What Have You Learned?

Archangel Chamuel Mandala by Christine Alexandria

While the pandemic isn't not going anywhere at the present moment, there is a glimmer, at least in the States, of it starting to behave. 

That offers great hope. We can finally take a deeper breath. 

Did you know it's been just over one year since Wuhan shut down? One year. 

One year since we have been sitting in a corner, more or less, to think about what we are doing with our lives. How are we living our life? How are we impacting our spiritual growth and those around us? 

One year.

What Have You Learned?

It's been mentioned, right here, as a matter of fact, and in recent times, that relationships are going to change this year. Some will get stronger. Some will wither away. Some will have a band-aid ripped off. 

All is happening in perfect and genuinely divine timing. 

Why relationships? Each and every relationship you have whether it is food, people, housing, clothing, etc. is a reflection of how you view yourself and worthiness.

You have learned that pettiness gets you nowhere. You have learned that idle gossip is very toxic, and it can backfire right back to you. You have learned not to spend time with another if they don't show an interest. You are learning where and how you wish to spend your time and energy.

You are learning to value yourself better. You are better at embracing what fuels, supports, and loves you and anything less? You show them the door.

Bravo you. 

It's quite a simple test. Do the majorities of interaction with this group or person excite you? Do these interactions empower you? Do these kinds of people support you and challenge you to BE an even better version of yourself? 

In other words, do they love you?

What Have You Learned About Yourself?

I was chatting with a client, just yesterday and she has realized her tolerance is lower. She is now more intolerant of naysayers. More intolerant of insincerity. More intolerant of those only offering lip service. 

She has learned that it is best to only give her energy to those that value it by honoring herself more. Note I did not say worthy of it. Big difference. Who values you? Ask yourself that question. Do they respect your input? Integrity? Wisdom? 

If they don't, you may want to rethink how much of your energy you offer them. 

You are beginning to own your self-worth and justifiably so. It's time. 

You Are Learning the Difference Between Artificial and Real

There is so much artificial food out there! It is even called artificial - as in sweeteners. Remember, your physical body is a sacred temple. Why would you put anything that is labeled artificial in it? 


True, I do LOVE my ice cream, but we only get the best. AND, truth be told, I have scaled back considerably in recent months because I realized that eating so much was dulling my senses and gifts. How is that being of service? 

It wasn't. 

You are learning to listen to your body and acting on its requirements. I'm not only 'slaying exercise monsters' daily but also taking walks, whether on the treadmill or out in the woods. Both offer my body ways to process the work I'm doing, honor it by moving and stretching, as well as burn a few calories. 

Food, while still adored. It is chosen more wisely. You have learned certain foods, while lovely going down, aren't fueling you the way your body requires. In fact they are dulling you and contribute to argumentative mentalities. 

Likewise, you intuitively recognize your circadian rhythm. When is the best time for you to retire to bed and rise in the morning? When is the best time to eat? When is the best time to meditate, exercise, and so on.

You are learning to BE more authentic from the inside out. 

You Are Learning to BE

You are learning it's OK to BE by yourself for lengths at a time. You remember how cool, unique, thoughtful, loving, funny she is, this goddess that looks back at you in the mirror. 

You are learning to see the magic in a squirrel's shenanigans. 

You remember to see the magic as each day dawns. 

You are embracing life more than ever before. 

You believe in yourself more than you have in a long time. 


What IF

What IF you aren't feeling any of the above but desire to? Let's work together, seriously. I've worked with hundreds of women who felt frazzled, unsure, and life pretty much sucked. Not very technical or pretty, but you get the idea. 

If you are ready to take your life back and discover your gifts and unleash them out to the world, let's chat. 

What if you wish to go solo for a while? Not a problem. Join us on Facebook in sacred space. I now also offer two classes that you can take at your own pace and participate in group discussions if you want to or not. 

Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, comes forward once again to remind you that Love, as well as Grace, Always Begins Inside. Working with Chamuel daily and consciously will help to fray and diminish those unsavory patterns so you can BE happy, joy-filled as well as empowered. 

While Chamuel is associated with deer, today, she brings forward the story of crow and the eagle, and I think it very appropriate for our times.

Did you know that only a crow dare attack an eagle? It will sit on its back and peck at the eagle's head and neck. However, the eagle does not fight back. It continues to soar higher and higher until the crow falls off due to lack of oxygen. 

Don't be a crow and riding somebody else's coattails. DO BE an eagle and soar ever higher. 

The Reset

As mentioned last year, we all sat collectively and individually in the corner, whether we desired or not. Even if we were the naysayers and didn't believe any of the pandemic 'nonsense,' we still couldn't live life as usual because much was closed. 

Whether we want to or not, our shadows rose. We encountered images, relationships, situations, and more. We began to question. We were isolated, and many honestly don't like spending the time alone to Dig Deep. However, it's time. 

Here's a quick recap of Third Dimension Energy:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Prejudice
  • Biased
  • Judgment 
  • Gossip
  • Crow

Here's a quick recap of Fifth Dimension Energy:

  • Love
  • Oneness
  • Eagle

Talking of another is gossip, very third-dimensional energy. Acknowledging the nuances but not engaging? Fifth Dimension. 

Holding out your hand in peace does not mean that person is now in your inner circle. Holding out your hand in peace allows you to lift another to help them BEcome empowered. It is up to them to take the hand. 

Mindsets will change. Remember the Cathar Prophecy. In 700 years, we shall return. We return to Love and Peace. 

That 700 years? It's now, in 2021. Let us start a new pandemic. A pandemic that is LOVE based; Empowering self and others, support, respect. But remember, it starts from within.  



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