 

By chatting with Shamael, your life can BEgin to flow more. You allow. You breathe easier. You are most definitely more aware and step in more often to assist whether it is a family member, friend or total stranger. 

But first let's start within.

Archangel Shamael Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


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