What Happens When You Feel the Weight of the World Upon You

What Happens When You Feel the Weight of the World Upon You - Angel Chatter

Haven't you ever felt that there was so much going on and you didn't know which way to turn? 

You may not know which way to turn, but kept going. 

All the while the weight of the world continued to weigh heavily upon you; from personal shoulds to global goings on.

What Does This Weight of the World Upon You Feel Like?

Symptoms are listlessness, extreme tiredness and yet can't sleep or have trouble sleeping. 

Symptoms such as tenseness in the neck and shoulders begin. They begin and slowly ever so slowly take hold and don't  let go. This of course leaves you with a tight neck and shoulders. These symptoms can quickly prompt massage appointments, yoga classes and more. 

However, the symptoms range and certainly can vary according to the situation and your empathic gifts. This weight can start softly and yet become insidious. 

This weight on your shoulders leaves you tired at the best of circumstances.

This weight on your shoulders can be life threatening at the worse of circumstances.  

This weight on your shoulders  leaves you second guessing decisions. Decisions if your path is the right one. Decisions if your diet is proper - such a slippery topic that can leave you in a state of flux and digging deep in those blessed boxes of Thin Mints that have begun arriving like the sugar locusts that they are. 

Bottom line it feels like you are going round and round on a gerbil wheel with no jumping off point. 

What Causes This Weight of the World to Take Hold?

So many things can cause this phenomena. Some include things such as:

  • Being a Yes person - aka Good Girl
  • Multi-tasking. Yes that very thing so many pride themselves on. I'd stop bragging on that one if I were you. 
  • Seeing the Big Picture, but not able to digest it and break it down into little pieces.
  • Being empathic. This is not curse people, but a true gift. But being empathic does require copious amounts of self care to dis-engage. If you are reading this and it resonates, your Acts of Self Love need to increase stat.

Let's break each of these down a bit.

Being a yes person (so does not warrant a BEing scenario). As the eldest in our family and a girl (just in case you haven't noticed) and the only child for several years, I do what I do - take care of things and people. I get it. It's why I often tell clients to BEgin anew and really rate what needs to be done vs. should be done. When one says YES with conviction, the weight lifts. When one says yes out of obligation, the weight gets heavier. Begin now and evaluate each event you must do. Do you really need to do this? 

It's a really a simple yes or no scenario. Listen to your heart and you will know without a shadow of a doubt what is your next viable step(s).


This is not something to pride one's self on. Really. Sure, you can do squats as you are brushing your teeth, but why not give thanks for those pearly whites as you brush instead? Focus on the essence of gratitude for how amazing your teeth are and how they assist you in your daily life. Can you imagine not having teeth? Of course not, so don't take them for granted. This suggestion really doesn't fall under the auspices of multi-tasking. 

Multi-tasking is chatting with someone on the phone and doing something else. We've all done it, don't say you haven't. However, when you do something as a simple multi-task such as this, the subtle nuances of your conversation will go awry and you'll never know what you missed. By BEing more present in every 'task' you do, all is done with greater efficiency and through that you fortify your essence by not stretching yourself so thin energetically. Think of a conversation you've ever had either in person or on the phone; can't you tell when that person is not paying attention? You deserve it as do they. 

Remember, focus on one thing at a time. 

The Big Picture

Everyone has dreams, goals and more. Everyone has seen or experienced personally injustices. Those can be overwhelming and weigh heavily on your shoulders. This is ideal time to take a deep breath.

Inhale for four slow counts. 
Hold for four slow counts.
Exhale for four slow counts.

Does it change anything? Yes and no. While it may not change the situation, it can change your perspective of it and what you could do to alter it. 

As an example, my sister lives near the Potomac River where trash is constantly bottle necking everything. It disgusted her. She brought trash bags and picked up what she could. In the span of less than three months, trash picking is now an organized monthly event with over 50 people helping out.

One small step is all it takes in the direction you desire to go to change more than you can imagine. Just take that first step; say YES to you.


This really is not a curse, but rather a beautiful gift. As much as you may wish to disregard your gift or hopes that it will go away, it won't. No amount of rotten lifestyle choices will exacerbate it. Therefore, embrace this gift.

Everyone's gift is truly different, so it is best to learn how you react to events; personal, regional, national and of course universal. As an example, you may feel antsy prior to a thunderstorm. You may feel another's pain who is many miles from you. You may.... Learn how it feels for you. Then going forward you are better able to know what is possibly headed your way and how to better deal with it for you recognize your signs.

Archangel Chamuel's Channeled Mandala



This is where Acts of Self Love are paramount. The more you rebuild your energetic reserves, the better fortified you are to handle all that comes your way. Chat with Archangel Chamuel for your suggestions.



Take a deep breath; know that this too shall pass - sooner than later.

When you aren't sure where this weight is coming from

Write. Write like nobody's business. Consider this your Purging of all that is bothering you. Then set it on fire. 

Seriously, burn it up.

I did just this earlier this week. I'm ready to BE more me than ever. 

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. 

I thanked those that had come before me and stood alone on the platform that opened doors for perhaps millions. I thanked them for their love and work and knew it was time for them to rest as best as they could rest and enjoy life.

For now it is the time for many to share that platform while they are BEing so others may ignite their personal light and shine for others. 

Will you join me in lighting your light so others may feel encouraged to do so as well?

For once your light is burning, the weight begins to lift for you are learning to BE. 




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