What Coronavirus is Teaching Me - Part Ten

Archangel Auriel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

This week is going to BE dicey energetically for all us, like we haven't been through the wringer enough already, this week is magnified energetically thanks to Luna and the third consecutive, and last, super moon of 2020.

Meet the Flower Supermoon on May 7, 2020.

What is a Super Moon?

Gaia's orbit is not a true circling orbit. She dances more in the shape of an oblong, elliptical if you must know. As she moves, so does Luna, the moon. There are times, like now, when they are literally closer than what we typically see. 

Hence a super moon. Scientifically it is called perigee when Luna and Gaia are closest. When Luna is furthest from Gaia, it is called an Apogee. So now you are a 'scientist' using big words... 

During the super moon, Luna unleashes energies that are quite profound. 

Think about it, tides are even higher during a full moon. They are even higher during a super moon. This is why this plays such a part in the existence of tidal communities during storms, hurricanes, etc. If Luna holds this much power over the oceans and seas, just imagine what she is doing to us mere mortals!

Quarantine and Super Moon = Power Punch

So many are being triggered on a daily basis during their quarantine with very real fears; money, health and that's not even approaching the past life memories surfacing and beyond.

Then you toss in the metaphorical hand grenade of a super moon? 

Please no.

Sorry, it is happening! 

However, there is no reason to run for the hills, even if you could at this juncture. Take a stand! After all, this is your life we are talking about and you have more control over it than you use. 

May Super Moon = The Flower Moon

As the old saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers. Holds true to this day. What do flowers do?

Blossom is the answer we are looking for at the moment. 

How does this parlay to you?

It's time for you. It's time for you to feel those tendrils extend outwards from the soles of your feet and anchor you more fully into Gaia. Feel the energy surge forth from Gaia helping you to not only ground more into your physical body, but BEcome more present with life. 

As you pull energy from Gaia, feel your energy BE. Feel your energy BEcome stronger, focused, LOVED. 

However this most likely feels even more daunting at the moment. How can I possibly blossom stuck at home? Stuck in my essential job (THANK YOU btw from my heart for putting yourself out there) and get home exhausted and now I'm suppose to blossom too?

Yeah right.

Take a breath and yes you are. 

Nothing is built overnight, but one can make and take small steps on a daily basis. However, it is up to you to take that first step and every succeeding one following. 

Even in quarantine. Even in a pandemic. Even during a super moon.

What Steps to Take to Blossom even during Quarantine and BEyond

It starts with a dream. What are the things you dream of BEing, doing, experiencing?

Write every one of those dreams down.

As you go through each one, how does your soul respond? Does it do giddyups or pull back for feelings of unworthiness or a mixture of both? 

Both and more are typical. You may BE excited about the thought, but then pull back with 'I can't', 'Who am I kidding?' or the classic 'Who am I to do xyz?'

Anything sound familiar? Don't lie, we've all been there. Do you think I planned on BEing highly regarded as an angel intuitive let alone author, coach and mentor? Please. I went to school for court reporting! 

Dreams unfold in magical ways. Allow your soul to dance a bit now. 

Then the work BEgins. Some may entail inner child work. Some may entail past life healing. Some may entail mindset changes. Some may... well you get the idea. You can't be ALL at any given moment. It involves at least three aspects of you; mind (mindsets), body (actively doing something towards your goal) and soul (following the lead as it guides you).

As example, I read an article in the past few weeks about a restauranteur who has had their bistro for over 30 years. They expanded and more during that time, but then the magic was lost. They kept chasing it, making good time, but never getting anywhere and guess what? They were exhausted. NOW because their bistro is closed, they are reimagining how they wish to re-open, what is their mission? What is their ideal clientele? 

In other words, they are allowing their soul to speak to remind them and are now taking action to make it happen. 

All while stuck in quarantine.

You can too.

What Angel To Chat with and Why?

Take a wild guess... go on...

Did you guess Auriel, the Lunar Angel? If so, you are spot on!

Use the magic and power of Luna now to illuminate the path best for you. Allow yourself to play in imagination. Allow yourself to dream of a better place not only for you, but all. Allow.

Write down what inspires you. Don't BE surprised if life takes a detour at the moment. Relationships may implode while some, blossom. (sorry had to use the word just once more) Just today one of my students has BEcome inspired to take on a lovely new mission. Something she would not have been able to do by BEing so blessedly busy. 

It's your turn. Do you wish to go back to 'normal'? Honestly I don't. I desire more compassion, more listening, more empowerment, more support. We hold the key within each one of us, thanks to Archangel Jeremiel for that reminder. We hold the key to unlock and disperse our miseries and move forward. We also hold the key to blame others for our misfortunes. We hold the key. 

You. Hold. The. Key. 

Allow Auriel to enter your domain. Allow her energies to shed light on what is not serving you so you may step forward more confidently on your true path. 

It starts now. 


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