What Coronavirus is Teaching Me - Part Twelve

Archangel Jophiel Mandala. Christine Alexandria

In general, as a society, we are VERY uptight. That is this week's topic and my current musings in this covid installment.

Your Reaction?

BEing the curious sort that I AM, what was your reaction to the above observation? The statement that may imply that you too, are uptight.?


Bit of a Backstory...

A few weeks ago I was scrolling on social media, as we are ALL prone to these days. One particular caught my attention and my funny bong. 

A person, inspired by Monty Python, instilled their own Silly Walk Ministry in their front yard and commanded those that walked by, must commence Silly Walks.

It was hysterical.

What a great way to get folks out of their heads for just a few moments by walking silly! Folks will LOVE this! Just a small thing to break up the monotony of walking to get out of the house monotony while primarily stuck at home.

I quickly installed a make shift sign and placed it on our mailbox. I scampered, yes scampered to the front bedroom to cut out masks and waiting for the silliness to commence.

I waited.

I waited some more.

Is our neighborhood that quiet that nobody was walking by? Of course not! Folks walked by, stopped, read the sign, mostly giggled shrugged their shoulders and continued walking.

Not ONE silly walk!

Not one. 

Back to the Drawing Board I Went

MAYBE if the sign was snazzier? I whipped up a more professional looking sign that still demanded Silly Walks. 

MAYBE folks were/are too self conscious to walk silly on the main road? 

MAYBE if signs were places out back along the wooded trail, folks would be more inclined to play, cavort and generally act silly as it was less populated. 

I waited. 

I waited some more


Light Dawns...

The angels came in with a blazing light ...

Are you putting up the signs to encourage others to BE


Is this for your own entertainment?


So busted. 

Of course the intent was for ALL to enjoy, but realized after this wee bit of wing slapping that I WAS indeed or had done this with the intent to cheer me up! I had slipped again, which is what had been the cycle when making masks. I would slip down and needed the cheering up.

Ooops... So ultimately those beautiful little signs weren't there for you, but me. I apologized universally and an interesting thing began to unfold.

I Accepted

I entered the last of the five stages. What stages I hear you ask:

  • Denial. I was most certainly, or had been, in complete denial that these signs weren't for me. 
  • Anger. How dare these folks not entertain me as I had gone to allll this effort to make the signs, laminate them and hang them up. I mean, come on!
  • Bargaining. Well if I go out and silly walk, others will be inspired. Harumpf.
  • Depression. This filtered in and out like a tight weave depending on the moment. 
  • Acceptance. 

Here's where it hit and hit big. True, we may still be uptight and not wish to play. BUT isn't that me projecting what they are going through? MAYBE they need to process a death of a loved one or are concerned about the loss of a job? OR maybe they have forgotten how to play. 


Maybe I was projecting my intentions on the will of others. Yuck. Certainly not my conscious intention, but there it was. 

Maybe if I just left the sign out there, as a suggestion, with no energy attached...

Magic Ensued

Since I have let go of my unconscious intentions, which of course were now conscious, a funny thing happened. 

MORE are Silly Walking! Some have gone high stepping, twirling, skipping and doing allll sorts of wild and crazy stepping that has me laughing out loud. 

Of course there are still plenty that continue to stop, read, chuckle and continue to walk, but I just smile and wish them well on their path. 

Once I truly made it about the universal welfare through silliness and no longer about my personal entertainment, nobody felt pressure, even energetic pressure, to perform. 

Morale of The Silly Walking

Whether it is Silly Walking, manifesting true love, a million dollars or clean kitchen, what are your WHYS?

I do tend to harp on this a bit for the more each one of us understands our motivation, our WHYS, the more we can hone in on making it manifest according to our desires. 

Take that to heart Dear Chatterer. What are you WHYS?

The next time you wish to create something new or ponder why it is not going according to plan, get quiet. 

Dig a bit deeper. It so easy to answer on the surface. Go a bit deeper still and remember, unleash to remember more of what it is that you truly desire. 

All because you answered WHY.

What Angel to Chat With and WHY

Jophiel is your go to this week.


She is so full of empowered JOY it BEcomes easy to get out of your head and remember. Jophiel after all IS The Joy-Filled Angel. She reminds you that you, yes you, are your most powerful while in JOY.

That's why, pure and simple.



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